Military Briefings from the Militia

DPR and LPR Militia Briefings, July 6, 2014

Combined for July 6, 2014
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Map: The Changing Situation in Novorossiya (Up to July 6, 2014)

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July 6, 2014 – Report from a Militiaman of the Saur-Mogila Unit

A militiaman from Saur-Mogila reports that the day was not wasted by the defenders of the strategic height:

“Near Dmitrovka, our tank, camouflaged with a canopy, destroyed a Ukie T-64 … Our guys from Battalion Vostok eliminated a PMC [Private Military Contractor] female sniper. Battalion Azov of the punitive forces [was virtually eliminated,] losing more more 70% of its personnel, and has been sent back for “repopulation.””

On July 3, the defenders of the strategic height did not sit idle either:

“Today, our guys finished off an incompetent Ukies scouting party. It was a comedy. Our guys were abushed and eliminated the Ukie ambush group.”

The losses of Battallion Azov can be explained by the fact that it came under direct artillery fire from D-30 howitzers. This incident perfectly demonstrates the colossal importantce of the Saur-Mogila strategic height. Moreover, it was Battalion Azov that engaged in the mass murder of the male population in the Saurovka village. They got what they deserved!

July 6, 2014 – Morning Briefing from the Militia

All night long, the crackling of explosions and automatic weapons’ fire could be heard on the outskirts of Slavyansk. At night, intensive fighting continued also around Karlovka, with heavy artillery and MLRS working continuously; toward the morning, the intensity had subsided. At this time, rare howitzer charges continue to come from Gornyak.

Yesterday evening, a policeman wounded in the course of yesterday’s attack on the DPR checkpoint died. As a result, the number of victims of the Ukie sally has risen to four people.

This night, in Donetsk, police patrols stopped over 40 cars that operated by intoxicated drivers; the violators of public order were sent to public works.

We are receiving unconfirmed information that Seversk was shelled using MLRS; the residential sector was targeted.

In the morning, in Kramatorsk, a skirmish took place near Yasnogorka. At this time, the city is deserted. Slavyansk has been completely blockaded, no one is allowed in or out of the city. The Nazis are in possession of lists; they are registration/place of residence information. In other words, it is almost the same as in Krasniy Liman – the purge will likely be done house by house.

12:05 (MSK) – Artillery shelling of Nikolayevka has started from the direction of Krasniy Liman. Meanwhile, Ukies are reporting that they have completely “liberated” the Kramatorsk-Slavyansk region – let it be so.

13:30 (MSK) – Several thundering explosions heard in the area of the Donetsk airport; we have no further details at this time. It is not calm at the Lugansk airport either.

July 6, 2014 – Photography from the Militia: Motorola in Donetsk


15:30 – July 6, 2014 – Journalists V. Demchenko and V. Sherstenikin Report

In Lugansk, [the Ukrainian army] is already shelling the centre of the city, in the area of the military conscription centre. A railway depot also suffered from an explosion.

Lug1 Lug2 Lug3 Lug4

July 6, 2014 – Information Posted on the Slavyansk Militia Web-Site

The photographs posted by the Junta last night, which purport to demonstrate the routing of the Militia’s armoured vehicle group, are fake! Not one of the vehicles has the markings of DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic]. These photographs come from the [Ukrainian] checkpoint at the Slavyansk city sign, which was destroyed by the Militia. This is how we broke through to Kramatorsk.

July 5-6, 2014 – Briefing from the LPR [Lugansk People’s Republic] Militia

Yesteday evening, the enemy shelled the position of the LPR army in the area of Krasniy Yar. On our part, closer to noon, the Lugansk Militia resumed the shelling of the Lugansk airport with mortars and Grad systems.

At about 13:30, the enemy started to shell Lugansk with mortars, trying to hit the territory occupied by Battalion Zarya, but all the mines missed.

Last night, the local Militia in Severodonetsk took captive five servicemen of the Ukrainian army, who accidentally crossed our checkpoint. According to preliminary information, these people were trying to establish supply lines for the checkpoints of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Early in the morning, the Ukrainian air force conducted rocket airstrikes in the area of Lisichansk. The enemy also continued to shell the suburbs of Krasnodon and Sverdlovsk; mild intensity fire was also directed at the suburban settlement of Izvarino.

In Shchastye, we have detected renewed movement of military equipment: three self-propelled [artillery] systems passed through the city and then continued in the direction of the Veselaya Mountain region.

July 6, 2014 – Information from TV Channel LifeNews (@lifenews_ru)

A saboteur group of the Ukrainian forces is moving along the streets of Lugansk, periodically shelling the centre of the city with a Vasilek mortar. According to preliminary information, their ultimate target may the building of the military conscription centre.

The danger for the local residents resides in the fact that it is impossible to anticipate where the next shell may land. Shells have already hit residential building and the military base. One civilian – a vehicle depot security guard – has already died. Four others have been wounded; they are in critical condition and have been taken to the hospital.

Despite the [declaration of] martial law, there are a lot of people out on the streets. Civilians have been hit by the shelling – something no one anticipated.

The Vasilek mortar unit differs from Grad in that it is meant for more proximate targets; however, its shells explode into a multitude of shards with a radius of dozens of meters, and it is therefore dangerous for the civilian population.

In the night of July 6, a skirmish took place on the territory of the Lugansk airport, which remains under Ukrainian military’s control. Weapons’ fire could also be heard in the Metallist district, as well as in Krasniy Yar and near the Izvarino checkpoint. There is no precise information about losses on either side.

Hostilities have moved from the outskirts of Lugansk into the centre of the city. Until this day, no shells exploded so close to residential buildings. Over the course of the last few days, thirteen civilians died in the city. Two shells exploded in the private residential area. The first fell on Nesterova street, and the second, a few minutes later – on First Mezhninskaya street.

July 6, 2014 – Statement from Oleg Tsarev and Briefing from the Militia

From Oleg Tsarev

Ukrainian forces, which yesterday took control of Slavyansk, arrested all the policemen over the course of the night. They are also detaining men under 35 years of age, regardless of their involvement in the Militia.

Over the course of the night, all the policemen were arrested and moved out of the city. They are arresting all males between 25 and 35 years of age, independent of whether they had taken up arms or not; searches are being conducted. The Ukrainian fascists are identifying even those who helped feed the wounded.

From the Militia

The punitive forces decided that the Slavyansk SBU [Ukrainian Security Service] building has been booby-trapped. Instead of attempting to disarm the potential explosive devicies, they simply blew up the building. As a result of the explosion, the building was severely damaged.

18:50 – July 6, 2014 – Briefing from the Militia

In the course of the day it was relatively calm, with intermittent shooting. There is no communication with Kramatorsk and Slavyansk; you can catch a signal only on the upper floors of certain building. Those who are subject to the occupation should remove from their devices any photographs with militiamen, or where they stand next to them (many residents took photos with the Militia), and remove information from social network pages (that is precisely where the pravoseki [Praviy Sector militants] will be checking), computers and mobile phones. When you go out, you should carry older models of mobile phones. In a few days, Taruta is expected to travel to Slavyansk, to show himself off to Kiev against the backdrop of ruins and corpses.

The situation remains tense in Lugansk.

In Donetsk, a rally took place, protesting against the Ukrainian military’s punitive operation in Donbass. Five thousand Donetsk residents came out onto the Lenin square.

And here is something for the armchair generals: there is a Zello channel named “Lugansk !” – there the svidomye [pro-Ukrainian activists] provide targeting information for the artillery that shells women and children. They also track the movements of the Militia. If a thousand participants join in, the channel will fail. You should sign in and keep silent; change your profile information to fit in.

19:10 – July 6, 2014 – Information from Lugansk Residents

Right now it is quiet in the city; the Militia did its job well and in time. Artillery fire correctors were found on the rooftops of highrises. The Militia is now taking them down and delivering them where they should stay.

July 6, 2014 – Briefing from the Militia

Militiamen have taken over the premises of the Ukrainian State Penitentiary Service Directorate (GPtS) in Donetsk.

In addition, the Militia stormed the detachment of the Donetsk Special Forces Unit of GPtS. A large number of our fighters attacked the spetsnaz premises in order to take control of the weaponry and to disarm the Ukies that set up shop there. Junta forces returned fire.

20:40 – July 6, 2014 – Statement from the LPR Press Service

Ukrainian air force conducted rocket airstrikes against Alexandrovka, a suburb of Lugansk. Ukrainian aircraft are in the sky over Lugansk. The warning siren is on.

July 6, 2014 – Hourly Briefings from Locations

  1. Severe filtration is being implemented in Slavyansk. People of military age are being detained and moved out of the city and placed into filtration centres that were set up in advance. There are no mass execution yet. Today, saboteur groups left by Strelkov in the Slavyansk area and in the city itself started to conduct attacks against the Junta forces entering the city. As a result, artillery fire was once again opened at Slavyansk around noon.
  2. Mass arrests also took place on July 3-4 in Nikolayevka – up to twenty people were murdered for alleged “connections with the Militia.” As well, a significant number of civilians died from artillery fire in the course of the fighting. At this time, we have no further information about Nikolayevka.
  3. In Kramatorsk, the filtration process is still in the preparatory stages. Given the significant number of civilians who remained in the besieged cities, Junta forces simply do not have the manpower to check the entirety of the population in the occupied cities.
  4. On the border between LPR and the Russian Federation, there are still crowds of people wanting to break through into Russia from the territory of the conflict. Today, the fighting on the border somewhat subsided, but sniper groups continue working actively – photographs of destroyed cars that [Junta] tried to pass for photographs from the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk road come from Izvarino. For the last few days, snipers have continued dense fire directed at the road leading the border crossing. The situation at the border remains difficult, according to a participant of the hostilities, and the enemy continues to enjoy significant superiority in military equipment.
  5. Fierce fighting continued near Lugansk and Saur-Mogila, with Junta forces suffering serious losses in manpower and military equipment. They are actively using artillery, including against Lugansk itself. At this time, the Militia is holding its positions, and the Junta forces are unable to break through.
  6. Today Artyomovsk and Druzhkovka were abandoned. Militiamen left Druzhkovka yesterday, moving toward Gorlovka.
  7. A rally of approximately five thousand people took place in Donetsk. People chanted “Heroes,” addressing the Strelkov brigade. Gubarev gave a good speech.

17:45 (MSK) – Six APCs entered Artymovsk from Volodarka and situated themselves near the mayoralty. During an attempt to hang the yellow-blue rag [on the building], five of the Nazi bastards were sent to join the “Heavenly Hundred.” Generally, we are getting very contradictory information from Artyomovsk; I will remind you that two days ago Ukies also raided Artyomovsk (to hang the rag), but half an hour later they fled the area as if the wind blew them away. Now it looks like it is quiet; we will keep an eye on the situation.

19:00 (MSK) – Galitsinovka was taken closer to the evening; right now battles continue near Karlovka.

19:52 (MSK) – Apart from the Lugansk-Donetsk areas, fighting continues at the border. In Dyakovo, Grad systems are working; Marinovka is being shelled. Ukrainian forces entered the border village of Korolevka (LPR).

20:26 (MSK) – DPR militiamen attacked Ukrainian border guards from the sea. The “Sedovo” border checkpoint was destroyed. The Militia suffered no casualties.

In Lugansk, the punitive forces attacked two vehicles with self-defence fighters. As a result of the attack, three militiamen died. At this time, a search for the saboteur group that entered Lugansk is being conducted. It is possible that several of these groups are active in the city. The mayor of Lugansk addressed the residents with a request to refrain from leaving their homes due to the worsening situation in the city. There were reports that gunfire shots and explosions could be heard in some areas.

20:40 (MSK) – Ukrainian air force conducted rocket airstrikes against Alexandrovka, a suburb of Lugansk. Ukrainian aircraft are in the sky over Lugansk. The warning siren is on.

July 6, 2014 – Brief Situation Report from the Militia

Earlier in the day, Ukies shot at a civilian vehicle. A little girl was killed among other civilians travelling in the car.

23:05 (MSK) – Tensions continue near Lugansk.

23:10 (MSK) – An MLRS shelled Seversk from Krivaya Luka.


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  1. Sad and horrible. Noticed something about camps. Know sources cannot be revealed and I got how some info was getting through. There is a video, RT I think on Twitter that begs verification. Too easy of an interview. And gotta wonder why bother with camps? Not denying, Nazis did it so people are capable. But if that is real…it lacks authenticity. Possible, being sanctioned by Western world, they just don’t care anymore, but US involvevement always continues spin.
    Again, sympathy and prayers to civilians.


    Posted by sonel | Jul 9, 2014, 06:36


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