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Briefly on the situation in Ukraine, 08-03-2022

Original: Colonel Cassad / Translated by @PalinkaTown

Ukraine Summary for March 8, 2022

1. Mariupol. The evacuation of civilians through humanitarian corridors has still not taken place. Only a few individuals have managed to escape the city. Mopping up continues in several parts of the city. There has been no mass evacuation from Volnovakha either.

2. There were no significant evacuations in the other cities where a “silence regime” had been declared today. Those who could tried to make their way out by train from Kharkov. Only foreign hostages were leased by the terrorists in Sumy. They are trying to prevent anyone from going out in the direction of the Russian Federation. The Russian Ministry of Defense estimates more than 4 million people are being held hostage by Ukrainian terrorists.

3. Kharkov. Fighting continues in the outskirts of the city. The Ukrainian military is operating directly out of residential districts. Ukrainian forces are also establishing positions near Chuguyev, which they heroically captured from themselves two days ago.

4. Izyum. The situation remains unclear. Local residents claim Russian forces have taken the town, but this is still not officially confirmed. The town center has suffered significant damage.

5. Kiev. Russian forces have extended their zone of control to the west of the city and are concentrating their forces on the outskirts of Brovary. Ukrainian authorities claim forces are gathering here for a rapid assault.

6. Nikolayev. The governor has urged citizens to prepare for imminent street fighting. Russian forces continue to accumulate near Nikolayev and fighting has been observed north of the city.

7. Odessa. No significant changes. The Nazis in Odessa are preparing for all-round defense, knowing they will be next after Nikolayev. The Romanian Mig-21 that was recently shot down was apparently taken out by a Ukrainian air defense system operating in the Odessa area.

8. LNR. Fighting continues around Rubezhnoe and Zolotoe. There are also reports of ongoing fighting in Popasna.

9. DNR. No significant changes in the Donetsk-Gorlovka sector. The enemy continues to subject civilian targets with artillery fire.

10. Zaporozhe sector. There are reports of fighting near Gulyai Pole. There has still been no advance towards Zaporozhe itself via Kamenskoe. Pacification measures similar to those conducted in the Caucasus are being carried in Kherson and Zaporozhe provinces – collecting arms, identifying demonstration organizers, and arresting Ukrainian military and intelligence officials and agents.


4 thoughts on “Briefly on the situation in Ukraine, 08-03-2022

  1. Unfortuntly 95% of the Dutch population are being brainwashed by the Neonazi/Claus Scwabb/George Soros media.No mention of the more than 13.000 deaths that have occurred from 2013-2022 inUkraine.Donbass and Lugansk.RT English,German and French have been blocked.I try to explain that the Western Ukrainian population are still Neo Nazi,s and that The Ukrainers that fled after the Worldwar 2 are mostly SS Neo nazi,s to USA,CANADA,ENGland etc.The vice-Premier of Canada Chrystia Mykhailo-Freeland is aNeo -Nazi/Claus Schwabb follower.Victoria Nudeland also.Poetin did the right thing.Stay strong,Emmyb.


    Posted by E.B. | Mar 9, 2022, 14:38
  2. Love from the Netherlands to our comrads in the Donbass! Stay strong and believe me; not EVERYONE in our country believes the story’s the US and UK tell the world!


    Posted by Jasmijn | Mar 9, 2022, 19:25


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