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The Face of Evil


Syria dominates the news media at the moment. There is good reason for it. The world is aghast at the hideous brutality unleashed by the savage inhumanity of that war. But it also gives a lot of Westerners ensconced in their comfortable cocoons of security and plenty an excuse to point at the senseless acts of violence by religious fanatics in what used to be a firmly secular state and proclaim: “We are looking into the face of Evil,” adding in half-whisper: “and Evil speaks with Muhammad’s tongue.”

The evidence I have seen over the past several days and, especially, today, of the depravity, barbarity and sadist perversion inflicted on the people of the Donbass region by the white, secular Europeans of the Ukrainian volunteer Tornado battalion exceeds a lot and meets the rest of the crimes we know to have been committed in the Syrian war. I do not even know, frankly, whether these savages are fascists or if they subscribe to any particular ideology other than pure evil. What I do know is that they represent the worst a human being can be.

Dear readers, if you believe that when you look at the atrocities committed in Syria you are facing Evil itself, allow me to disabuse you of this notion—you are staring into no more than one of its eyes. If you dare to contemplate Evil’s visage as a whole, turn your gaze also toward the heart of Europe and peer into the dark clouds obscuring Ukraine’s genocide of the Donbass people. And those of us truly honest will also take a long hard look at ourselves to see the fullness of Evil. For we have allowed it to flourish before our eyes.


4 thoughts on “The Face of Evil

  1. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:
    The sanctimonious and the gullible continue to deliberately look the other way while genocide of an ethnic populace continues We in the west seem content to believe the propagandist lies justifying the slaughter of Muslims/Russians/Yemenis/Libyans, Africans & Palestinians who all have something in common – they fell of the US “friends” wagon.


    Posted by mohandeer | Aug 9, 2016, 12:56
  2. A few years ago I was having a forum discussion on 9/11. We were discussing the mind fuck that occurred with that event and were really deep into the deception angle. The word evil, in conjunction with the so called “powers that be”, kept coming up. A poster, who was always kind of mysterious, only dropping in on rare occasion, made this amazing and chilling post. It’s speaks to far more than acts of evil and I believe it applies:

    “I can tell you from personal experience that this is a big
    stumblingblock with many people. That is, this discussion of “evil”.

    There are those who don’t believe “evil” exists—–that all things are
    ‘relative’—–what may ‘be’ evil to one person is not so to another—-
    and that both ‘views’ are valid. I believe this to be absolute rubbish,
    representing a lazy and cowardly thought process. Nevertheless…

    There are some who believe evil exists, but who are realistic enough to
    know that they have been relatively ‘sheltered’ from ‘it’, never really
    experiencing ‘it’ in any substantial way. They may even consider
    themselves ‘blessed’ in this regard.

    Then there are those who believe evil exists and that they in fact have
    experienced it directly, either being a victim of ‘it’, or maybe just
    ‘witnessing’ it first hand. However, what the majority of these people
    experience is just ‘petty’ evil——petty animosities—
    petty jealousies—–violence with petty motivations. Even some really
    horrible acts are the resutls of ‘petty evil’.

    But there is another kind of evil which only a minority of people are
    familiar with. It is something so dark, so alien to their own nature and
    to what they had thought could even exist, that with their first
    encounter of ‘It’, they are astonished——–‘it can not be so, this
    can not possibly be’. And they are ‘diminished’ by the encounter. There
    is a loss of ‘innocence’ so profound that it seems almost irrepairable.
    And this is a problem, for, in order to defeat this evil you must be
    able to recognize it, to recognize it you must be able to
    understand(know) it, and to know it a part of you must die. To hope and
    to pray for the destruction of this evil is all fine and well. But so
    long as no ‘divine’ intervention comes, the price of confronting ‘It’
    will be paid with blood—-yours—-or ‘Its’. It will never be placated.
    It can not be appeased. And these are the ‘Powers’ who rule this day.”

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    Posted by R_of_R (@R_of_R) | Aug 10, 2016, 08:10
  3. Thanks for posting this, Gleb. I see why you did. The world needs to know, and sometimes there’s no way to tell them. It reminds me of Lucy Frank on Twitter. How angry and grieving she is, asking the US how many women and children they’ve killed today, with graphic photos of Donbass. It’s all they understand, the spoiled rotten of the West.

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    Posted by kpomeroy | Sep 1, 2016, 22:49


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