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The Wrong Genes

Original: Colonel Cassad
Edited by @GBabeuf

News from the occupied territories.

The Mayor of Krasnogorovka, in that part of the Donetsk Region under the control of Kiev, Oleg Livanchuk, said in an interview with that the majority of the local inhabitants support the DPR Militia.

There are also people who are pro-Ukraine. However, in the entire city, I know of perhaps fifty people who are for the Ukraine. Among ten thousand,” he said. According to the official, at municipal festivals, such as Vyshyvanka Day [vyshyvanka: traditional embroidered shirt considered part of Ukrainian ‘national costume’, promoted by ‘nationally conscious’ Ukrainians –ed.], barely “a dozen” people come with Ukrainian flags. Livanchuk explained the antipathy towards Ukraine as the result of “a large percentage of stupid people in the population.” “The genes haven’t changed. It originates in the genes. That’s the gene-pool for you. It needs extirpating, needs stirring,” said the Mayor. Livanchuk is convinced that the authorities should “re-educate” the local population and “make them love the Ukraine by force.” In particular he said that teachers should be forced to speak only in Ukrainian, although he himself speaks in Russian.

Those who speak in Russian or who express discontent with the Ukraine, have to write explanatory notes. According to Livanchuk, a headteacher who complained of shelling by Ukrainian troops was ordered to write an “essay” on how she “does not like Zakharchenko”. “And then I made her rehearse: two weeks she had to walk with the flag. All activities—she walks with the flag,” said the Mayor.

PS: It is enough to show clearly the nature of the junta’s occupation in the Donbass, and how it plays out on the local population, trying to reduce it to the status of untermenschen in the spirit of its historical predecessor.

What happens to a Russian, to a Czech does not interest me in the slightest. What these nations can offer us in the way of good blood of our type, we will take, if necessary by kidnapping their children and raising them here with us. Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death interests me only insofar as we need them as slaves for our Kultur; otherwise, it is of no interest to me.” © Himmler

With regard to the newly acquired territories, it should be noted that our task is not to scrape the dirt on a daily basis with the conquered population, or to try to raise him in the habits of German accuracy. To us it is entirely no matter whether they clean their homes daily with a mop or not. Our mission, after all, is not to oversee their daily lives, but to ensure the satisfaction only of our own interests.” © Hitler [this quote appears to be taken from “Hitler’s Table Talk” –ed.]

In the Ukraine there is no fascism © any idiot.


3 thoughts on “The Wrong Genes

  1. If someone who knew nothing about Ukraine, had never followed the coup and war, were to read this, Livanchuk would sound like mental hospital material. Ukraine is not only a failed state but a good chunk of the population certifiably bat shit crazy. The good news is the rest of the population who oppose this madness but the question is are they ready to liberate themselves?


    Posted by susano/@R_of_R | Mar 7, 2017, 05:05


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