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“We were running across a burning bridge…” Pt. 1

Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated by @TamrikoT / Edited by @GBabeuf

Interview with Mikhail Chaliy, the brother of Aleksey Chaliy, who took an active part in the Sevastopol uprising in 2014, the year in which in fact the Crimea’s return to Russia began.

Mikhail, unlike Aleksey, was always somewhat in the shadows, but in the days of February 2014 he did great organizational work, ensuring the functioning of the transitional government and preserving the city’s life support systems.

The Word and The Deed. Mikhail Chaliy: “We were running across a burning bridge”

Journalistic materials, like children, have differing births: some ‘deliveries’ go easily and without pain, others in tormentfor yet others, one has to resort to extraordinary measures. For this material, I had to resort to such extraordinary measures. To witI had to tell Mikhail Chaliy, to whom Sevastopolitans need no introduction, some obvious nonsense. Perhaps it was not quite ethical. But much of what has been said here was said only due to the fact that Mikhail Mikhailovich ‘buttoned up’, and was not prepared to talk about the difficulties he experienced…

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