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The Face of Evil


Syria dominates the news media at the moment. There is good reason for it. The world is aghast at the hideous brutality unleashed by the savage inhumanity of that war. But it also gives a lot of Westerners ensconced in their comfortable cocoons of security and plenty an excuse to point at the senseless acts of violence by religious fanatics in what used to be a firmly secular state and proclaim: “We are looking into the face of Evil,” adding in half-whisper: “and Evil speaks with Muhammad’s tongue.”

The evidence I have seen over the past several days and, especially, today, of the depravity, barbarity and sadist perversion inflicted on the people of the Donbass region by the white, secular Europeans of the Ukrainian volunteer Tornado battalion exceeds a lot and meets the rest of the crimes we know to have been committed in the Syrian war. I do not even know, frankly, whether these savages are fascists or if they subscribe to any particular ideology other than pure evil. What I do know is that they represent the worst a human being can be.

Dear readers, if you believe that when you look at the atrocities committed in Syria you are facing Evil itself, allow me to disabuse you of this notion—you are staring into no more than one of its eyes. If you dare to contemplate Evil’s visage as a whole, turn your gaze also toward the heart of Europe and peer into the dark clouds obscuring Ukraine’s genocide of the Donbass people. And those of us truly honest will also take a long hard look at ourselves to see the fullness of Evil. For we have allowed it to flourish before our eyes.

Note: Over the coming days, we will attempt to document and present a record of the available evidence of the crimes committed by the Tornado battalion. Some of this evidence is of such graphic, violent and repugnant nature that we will have no choice but to enable access on a by-request basis, in a manner of which we will advise. We will continue to supplement this report to the extent our ethical and moral sense allows.

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