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On the Impeachment of Poroshenko

Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated by @TamrikoT / Edited by @GBabeuf

Briefly, regarding the decisions of the Kiev City Council and the statements in the Verkhovna Rada on the need for Poroshenko to resign.

1. The main thing that one must understand is that the source of Poroshenko’s power is not “the Ukrainian people,” but the good will of his foreign masters. If he more or less suits Washington as President, then he will continue (at least until the end of his term) to sit as President. If he loses the “credit of trust,” then in that case we will see a change of power—through early elections or through street protests, or through both at once. As an example, one can recall Saakashvili, who lost that trust and was replaced by more adequate characters and, what is more, who was unable to fully restore his lost trust up to date. This is the source, then, of all the flattery of Poroshenko, Klimkin and the rest of the clique, before Trump. They understand perfectly well that their future depends on his “goodwill,” since it is the USA that is the main guarantor of their legitimacy. When Kolomoiskiy wanted to challenge this legitimacy—he was contacted by the US Ambassador and now Benya [Kolomoiskiy’s nickname –ed.] is forced to go and grovel to Poroshenko. Thus, they need to give him [Trump] all sorts of attention and carefully pretend that the support to Clinton was a minor misunderstanding, because there is a risk that Trump will want to reshuffle the deck of puppets in the Ukraine and that Poroshenko will not be among the new set. That is why as long as there is US support the Verkhovna Rada will not vote for impeachment. But if there is no such support, then different options are possible with Saakashvili, Yatsenyuk, Nalyvaichenko or Tymoshenko, but this does not depend on them.

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