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Attack of the Doomed

Original article: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alya Bailey / Edited by @GBabeuf

I received some details about the battles at Shirokino from the First Slavyansk Brigade who had conducted combat operations there, repulsing enemy units during the “Turchinov offensive.” As expected, behind Turchinov’s noisy PR action there was another lot of dead men who paid with their lives for the informational phantoms. According to the Brigade, in these battles the enemy lost around 150 men killed and wounded (though it is not clear whether this number includes losses of the Sich Battalion or whether those should be considered separately). In fact, not for nothing do even fans of the junta call Turchinov “the bloody pastor.”

Attack of the Doomed

In spite of recurrent ceasefires the confrontation at Mariupol has been in the acute phase for a long time. One can even say more—the acute phase has become chronic. Despite the fact that the war is positional—mostly exchanging artillery strikes—from time to time the soldiers of the so-called territorial battalions conduct desperate attacks on the Militia’s positions at Novoazovsk. Doomed attacks.

The latest such attack by a fairly massive contingent was ventured only recently. The grouping, consisting mainly of soldiers of the Azov Battalion, reinorced by a small group of fighters from the Donbass Battalion and units of the Sich Battalion (formed in Kiev from local policemen and members of the Svoboda organisation) undertook an impetuous attack on several settlements near Mariupol and even managed, thanks to the element of surprise and the recklessness of the action, to push the fighters of the DPR MoD [Ministry of Defence -ed.] back to their reserve positions. But, caught up in martial excitement, the NatsGvardi decided not to consolidate the seized positions and began to plough into the Militia’s defences, heading for Novoazovsk. For which they paid. The Azov regiment lost about 150 men; the entire staff of the Sich Battalion was completely eliminated. The main losses were taken near the town of Shirokino, once a very popular and flourishing resort area, but now completely destroyed.

Trophy banners of Azov Battalion and insignia of the Black Corps of the Donbass punitive battalion. The Nazi flag is probably the one used as a backdrop during Azov’s New Year celebrations.

Some very surprising findings were collected on the battlefield after the rapid flight of the remnants of the Ukrainian strike group. Is it just me or are the group’s flags similar to those the SS battalions took into battle not long ago? And how does happy, fascism-conquering Europe look on their allies’ priorities? In the ’30s of the last century, European society also did not pay much attention to flags with swastikas atop the Reichstag. How that ended for Europe and for the entire world, we all remember. Is Europe again wilfully going to overlook a new surge of fascism on its territory? Or do they think they will be able to rein in the brown plague by directing it to Russia? A tragic delusion…

A video from the Azov Battalion from the battle for Shirokino, where the ceasefire was observed particularly strongly.

The settlement seems to have really suffered a lot.


11 thoughts on “Attack of the Doomed

  1. Reblogged this on gerryhiles.


    Posted by gerryhiles | Mar 5, 2015, 13:31
  2. Col Cassad is indispensable, I do not know how else to put it. He keeps me/us reliably informed.

    I think it was Pepe Escobar who coined the phrase “Empire of Chaos”, but I have dead-opposed to the Empire even before Vietnam and I have been aghast by all the destruction caused by the Empire, such as in Libya where I once had a pleasant time in 1991.

    But NOW, via the Ukraine, and the obvious attempt to wage war against Russia/the whole World, things have come to such a head that words really fail me … I just KNOW that the fight for Novorossia somehow represents what people have feared for millennia as some kind of final battle between good and evil.

    I am not a religious person, but it has fascinated me that, for millennia, some people have predicted, prematurely, “the end of times”, but, NOW, just about everyone with some awareness – even just in economic terms – knows that we are on the cusp of everything breaking down. And the current war against Russia – via the Ukraine – marks very momentous times which could easily end with global nuclear war and it is only because of Putin’s Russia and calmness in the face of extreme provocation that we have so far escaped “Armageddon”.

    I expect that I will have lost a lot of people with what I am trying to express here, but some will understand and understand why what Col Cassad reports is very important.


    Posted by gerryhiles | Mar 5, 2015, 14:13
  3. I think the reason that Europe does not care about the Swastikas this time is that Europeans do not fear Ukraine. They fear Russia. So they are willing to overlook the fascism of Ukraine provided it is cast as an anti-Russian thing.


    Posted by ken | Mar 9, 2015, 03:31
    • Can I add that it is a totally irrational fear of Russia.

      Europe, if not quite as much as the US and Israel, is being governed by paranoid socio/psychopaths who care only about their own position in the hierarchy of the Empire of Chaos.

      Angular Murkyhole has lately contrived to appear as some kind of mediator, but she is deeply embedded in Wall Street neo-liberal ideology and totally committed to the PNAC/NWO.

      She is a self-serving and same with Hollande.


      Posted by gerryhiles | Mar 9, 2015, 05:25
  4. Some things are very wrong with the Russian story of the arrest of the Chechens in the Moscow Boris Nemtsov murder. One thing not credible, is the claim that some Chechens were so professional in executing a hit … but yet stupid enough to agree to do this on the Kremlin’s doorstep, carrying trackable mobile phones and on video.

    Very eerily, it seems like it could be Chechen patsies in Boston USA with that ‘Boston bombing’, now Chechen patsies in Moscow too. Chechnya President Ramzan Kadyrov, up till now staunch Putin loyalist, is now publicly rattled, hinting his own people might be innocent patsies in a dirty game here that is also a propaganda trap for himself and his region. Very de-stabilising for Russia.

    Longtime Russia-based expert John Helmer, notes the strangeness that Boris Nemtsov had no overcoat nor hat on a freezing winter night. Yes he had taken a taxi to the restaurant … but SOMEONE convinced him to NOT take a taxi home, and take a 30-minute walk in freezing Moscow (!) and across that bridge where he was killed … this seems to be only 1 possible person, his Ukrainian girlfriend Ganna Duritska … treated gently by Moscow & quickly released to go back to Kiev!

    The beneficiary of this affair, is obviously not ‘Putin’s political power’ – he cared nothing about minor critic Nemtsov – but rather the New World Order NWO chaos crew. Could the logical conclusion here be, that the Boris Nemtsov murder was a JOINT project of Putin & CIA-Nato, with Putin himself being NWO, fake opposition ‘frenemy’ helping create war and chaos on a massive scale?

    Despite Putin fans making endless excuses, we still have no good reason why Putin let Nato help kill 50,000 people on his doorstep in Ukraine, turning that country into rubble with millions losing their homes. Plus Putin allows Russian big media to be surprisingly weak on USA-Nato, Russian media mostly echoing the West’s own limited and boxed-in ‘opposition’.

    And curiously, the allegedly ‘retired’ intel agent blogging in Florida USA who uses the fake name ‘Saker’ … and who is at times seems a CIA source herding and manipulating the ‘Putin is hero’ crowd in the West, whilst banning discussion of some Putin critics … Saker predicted Moscow’s arrest of ‘patsies’ almost immediately after the murder … as if Saker was blurting out the programme of the joint Moscow-Washington crew in advance.


    Posted by brabantian | Mar 9, 2015, 09:39
  5. As for me – good info.


    Posted by | Mar 22, 2015, 12:56


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