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Eyewitness Account of Atrocities by Ukrainian Nazi Banderovtsy in Slavyansk, July 10, 2014

Note: Transcripts: (1) English; (2) Deutsch; (3) Russian.

Preamble: There is no comment that I can make at this exact moment without bursting into uncensored vitriol and hatred against the Ukrainian Nazis that perpetrated these inhuman, horrific crimes. But comment I must, soon, for I know many will try to dispute this account. For now, allow me to caution the disbelievers among you: my eight years of courtroom experience unequivocally suggest to me that this eyewitness account is genuine and authentic. And, moreover, I have no doubt that former Supreme Court of Canada justices with whom I am acquainted, and the judges on the Ontario Court of Appeal that I know personally, would find it to be the truth.

Video: Eyewitness account of a horrific execution of a woman and her child (w/ENG subtitles)

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov and @3xxRu / edited by @GBabeuf


Galina: My mother said to me [Note: Speaking in Ukrainian]: “Oh, those Moscals really have brainwashed you!” And I said—

Reporter: This is your mum who said it?

Galina: Yes, my own birth mother! She said to me: “You’re a terrorist! I’ll kill you!”

Reporter: Galina, a mother of four, came to Russia from Slavyansk, but she was born in western Ukraine. Today, she speaks about it with pain. Her relatives came to hate her when they found out that her husband had left to join the Militia. However, she isn’t afraid of the curses of her relatives. She’s far more fearful of the National Guard soldiers who destroyed their house and put Galina, along with her husband and children, on the execution list.

Galina: There are executions by shooting, but, at least, if they did it by shooting, it wouldnt be so cruel… There’s a militiaman’s family, the wife was left behind, along with a boy of three years of age. They crucified the boy on the announcement board and cut him with a knife. And they forced his mother to watch until the—[starting to cry] this is something that I saw personally, with my own eyes. I saw it… While the baby was dying. And then they tied the mother to a tank and dragged her behind around the square. And then they said: “We punished terrorists.”

Translated from Russian by 


Galina: Die Mutter sagte (Der Satz im westukrainischen Dialekt Anm. d Ü): “Die Moskals (Russen) haben dir die Hirnwäsche verpasst!” Ich sage…

Rep:  Ihre Mutter hat es gesagt?

Galina: Ja, meine eigene leibliche Mutter! “Du bist eine Terroristin, ich bringe dich um!”

Rep: Galina, Mutter vier Kinder, kam nach Russland  aus Slawjansk, geboren ist sie aber in der West Ukraine. Heute tut es ihr weh darüber zu sprechen. Ihre Verwandtschaft hasst sie, weil ihr Mann bei der Volkswehr ist. Es sind aber nicht die Flüche der Verwandten, die ihr Angst machen, vielmehr sind es die Soldaten der Nationalgarde, die ihr Haus zerstörten und Galina samt Mann und Kinder auf die Erschießungsliste setzten.

Galina: Bei uns erschießen sie, wenn es aber nur das wäre, sie richten grausam hin. Bei uns war eine Familie, der Vater bei der Volkswehr, die Mutter und drei, dreijähriger Junge sind geblieben. Den Jungen haben sie auf dem Schwarzen Brett gekreuzigt, mit dem Messer abgestochen, die Mitter zwangen sie zuzusehen, solange sie… Das habe ich, ich persönlich, mit meinen eigenen Augen gesehen, so lange bis das Kind starb. Die Mutter haben sie dann an einen Panzer angebunden und hinterher geschleift. Dann sagten sie: “So, wir haben die Terroristen vernichtet!”


Зверства бандеровцев в Славянске

Женщина: Моя мама сказала мне: “Маскали промыли Вымыли) тебе мозги”

Корреспондент: Это сказала Вам ваша мама?

Женщина: Это мне сказала моя родная мать. Она сказала: “Ты террорист и  я тебя убью.”

Корреспондент: Галина – мать четверых детей. Она приехала из Славянска, но она сама родом из Западной Украины. Сегодня она говорит об этом с болью. Родственники возненавидели её, когда узнали, что муж женщины ушел в ополчение. В прочем она не боится проклятий родственников. Её больше пугают солдаты национальной гвардии, которые разрушили их дом и записали её, её детей и мужа в “расстрельные списки”.

Женщина: У нас они расстреливают и жестоко казнят. У нас жена из одной семьи ополченцев осталась и мальчик – 3 года. Мальчика на (не четко… возможно -доске) распяли, ножом порезали, а маму заставили смотреть пока она не…. Это я лично своими глазами видела. Это я видела. Как только ребёнок умер, то мать… к танку и по площади возили. И сказали: “мы расправились с террористами”.

Note: (1) There are minor inconsistencies between the transcripts which stem from the fact that translations were done directly from the audio recording; (2) Further Reading (to be translated) – Here.


15 thoughts on “Eyewitness Account of Atrocities by Ukrainian Nazi Banderovtsy in Slavyansk, July 10, 2014

  1. My first response was unreal! Too uncivilized, too inhuman. But then I recalled concentration camps, even unsettling domestic cases of child abuse. Anything is possible. And maybe not all Ukrainian soldiers were men capable of such deeds a year ago. Let’s recall those recruited who did not want to fight a couple of months ago, did not know what they were fighting for. But it has measure by measure grown different, bloodier.they have gotten used to killing, they have been brainwashed to see their own countrymen as sub human. Even some with idea of hatred in their hearts_ and I say idea to differentiate them from sociopathic neonazis that had already been perpetrating unspeakable acts of violence such as in the tragedy of Odessa, war, a man made gluttonous outsider endorsed war has made them capable. So yes, I can believe this. There is no cure for the monsters that have become their souls. And all in the name of what?


    Posted by sonel | Jul 12, 2014, 00:19
  2. From twenty years experience as a forensic pediatrician investigating crimes against children I find video of first hand account by this young woman highly credible. The incredulous can continue to wait to be convinced as the bodies of tortured children mount. It it is the same sort of thing happening increasingly in places like Honduras, the ME, Israel, Africa and the US. When I see pictures of soldiers doing these things the all tend to look alike, all black garb with identical body armor, same pull over masks. In the US they usually have SWAT printed on their backs. They also tend to use the same sorts of weapons and the same sort of mindless, ruthless tactics. There is some sort of connection ill using our grasp. Israeli security doctrines carried abroad by security consultants?

    Herb Ruhs, M.D.


    Posted by hruhsherb | Jul 12, 2014, 13:34
  3. Autocorrect ruined my last sentence which should read: “Is there some sort of connection ill using our grasp, perhaps Israeli security doctrines carried abroad by security consultants?


    Posted by hruhsherb | Jul 12, 2014, 13:41
  4. The government of the United States of America and its media and other institutions that cooperate with its Ukrainian policy are responsible for this.


    Posted by Jeremiah | Jul 12, 2014, 15:03
  5. I’m crying. And I’m praying for the Ukraine. Us does it. Because it needs russian resourses.


    Posted by eugenia | Jul 13, 2014, 04:18
  6. Yes, this is an absolutely convincing eyewitness account of war crimes and cruelty to the extreme – motivated by an ideology of hate against distinct parts of the population in Ukraine, namely the Russian-speaking or Russia-sympathizing or Separatism-affiliated People of Donbas. Responsible for these war crimes of the worst kind are those, who do crimes against humanity as part of their daily police/military work at Slawjansk and other locations (we know this kind of ‘work’ from the History of Genocide by heart) – namely the paramilitary police forces of the National Guard/Azov Btl. and Right Sector political party, also their commanders at the top like President Poroshenko in person with his doctrine of Punishment & Revenge, also the ‘Vice-President Yazi’ with his official thoughts about the ‘subhumans’ of Donbas, also the General Staff of Headquarters of the Ukrainian Army by committing war crimes against the Geneve Convention due to shelling of civilians, deporting, imprisonment, torturing, raping, murdering civilians regardless of age, justice or international law – and, if not done by themselves, then by helping/protecting others to commit those crimes – also those ‘investors’ are guilty of war crimes in Donbas who like to grab the land for their own purpose of getting rich and powerful BY ANY MEANS, EVEN GENOCIDE – the unholy alliance of Top US/EU politicians and American/European Shale Gas/Fracking companies like (especially) Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Exxon and others. They have lost the coasts of Crimea to Russian influence because of their short-sighted antiintellectual Policy of Destabilization, they have earned yet another entry in the long list of war crimes, in addition to 13 years of ‘intervention’ in the Middle and Near East.

    This woman and her children must be protected by Russian authorities. Eyewitnesses of war crimes are always in danger and a rare source for future law enforcement against the criminals of Kiev – and beyond.

    May the victims of Ukrainian Faschism rest in peace. And may the rest of the world uproar against this shameful and horrific Policy of Economical Genocide in civil unrest.


    Posted by Historian | Jul 15, 2014, 15:04
  7. My grandmother who is jewish recalls to me, that during the WW2 they had to escape from UKRAINE ( her birth place) because First: West Ukrainians were not only welcoming germany NAZIS with open arms, but they were also beating, killing, stoling jewish people. My grandmother ( she was only 13 years old at the time) , along with other people, had to march several days , without food or water. They had to exchange jewelry to have a piece of bread, because UKRAINIAN PPL treated them like nothing. NOW I DONT WANT THOSE NAZIS IN POWER IN UKRAINE, IF U SUPPORT WEST UKRAINIAN GOVERMENT U SUPPORT NAZIS, U SUPPORT RACISM, U SUPPORT VIOLENCE. U SUPPORT ANOTHER SHOAH.


    Posted by sofia | Jul 17, 2014, 23:52


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