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Ukrainian forces targeting residential districts in Donbass — Video report

English subtitles and transcript by Alexander Fedotov and O.C.

Transcript for the video

Anchor: The journalists of RenTV got today the first documental provement that residential area of Donbass gets fired not by accident. Although Kiev may claim about some “stray shells” which hit a hospital or a kindergarten, on the front line left by Ukrainian soldiers we have found artillery maps, where the targets were restaurants, cafeterias, and shops. An exclusive report of our correspondent Valentin Trushnin from the former UAF’s trenches.

Valentin Trushnin: This is a field near the village of Ozeryanovka—recently there was a Ukrainian battery firing at Gorlovka: 6 Rapier guns, few tanks, a lot of heavy armour and infantry. They were extruded from here the day before yesterday, but since that day Ukrainian forces have been heavily firing with artillery at their lost positions, so we could get here only today. We are sticking to the trenches, just in case. Our guides today are a battalion commander with the nickname “Ostap” and his deputy “Makar”.

Makar: These are wonderful positions for firing at the residential area—this is what they actually were doing. Just look how many cartridge cases—how many shots have been made from this position.

V. Trushnin: Gorlovka is in full view from here.

V. Trushnin: The shells ready for shooting have been left by the artillerymen at the positions—they rushed away so swiftly, that they had left ammunition along with the guns. Obviuosly, they did not expect an attack.

Ostap: They started a fire at the village of Ozeryanovka—that was a preparatory bombardment before an offensive. We forestalled Ukrainian soldiers and entered Ozeryanovka in order to prevent them approaching it.

V. Trushnin: Just under fire?

Ostap: Right, under artillery fire. We started a close combat with them at their roadblock.

V. Trushnin: The Militiamen have got a few units of armour—absolutely everything is undamaged.

Ostap: They will tell tomorrow that Russia has supplied us with a column of MT-LBs, IFVs and tanks which we have gained—indeed, it is their weapons and equipment that is going to be repaired, recoloured and will be used at war against them.

V. Trushnin: This is how Ukrainian tankmen were making fun while making breaks from firing at Gorlovka.

Ostap: These were the cars of the civilians. There is no remains inside, but they have been definitely rolled out by tanks.

V. Trushnin: Only white stripes [on the tanks—ed.] shall be covered with paint—it is a sign of belonging to the UAF, as well as Gothic graffiti in English which are too pretentious.

Makar: “I will destroy your dream. I will destroy your mind. I will destroy your soul and then I will take your life.”

Makar: They seemed to run in underpants as soon and as far as possible, they cared about nothing but saving their life. So scared they were. One thing is bombarding city and civilians from distant positions, and the other thing is real fighting.

V. Trushnin: The Militiamen removed dead bodies, but it is still the heavy smell over the field, and there are small fragments of bodies everywhere. A terrible scene.

Makar (showing the helmet): This man had no slightest chance to survive.

V. Trushnin: This is a dugout destroyed with a direct hit—the feathers flew away from the ruptured pillows. The enemies were torn to shreds indeed.

Makar: We do not have such resources like they have. We cannot waste ammunition firing haphazardly, or especially shelling at residential area. This is the result of our work here.

V. Trushnin: Here is the result of the Ukrainian gunners’ shooting—a direct hit in the panel dwelling of Khrushchev’s times in the centre of Gorlovka. They shot from those very positions. Fortunately, the mother and her son living here went down to the grandmother’s place on the third floor half an hour earlier.

Tenants of the house: —Ukraine has relieved us from our kitchen and bathroom. —They relieved us from everything.

V. Trushnin: Probably, the dwelling was destroyed from this very—now captured—cannon.

Ostap: The barrel is overheated in the result of firing so much ammunition. This is that very MT12 “Rapier” gun with which Ukrainian soldiers shelled the city of Gorlovka.

V. Trushnin: In the destroyed dugouts the militiamen found a lot of interesting documents, such as shooting records, working notebooks of cannon commanders, maps. It follows from the documents that shelling of the city was carried out not randomly, but rather deliberately.

Makar: There are coordinates of targets. For example, there is a restaurant, a cafeteria or a market targeted, where there were no militiamen.

Ostap: We have found their target maps there, which means they had everything gauged—they clearly targeted the city.

V. Trushnin: The documents will be analysed and sent to the headquarters. Obviously, the Militia has got an irrefutable evidence of the war crimes committed by Ukrainian soldiers, which is proved by the documents now.

Report by Valentin Trushnin for RenTV.


14 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces targeting residential districts in Donbass — Video report

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    Posted by gerryhiles | Jan 30, 2015, 00:55
  2. Already reblogged, Twittered and posted to G+.

    About the best I can do to help Olga.

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    Posted by gerryhiles | Jan 30, 2015, 00:56
  3. Thank you very much for posting this. If there are any more videos like this, please publicise it (I’m on your mailing list too).

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    Posted by Ralph, in London | Jan 30, 2015, 01:13
  4. Best to take the evidence straight to the UNSC, as the OSCE is somewhat of a tool of the West.

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    Posted by Jalaluddin | Jan 30, 2015, 02:14
    • It is very difficult to convince biased men. If you show it to Western audience, they will just say, “Hah, another Russian fake!” and move on.

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      Posted by niku | Jan 30, 2015, 06:11
      • there’s hope for some folks in the US getting this through social media although our press is captured and the US doesn’t have a real democracy.

        This blog matters and people from the US are seeing it, so keep posting, keep sharing.

        I posted this article to twitter and on facebook, and see that gradually some awareness is happening.

        The resistance should continue exactly as it has, showing mercy, making the captives see the damage they did to real people, letting some return or surrender.

        The only solution is for Ukrainians to all join together and fight the real enemy, the oligarchs, multinational corporations and oil.

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        Posted by Laura Roslin | Jan 31, 2015, 06:17
  5. Hello, typo in the heading:
    ‘districs’ should be ‘districts’.

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    Posted by niku | Jan 30, 2015, 06:00
    • Oh no!! Not the grammar/typo inquisition. That is all we need. Pathetic NIKU, so nick off if this is the most intelligent comment you can make whilst thousands die.

      Get lost troll, no one else cares about trivial mistakes in translation.


      Posted by gerryhiles | Jan 30, 2015, 07:11
  6. Greece’s new Syriza government is being called ‘sell-out’, because after much pro-Russia, anti-Kiev, anti-Nato rhetoric, the new Greek regime fully signed approving EU sanctions against Russia yesterday

    But was not Russia ‘sell-out’ when approving sanctions against Iran – still in place – or bombing of Libya etc ? That was Russia being ‘strategic’, ‘doing what is necessary’ etc ?

    Greece’s Syriza is linked to George Soros etc. … yet Putin is linked to Henry Kissinger etc. With these reptile friends, 1st is corruption, 2nd is ‘strategic’?

    It is claimed to be not ‘sell-out’ but ‘strategic’, that Russia lets thousands of Russian-speakers be killed by Kiev-Nato on Russia doorstep in Donbass East Ukraine, so very ‘strategic’ and ‘necessary’ ?

    Sometimes, anyone who accuses Russia of multiple ‘sell-outs’ is labelled as ‘troll trying to slander and divide great Russia to benefit zio-Nato’ …

    But Greece’s Syriza signing sanctions is ‘sell-out’, not ‘strategic’ ? Can Greece’s Syriza learn from Vladimir Putin, how when you sign to attack people, bomb people, abandon people, you are not ‘sell-out’ but ‘strategic’ ?

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    Posted by brabantian | Jan 30, 2015, 12:06
    • Right. Many people do not understand that others are not obliged to act in their interests, just because they imagine themselves to be in the right. Is Tsipras the Prime Minister of Greece or of Russia? (And to answer your question: Is Putin the President of Iran/Donbass or of Russia?)

      For that matter, I think that the new Greek government doing “nothing” other than occasionally (or better, regularly) speaking against Russophobia would be enough! It would show to everyone that the EU is not One Happy Family, but that the Russia-blaming consensus is an outcome of “dirty politics”. This would provide fertile ground for growth of more public resistance (encouraging others to stand up for their interests too).


      Posted by niku | Jan 30, 2015, 13:17
    • Greece and Russia? Ridiculous comparison.

      Tsipras is a new kid on the block and Greece is of no more significance than Australia on the World stage.

      On the other hand: Putin is an old hand and leads a country capable of starting, or hopefully preventing WW3.

      If Putin had acted on your “high principles” in Ukraine, that would have given the Empire the pretext to launch total war and millions would now be dead, instead of thousands … he HAS to think strategically.

      The Iranian leadership clearly understands this in relation to the posture on sanctions, because behind that façade deals have been done.

      Medvedev clearly erred on Libya, but nothing Russia could have done would have prevented the slaughter, just as the very weakened Russia could not prevent the dismemberment of Yugoslavia by NATO/Washington.

      You are being very naïve Brabantian, unless you actually want WW3.

      BTW I agree with Niku and I’ve just added some thoughts which he may or may not agree with.


      Posted by gerryhiles | Jan 30, 2015, 18:02


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