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Situational Report: 27 Jan 2015, 14:00 UTC

26402_19121143_1LUGANSK area. During so-called “cease-fire” UAF took a perfect chance to fortify their positions at the frontal line near Lugansk, so that now it must be a real challenge for the Militia to pop up this area. The situation at the frontal line Stanitsa Luganskaya—Schastie—Slavyanoserbsk remains without relevant changes. NAF has been working with artillery at UAF positions near Schastie and Pervomaisk.

An information about Popasnaya taken by NAF appeared several times withing the last two days, but according to confirmed information, the town still was not overtaken—the Militia has been conducting close fight with Ukrainian forces already for the two days, both sides are tired.

There are intensive fights near Bakhmutka, NAF is on offensive to the village of Nizhnee near 31th roadblock and Krymskoe. Besides, the Militia mopped up Zhelobok and captured many Ukrainian soldiers there.

DONETSK area. Novorossiya forces liberated the village of Krasny Partizan. According to the accounts of the locals, UAF have been firing at Dokychaevsk already for two days long—they have destroyed Starobeshevo electric power substation and Novotroitsk pumping station, in the result of what the whole micro-district has no electricity, no water supply and no heating. Ukrainian forces tried to take Elenovka at night from 25th to 26th January, but the Militia defeated their sub-unit: NAF reported about many killed and captured among Ukrainian fighters. Elenovka has been under continuous fire by UAF since yesterday’s morning.

The Militia reported about UAF conducting compulsory mobilisation of about 300 local men in occupied Dobropolie.

NAF has been firmly pressing Uglegorsk and Svetlodar on the one side, and Troitskoe on the other side. The Militia was firing at Debaltsevo—Artemovsk motorway trying to prevent reinforcement for UAF. There has been violent fighting for the road sector, besides NAF is trying to advance on Logvinovo (in the north from Debaltsevo).

According to the report by the Militia, Ukrainian forces fired at the area of the Donetsk airport with incendiary shells, presumably even with phosphorus bombs. In the result of yesterday’s shelling at Donetsk more than hundred dwellings have not electricity. There was a tank fight near Peski at night, Petrovka has been under fire by UAF.

Gorlovka has been shelled several times during the past three days by Ukrainian forces. However, NAF is advancing towards Dzerzhinsk—according to the Militia’s report they took Artemovo and Shumy.

According to Eduard Basurin—Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the DPR Ministry of Defence—Ukrainian forces have started an offensive recently. At the Donetsk frontal line they made an attempt to get back the control over the village of Krasny Partizan, but the Militia repelled the attack. At the frontal line near Debaltsevo UAF tried to advance from Troitskoe, but the army of DPR stopped the enemy near the line Mironovsky—Veselogorovka. There were no active fighting at the frontal line near Mariupol recently. Within the last twenty-four hours, UAF got losses in manpower as following: 5 tanks, 1 IFV and 1 SPA, about 40 soldiers killed and injured, 5 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered.

“There are fights almost at the whole territory of DPR. We are currently trying to join our forces with LPR, thus—to regulate the frontal line.”—A. Zakharchenko.


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  1. Thanks Slavyangrad, for your situational reports. Please keep writing them.

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    Ça continue à empirer pour le peuple du Donbass. Bonne chance DPR! Que tous les Dieux veillent sur vous!

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