Field Commander Interviews, Genocide in Ukraine

A Summary of the Situation in Embattled Novorossiya

Video: A Summary of the Situation in the Embattled Novorossiya

Note: Translation by Alan and Alya Bailey Subtitles by Marcel Sardo

Transcript: A Summary of the Situation in Embattled Novorossiya

Translated from Russian by Alan and Alya Bailey / Edited by O.C. and Gleb Bazov

Alexey Mozgovoy: The peaceful population is being eliminated using missiles. These actions make the civilian population leave their homes. So, generally speaking, Kiev does not need the population; it is irrelevant in the area where they plan to conduct fracking.

There’s already a drilling rig in Slavyansk and it’s starting its work. The equipment for building the rigs has already been delivered to a little settlement near Slavyansk. So what use is there for the population? It’s not needed there. The complete elimination of the population is being covered up by the so-called ATO.

All types of weapons that the other side has in its arsenal are being used without any remorse. The weapons have to be checked – and they are being checked. Some missile launchers SAU, American ones, have been brought from Poland and they are being used in full. There are lots of mercenaries from different armies who have worked in other countries – in Syria, Libya, Lebanon. They are there, on the other side now and they are having fun.

What’s more: some “hot spot tourists’ have been allowed to shoot from a tank or use other type of artillery. So people come, pay money and they can shoot – it’s like a safari. What they shoot at – only God knows. So somebody makes money on these tourists shooting, destroying towns, killing peaceful people.

The presence of covert agents among the rebels is a fact because we often have to deal with betrayal. Things often happen, which are not supposed to happen. This is obviously the result of certain work of agents. They brainwash our guys. Thankfully we have the right kind of people who stand up against it. From time to time we find those agents who work in favour of Kiev. And we punish them.

As for the September end of the ATO, I believe they are mistaken like they are mistaken about many things. For instance they claim to have «disposed of» our squadron several times but in fact it has grown into a brigade now. That’s some «disposal»! So I am pretty sure they are mistaken about September. They will not celebrate their victory in September.

In the nearest months the things are going to be the same as they are now. But we are learning to fight too, we change our tactics. I think it is all going to last more than a month. Firstly we will not let them kill us so fast, secondly we will fulfill some other plans; we will start attacking and not just defending ourselves.

I can neither compel nor prohibit people from becoming volunteers and fighting with us. It has to be voluntary. But if a person wishes to join our ranks, he can do so at any time. If he does not want it – it’s his choice.

If a person wishes to help us in any other way – not necessarily with money, say to send us some food – it’s his choice. I can ask for help and I have to do it to support the Militia and also the peaceful population which shouldn’t suffer from being caught between the two armies. They should live like they lived before with minimal changes.


48 thoughts on “A Summary of the Situation in Embattled Novorossiya

  1. Firstly, thank you to the team of people who translated and sub-titled this for the world of English-speakers.

    Second, the calm and intelligent leadership of the militia portrays a grounded humanity. His men fight well because he leads them with a cause that is fundamentally correct.

    I hope and pray each night for these gallant militia fighting nazism, psychopathic greed and criminals coming to steal their land and resources.

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    Posted by Bull Durham | Aug 15, 2014, 20:44
  2. It would be helpful if you could please give a chart comparing the Cyrillic and Roman letters, so that it would be easier to identify places on the maps.


    Posted by Odin's Raven | Aug 15, 2014, 21:07
  3. I have left some hopefully useful comments on YouTube, plus posting to Twitter and G+. I wish there was more I could do, but age and location – Australia – prevent that.

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    Posted by gerryhiles | Aug 15, 2014, 21:12
  4. You can send money by Western Union. Send a mail to to get details!

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    Posted by neo | Aug 15, 2014, 21:38
  5. It’s obvious that the rebels are fighting well and giving a very good account of themselves, but what can they realistically hope to achieve by continuing the fight? Death with honour? Independence?

    In addition to these accounts of rebel success and high morale it would be interesting to see some explanations of basic questions, such as the following:
    1. What is their political objective? When they declared independence, in the same breath they asked to be merged into Russia. This was refused. Now they are reduced to fighting in a relatively small area between their two main cities, both of which are already under assault. They seem to have no substantial territory outside the reach of their enemies. Even if they manage to beat the Ukrainian army, can they really hope to gain sufficient territory to form a viable independent state?
    2. Why is it immigrant Russians like Girkin who seem to be most enthusiastic about continuing the fight, whilst some of the authentic locals seem to have wished to surrender Donetsk?
    3. Why do they still have places named after Lenin and Stalin and show pictures of rebels posing with soviet flags? Why did they name their new political entities ‘People’s Republics’ as if they were twinned with North Korea? Are they basically left over Communists in some sort of time warp? Might that be part of the reason why President Putin does not want them?
    4. Presumably Russia has been supplying them with munitions, but how much longer can that continue? Even if they are fighting over an area which specialised in arms production, it’s economy and society must by now be too disrupted to produce much for themselves.
    5. Are the local oligarchs and their servants seeking to regain political control, ease out Girkin and the fighters and make the best deal they can with their counterparts in Kiev? That could be seen as the humanitarian course and could be popular with people who are being killed and having their homes and cities destroyed.
    6. Even if the fighting persists for a few more months, isn’t it likely that whoever ‘wins’ will be ruling over a wasteland, and that the final result will be renewed rule by pretty much the same bunch of crooks and oligarchs?

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    Posted by Odin's Raven | Aug 15, 2014, 22:15
    • Those are fair and deep questions of yours, @Odin’s Raven – and I feel the urge to answer them for myself:

      1. As far as I know, the political objective of the FIGHTING parts of the Separatist Movement is to conquer the space where the Yanukovich- and ProRussia-supporters mainly live, reaching from the Odessa Region across the country up to Kharkiv – at least. If you look at the map, this is no small area – in fact, the Ukrainian State would be split nearly in half. Also, and this is a most important point, the Separatist Movement in its military branch wants to end this civil war by victory over Kiev City. This would include some serious Regime change for sure. Of course, this is a risky and futuristic path – and would provoke NATO involvement and more bloodshead and suffering of larger parts of the civilian population all over the country. But what could the Separatists do instead? Letting themselves be killed by giving up? Their families, relatives, friends be killed? And who is the aggressor – and who is the defender? Who started the war – Kiev or the Separatists? Who is to blame for the attack on Donbas Territory? Also: Donbas Territory was, is and will be the Industrial Heart of Ukraine. And with the gas deposits sitting there, it’s really a geopolitical game changer of the first grade, not in Ukraine alone, but in Europe and Russia too. And that’s exactly, why there is a war going on. It’s not only about freedom and ethnical identities, it’s not only about political systems, it’s about the future of Ukraine as a community and political entity. That’s why Kiev wants to get this Donbas Region at all cost of human life (which does not matter anyway for Kiev). And with Kiev I mean the crooks and oligarchs you are mentioning at the end of question 6. Which are dealing with Hedgefonds, American and UK/Dutch drilling companies and other BIG money makers. So that’s the importance of Donbas. Kiev has a good university and not much else – all the hard work and down-to-earth economy is done in Donbas. I exaggerate a bit, but not much. There is a reason, why the ‘dumb people’, the ‘subhumans’ of Donbas (Yatseniuk) are the better fighters.

      So the political options are:

      a) If Kiev is not getting control over Donbas, the future of Kiev as a State is bleak.

      b) If Donetsk-Lugansk is getting control over Donbas, it has at least the potential to become one of the richest small territories for the next decades. Then Royal Dutch Shell has to think about its objectives and old/new contract partners. I would not make any gas deals with them, not after MH17 – and Shale Gas Extraction aka Fracking is problematic in itself and one of the sources of rage and conflict in Donbas some months ago. But hey, who knows?

      2. I don’t know Girkin ‘Strelkov’s’ motives and plans in detail, but I think, he is a profound realist and pragmatist with a romantic and nostalgic streak (I mean, ‘New Russia’ …). He knows, what the people of Donbas are awaiting, if Kiev wins or Donbas surrenders early. And I suppose, those, who want to surrender to Kiev, would wish, they even had not thought about it, if they surrender. Because by now the DEPOPULATION AGENDA of Kiev has become quite clear.

      3. Because the People of Donbas are feeling that way. It’s part of their CULTURAL affiliation with Russia beside the language, of course. In wartimes every party is waving its flag – with symbols, faces and historical icons the emotions can attach to. That maybe psychological warfare, but, hey, it’s legit. Azov Btl. is waving its nordic SS rune flag – so the Separatists their symbols of the Great Patriotic War. Why not? There are REAL fascists at work in Kiev (they are sitting in the Interior Ministry) and in Donbas behind the front – as the German Police and SS Einsatzgruppen of 1942/3 in Ukraine. By the way, there is a long tradition of Ukrainian Fascism to cooperate with German National Socialism and also American Occupation Forces in Germany after 1945 in the beginning Cold War against Russia. Yes, indeed, there are some interesting and shocking connections there – and the current situation seems to revive some aspects of historical events like the Wehrmacht/SS-Bandera-collaboration, the role of Ukrainian Trawniki in the Shoa/Holocaust etc. I (as a German) am ashamed to see Radical Party Leader Lyeshko ‘interrogating’ aka torturing an old man with a plastic bag over his head as ‘terrorist suspect’ – a GERMAN flag symbol clearly visible on the body armor of this Right Sector Police fanatic.
      I fear, the old man is dead already.

      There you go: Ukrainian Fascism with German equipment under US-control and advice.

      Putin does not want Donbas, at least not yet, because he does not want to provoke a serious conflict with NATO. Crimea was as much as he dared to secure the Black Sea Region – and this already escalated the conflict, because American and European gas/oil interests are seriously disturbed by losing influence zones along the Black Sea coasts. Taking also Donbas would really make US/EU consider to send troops. And where is the line between a Cold and a Hot War? It could get really hot on a global scale pretty fast – as hot as the sun aka Nuclear Blast, don’t you think? Isn’t America – and also the EU – a DYING IMPERIUM? And Russia the new international Shooting Star in the gas/oil sector – in front of America and Saudi-Arabia?

      So Putin is quite responsible in regard to the Donbas question in the light of international conflict over resources.

      4. If Russia is delivering weaponry and ammunition across the border (I think so), then it can continue as long as the border is under control enough to do it. That’s why the success of Separatists’ operations to secure the transport lines to Russia are so vital to them. Russias military budget is big, bigger, biggest. It has stocked up in the last decade considerably – along with the development of the drilling sector.

      And if the Ukrainian Army is continuing to sell or ‘hand over’ even its tanks, Howitzers, Hurricanes and Tulips, well, then all hope is lost for Kiev.

      5. There you have a good point, @Odin’s Raven. This seems to be the case, yes. BUT today I have read in Pro-Kiev-Media, that Akhmetov and others shell be prosecuted for financing terrorism in Donbas. This should have some influence on the politics in Donetsk.

      6. Whole Ukraine is a wasteland which is not able to pay its gas bills. The government is fully dependent on foreigners’ money and the country is in civil war. Of course, the winner will rule over a wasteland in every aspect of the word, now or in 3 months.

      To safe peoples’ lifes there have to be instant ceasefires and peace talks. But I am afraid, both sides of the conflict are now heading towards total defeat or victory – and there are too much war crimes already committed against civilians and military personnel alike, that I dare to say: this war cannot be stopped by peace talks anymore.

      Regarding the ‘crooks and oligarchs’: their future is depending alot on the will and the power of the People of Donbas. Let’s face it: Kiev, EU and America are facing opposition of working class people – and that’s what they are fearing the most. Ukraine is becoming the blueprint for a new roadmap for Europe and America also – in the direction of Radical Nationalism/Fascism (which is growing in Europe due to the continuing economic crisis, e.g. in Greece and France) or in the direction of a renewed protest against global finance, exploitation and war due to economic interests of rich and powerful ‘happy few’.

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      Posted by Historian | Aug 16, 2014, 14:52
      • Thank you for your courteous and comprehensive response, Historian.

        I wonder whether the old categories are breaking down and ceasing to be useful. Who would have expected ‘Fascists’ to be working and fighting in the interests of rich Jews, or to have had Israeli soldiers rioting alongside them in Kiev? When the Soviet Union collapsed I knew someone who predicted that people in the East would become increasingly free, while people in the West would become increasingly enslaved, and this seems to be happening rapidly. I’m astonished that an ex-KGB man is now effectively the ‘President of the Free World’, and his American counterpart is a thrall of the forces of darkness, spreading chaos through so much of the world, including Ukraine.

        Some light may be shed on the ‘depopulation agenda’ by the recent story that Netanyahoo wants to reconstitute Khazaria in Ukraine as a second homeland for Jews. Depopulation worked quite well for them in Palestine, and it would obviously serve the purpose to encourage or force the locals in Ukraine to divide into murderous teams of ‘Fascists’ and ‘Communists’ to destroy each other and leave another ‘land without a people for a people without a land’. Encouraging them to hate and blame each other discourages them from combining against their manipulators; and if things don’t go well for the regime in Kiev, the people who take the money will not be those who take the blame!

        Regarding fracking, of course it’s another short term financial scam to enrich a few, including the shameless son of the American Vice President, and degrade the land; but there’s a rumour that the drilling at Slavyansk has proved unsuccessful. That won’t stop them for long, they’ll drink blood if they can’t get oil!

        Regarding supplies for the rebels, I wondered why the Americans would not publish satellite photos if they could show regular traffic from Russian bases and arsenals making deliveries across the border to the rebels. They’d love to send another fool like Colin Powell to again wave photos at the United Nations. ‘It’s true this time, I tell you! Not at all fake. Honest!’ Perhaps the answer is that what the Russians are supplying is not so much munitions as money, with which the rebels buy supplies and equipment from corrupt people in the Ukrainian army and bureaucracy.

        As Ukraine falls apart, it may not split into two neat portions on the map. Conflict may spread, although not only on the current basis. Perhaps there will be a variety of oligarchs, officeholders, war-bands and outright bandits striving for their own advantage in variable combinations at the expense of the miserable populace and under a clamour of competing and specious political claims and colours.

        No doubt the fighters will continue to fight. It’s what they do. It’s difficult to get the dogs of war back on their leashes when they have no (or too many) masters. Perhaps ‘ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die’, said of another Russian conflict , will also serve as a motto for this one.

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        Posted by Odin's Raven | Aug 16, 2014, 18:04
      • ‘I wonder whether the old categories are breaking down and ceasing to be useful.’ [Odin’s Raven]

        Yep, @Raven, there is always the danger, that categories are anachronistic or simply stupid/wrong in a certain context. Regarding the behavior of the Right Sector Police Forces for example, I have the impression, that they try
        hard to imitate their historical icons like Bandera very close – using axes against protesters in Odessa for instance. I also count the accounts of extremely sadistic torture practices against mothers and their children in Donbas along the line of a purely fascistic tradition of ethno-racism.

        In his ‘youth’ Yatseniuk has said sentences like ‘We will kill every single Jew, Russian and German in Ukraine!’ as part of his political ideas, sources say. Well, could be, that there are some political agreements between powerful partners, that Jews and Germans should be excluded for a while.

        But there were law proposals, that Jews would have to be registrated as such in Ukraine – and that Russian should be ‘forbidden’ as a spoken language of alot of citizens of Ukraine, right? That’s the average mindset in Western

        So, maybe, some ‘old categories’ are still useful to understand a conflict, if the participants are knowing their ‘script’ well enough. We will see.

        Apropos ‘scripts’ – I don’t want to comment on Israel’s involvement in Donbas, just to avoid antisemitic cliches. Could be a real anachronism to imagine the Eternal Jew, who is rubbing his hands gleefully, while Fascists
        and Communists are bleeding. Hitler would have said that too, you know. That Jews orchestrated the Russian Revolution, forcing Germany into a Preventive-Defensive War against the Jewish Bolshevism some decades later,
        just to safe the world. All that NS ideological shit of a doctrine, you know – which costed the life of more than 50 million people worldwide.

        The Biden Case, yes, I have to look that up yet … .

        I agree with you, that there is a danger, that this civil war could turn into a real chaotic mess if spreading across the country. Well, it is a chaotic mess already, right? But I hope, that the Separatist Movement can straighten their political mindset, keep relatively civilized and ethical, despite the everyday atrocities of this war. Because, if they cannot manage to keep their agenda ‘clean’ of cruelty and selfishness, then it will happen, what you paint as an utterly anarchistic picture of Ukraine.


        Posted by Historian | Aug 16, 2014, 22:14
      • Thank you for this post that clarifies much and thanksOdinsRaven for pertinent questions.
        THIS really grabbed my attentions “..reaching from the Odessa Region across the country up to Kharkiv – at least. If you look at the map, this is no small area – in fact, the Ukrainian State would be split nearly in half. ”
        Had NO idea the area of turmoil was so large
        as in viewing maps of the region these last few months I saw what my intuits said is the best outcome a separation of W. Ukraine from E. Ukraine and porous borders for relatives to come and go visiting and making trade/sales
        But now seeing how the kievoligarchs a\want every bit of land that could be a drill spot for themselves I think this cannot happen
        Again Putin is playing for a peaceful solution and I can feel him in his private moments wretching with pain that so many innocents are undergoing this worst of tortures, My heart cries for his own pain over this.

        And also I wish I could send money but alas as an elderly person I too am on the ledge from month to month
        It then falls on all of freedom lovers us to make UNITED visions that peace CAN be made as United Spirits can make real magick

        and where is that zio jesuit pope never speaking up on this travesty? dashing about in his first class journey about the world always wearing enough finery to finance the rebels for months !


        Posted by sophiaheidler | Aug 16, 2014, 22:32
      • I have one question. Why Russia does not cross the border en help their relatives in East Ukraine? They could marsch in easy.
        Are they afraid of the Nato?


        Posted by Ruben | Aug 21, 2014, 20:34
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  7. I support the forces of resistance in eastern Ukraine with all of my heart. I wish I could send money to them. But I essentially live on charity. In other words, I am too poor to help myself. Nonetheless, I also support the good people of eastern Ukraine with my good wishes, hopes, and prayers. May you good folks prevail over the monsters from Kiev, America, and elsewhere. By the way, I am an American–one who is ashamed of my nation’s evils. I do the best I can to try to motivate others to stand up to our awful government and denounce its evils. But, alas, most folks here are too deeply invested in America’s evil ways and means to give a damn about anyone other than themselves and loved ones. It is very sad–and infuriating. I cannot say if God will help you good folks prevail over the monsters. I, however, can assure you that He has set in motion the machinery of America’s destruction. Unfortunately, you good folks happen to be caught up in the tides of fate that will ultimately lead to America’s doom….

    Hoping, wishing, and praying for you guys,

    PS–Keep up the good fight as long as you can. Maybe some miracles will bless your efforts….

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    Posted by senecharnixJames Howard Trusty | Aug 16, 2014, 02:37
    • Thank you, James, for thinking the way you do. Like yours, my heart is bleeding for the rebel fighters, and I too wish them strong morale.
      With regard to people in America being indifferent to human suffering, I think that even one person can make a difference. Continue to spread the word of truth – I’m sure it will find willing ears. And the more people think peace, the sooner it will come.
      America could have set a good example to the world, but – alas!- it only unleashed wars under the pretext of bringing democracy. Chaos and suffering followed after its invasion.
      So let us continue to pray for the spirit of the people of south eastern Ukraine.


      Posted by Yesenia | Aug 19, 2014, 01:39
  8. Reblogged this on An Average American Woman and commented:
    This is an update to the coverage provided on the #genocide and #Coverup of the genocide by Kiev against the Civilians in Eastern Ukraine.
    The European Security have Cleared Moscow of any type of border violations, any type of ‘alleged’ motor firing over the border.
    This is Pure and Simple the systematic destruction of a people by a Neo-Natzi Regime whose funding is provide by the US.

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    Posted by Elaine Ossipov | Aug 16, 2014, 04:21
  9. He mentioned rigs already being set up in Slavyansk. This makes me think about the other story of strangers moving into the homes of disappeared Slavyansk residents. Wonder if these strangers are going to be the new rig workers.

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    Posted by R_of_R (@R_of_R) | Aug 16, 2014, 08:28
    • I think that you have an important point.

      Fracking cannot happen with no workers at all.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by gerryhiles | Aug 16, 2014, 08:34
    • Royal Dutch Shell stopped exploration drilling at the Slavjansk region in May 2014 because of ‘security issues for the employees’.

      Now that half of the population of Slavjansk is deported and/or dead, Royal Dutch Shell is continuing biz as usual. Time is money. Deal is deal.


      S-H-A-M-E O-N Y-O-U, R+O+Y+A+L D+U+T+C+H S+H+E+L+L ! ! !

      It’s like IG Farben Auschwitz 1942-1945.


      Posted by Historian | Aug 16, 2014, 15:06
      • You know the kapitalist Always has supported the nazies. Thats nothing new under the sun.


        Posted by Ruben | Aug 21, 2014, 20:38
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    Posted by jafftich | Sep 22, 2014, 07:31


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