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The Cost of War

Ural-4320 Truck Cost to fill with fuel: approx. UAH 4500 / USD 396 / EUR 272 This sum is enough for 600 km off-road; 1100 km on paved roads.   Mil Mi-8 Transport Helicopter Cost to fill with fuel: approx. UAH 40000 / USD 3282 / EUR 2414 This sum is enough for 5 hrs … Continue reading

Down With Mobilization! A Protest in the Village of Voloka

Video: Down With Mobilization! A Protest in the Village of Voloka Note: English Subtitles by O.C. and Marcel Sardo Transcript: Down With Mobilization! A Protest in the Village of Voloka Translated from Ukrainian/Russian by O.C. Reporter: A third mobilization wave has started: in Ukraine officers, sergeants in reserve and private soldiers who have military experience … Continue reading

The Shrinking Cauldron – The Surrender of the 72nd Brigade

The Southern Cauldron has entered the final stages of its existence; the agony of the units deprived of provisions has begun. The Surrender of the 72nd Brigade Original: Colonel Cassad LiveJournal Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov Today, the remnants of the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade fled into the territory of the Russian Federation. According to … Continue reading

Three Statements by Fyodor Berezin (Strelkov’s Deputy)

Preamble: Provided for you in reverse chronological order are three recent statements by Fyodor Berezin, Igor Strelkov’s Deputy, with respect to the Ukrainian army’s losses at the front in Donbass. His statements will appear to many to be controversial. The writer of this note, for one, has no difficulty believing Berezin, who bases his reports … Continue reading

Latest map of hostilities (25/01)

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