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Interview with Margarita Seidler, a German Freedom Fighter in Donbass

Short Preamble: Margarita Seidler is a German volunteer fighting together with the Militia forces of Igor Strelkov for Novorossiya’s cause of self-determination, freedom and independence from the national-fascist, Nazi government of Ukraine. She previously made an appearance on this blog with an essay “Slavyansk will stand firm till victory!”, published in Slavyangrad, the Hero City. Two Stories from the Front. Without further ado, here is an interview with this incredibly courageous and admirable woman.

Video: Interview with Margarita Seidler, a German Freedom Fighter in Donbass (w/ENG subtitles)
by COMPACT Magazine, via YouTube channel of Marcel Sardo (@marcelsardo)


4 thoughts on “Interview with Margarita Seidler, a German Freedom Fighter in Donbass

  1. If The German State had any honor at all it would be helping the anti-Fascist in Ukraine with this infestation that has its origin in Germany. The whole world lies sodden in shame to be forced to watch the wanton cruelty in Ukraine and Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan and countless other places, as Fascist and Royalist forces proceed to loot the World and make life unlivable for future generations everywhere due to the wanton physical destruction. People everywhere, therefore, should consider citizen arrests of their leaders who are aiding and abetting these aggressive wars, the worst of crimes in that they entail all other crimes. Or we could watch ourselves experience soul death from the moral injury of being forced to witness horrendous crimes passively. It is a choice that those that believe that there is a life beyond will not want to be held accountable for and the rest of us, who have any pretense of honor, do not risk self hatred for.

    Just showing up in groups to read a list of crimes and stating the intention of arrest is a good start. Then we can watch the mercenary goon squads in their bizarre battle gear show up too protect the criminals giving us a nice little squirt of reality in our World so desiccated by Fascist inspired Big Lies. Fell better, take some sort of stand against your own fears.



    Posted by hruhsherb | Jul 14, 2014, 12:00
    • Absolutely right i agree wholeheartedly !!!
      Success und Strength to all Donbas Russians and citizens!
      DEFEAT AND DEPROPRIATE the fascists.. i hope we will soon do the same to all warmogers her in GERMANY !!


      Posted by landwirt2012 | Jul 26, 2014, 22:04
  2. She lives the guilt of her grandfathers being German fascists and she knows the only solution is to fight and destroy the fascists and establish the rule of law.

    It could not be more clear. You can’t vote away fascism and hate. It has to be defeated and eradicated.


    Posted by Bull Durham | Jul 15, 2014, 00:53


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