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Galina Pyshnyak – Eyewitness Account of Ukrainian Atrocities in Slavyansk (Subtitled in English)

Preamble: Considering the controversy this eyewitness account has already generated (and will continue to generate), it deserves a thorough review from the standpoint of legal and evidentiary rules. That review will be generated and provided over the next several days. For now, I can offer you my professional expertise, as a courtroom advocate with eight years of experience before all levels of Ontario courts, as well as multiple tribunals and administrative boards, and also the professional opinion of a forensic paediatrician with twenty years of experience investigating crimes against children (which, I hope, will be expanded upon). Both of us believe this account to be genuine, authentic and highly likely to be accepted as truth in court. In considering this testimony, please recall that eyewitness testimony is considered to be direct evidence, which, if believed, does not require any corroborating evidence whatsoever to found a criminal conviction. Further reasoning can be gleaned from the following:

  1. Preamble to the transcript of Galina Pyshnyak’s First Interview;
  2. Preamble to the transcript of Galina Pyshnyak’s Second Interview;
  3. A reader’s comment and response thereto (Second Interview);
  4. Further commentary by a reader (Second Interview); and,
  5. Extensive discussion of Fyodor Berezin’s report on Ukrainian atrocities in Saurovka.

Video: Galina Pyshnyak’s First Interview (Ukrainian Atrocities in Slavyansk) w/ENG subtitles
Video Subtitles Kindly Prepared by Marcel Sardo (@marcelsardo)

Video: Galina Pyshnyak’s Second Interview (Ukrainian Atrocities in Slavyansk) w/ENG subtitles
Video Subtitles Kindly Prepared by Marcel Sardo (@marcelsardo)

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