Military Briefings from Igor Strelkov, Military Briefings from the Militia

Strelkov and Militia Briefings, July 5, 2014 – Part I

Combined for July 5, 2014
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov / Edited by S. Naylor

00:30 – July 5, 2014 – Briefing from Alexander Mozgovoi

Today a column of the enemy, armed with heavy weaponry, was moving from Artyomovsk and was repelled by the Popasnyanskiy checkpoint. At the same time, near the Varvarovka settlement, where Msta-S and other heavy weaponry was located, our mortar group worked over the positions of the enemy. The enemy personnel suffered substantial losses. There were no losses on the part of our mortar group.

July 5, 2014 – The Ukrainian Army of Demons

Video: Posted by Ukrainian Soldiers on the Internet

These are the amusements that the Nazis engage in. These are the types of videos they post on the Maidan-related web sites to brag about their accomplishments. More than that, they boast about how many “colorados” and “vatniks” [Note: derogatory terms used for anti-Maidan activists and the citizens of Novorossiya] they have killed to date. And Ukrainian tank crews have a lot to brag about – they kill entire families.

10:10 – July 5, 2014 – Statement from Pavel Gubarev

We spoke on the phone with Igor Ivanovich Strelkov:

  1. He has not made any further statements following his yesterday’s statement made to mass media. Anything else is disinformation.
  2. He made it clear that he remains the Commander in Chief of [the Novorossiyan] army and that, in the nearest future, he will take up the task of consolidating the disparate forces of the Militia.

13:05 – July 5, 2014 – Briefing from the Militia

Battles are ongoing in the Karlovka area and on the approaches to the Donetsk airport. At 12:35 (MSK), a pair of Su jets conducted airstrikes using NARs [Noted: unguided air-to-ground rockets] against the Donetsk airport. According to some of our information, last night the airport came under DPR [Note: Donetsk People’s Republic]control. This information is currently being verified.

July 5, 2014 – Statement from Pavel Gubarev

Igor Ivanovich Strelkov made a decision [personally] to leave Slavyansk. This was effected last night. The losses of the Militia are minimal. In an organized and cohesive manner, the forces of the Militia moved out in the direction of Kramatorsk. It is expected that the transfer will continue, evidently to Gorlovka and Donetsk.

This will permit us to win time, while Ukies relocate their personnel and artillery units (Ukies fight primarily by artillery shelling of peaceful cities). The advantage so gained will permit us to conclude the process of consolidating the forces of the Militia, of centralizing them under unified command, and to improve the quality of communications and logistics of the army and to strengthen the supplies of the armed forces, primarily in the area of heavy weaponry (artillery and armoured vehicles).

Kutuzov once retreated as well, and there was a plan to his retreat. And, in any event, Russians retreat only before a decisive victorious battle.

Right now we must improve the humanitarian support of Donbass. There were greater number of refugees on the Russian border yesterday then there were during the entire last month.

13:22 – July 5, 2014 – Briefing from the Militia

Our friend, a militiaman called Dmitry, continues to remain in Slavyansk, at the front lines, together with his comrades. He informed us that the city is under full Militia control and commented on the nonsensical statements of the president of the former Ukraine:

“We invite Pyotr Poroshenko personally to hang the flag [over Slavyansk] … and make sure [to tell him] to take fresh linens. Slavs have a tradition to lay even our enemies to rest, but we always bury in clean linen.”

According to eyewitness and Ukrainian mass media reports, 2 tanks, 3 Kamaz trucks, an APC and 15 light vehicles with militia passed along the highway from Slavyansk. Later we received information that they were located in Kramatorsk, near the Militia headquarters.

Last night, there was indeed a transfer of personnel, equipment and armoured vehicles of the Militia that was necessitated by operational requirements. There were battles and the movement of large units.

15:01 – July 5, 2014 – Information from Eyewitnesses

The clean-up of the Donetsk airport area has been almost completed by the Militia. Today, Su jets came to assist Ukie [troops]. They made four [rocket] strikes and left. Battles continue.

Su jets have been observed in the Krasnoarmeysk-Donetsk area. They are shooting at the roads – probably looking for St. George ribbons.

15:01 – July 5, 2014 – Briefing from the Militia

In Nikolayevka, there is enormous destruction and significant numbers of civilian victims. The information that civilian deaths have exceeded a thousand people in the last two days is receiving confirmation. There is ongoing expulsion of civilians from their places of residence in the areas where NazGuard [Note: National Guard] are being quartered following battles.

In Slavyansk and other centres of resistance the forces of the Militia are being regrouped and redeployed. The information about the surrender of Slavyansk is not confirmed – the redeployment of the Militia forces is continuing. I am calling attention to the fact that there is almost no communication with Slavyansk; any statements about the actions of the Militia in the areas of the military theatre, where communications are absent, should, at a minimum, be scrutinized carefully until there is video confirmation online.

In the morning, there were artillery strikes coming from the side of Krasniy Liman, closer to Raigorodok. The situation is difficult, but not critical.

15:13 – July 5, 2014 – Information from a Militiaman in Krasnodon

A [Militia] sniper, an Afghan veteran, who fought in the battle last night when Junta [troops] tried to break through into Krasnodon, is completely bewildered [by their actions].

He says that Ukies were either wasted drunk or completely drugged; in brief, it was like a scene from a movie about the Great Patriotic War, when the German [infantry] would advance, standing up straight and showering everything in front with automatic weapons’ fire. Ukies showed no self-preservation instinct whatsoever. Just like in the movies, he said. They walked without bending down at all. He personally shot at least three of them. Their personnel losses were huge. And then our tanks joined in and threw them back.

Today, after lunch, you could hear our howitzers pummeling the Junta troops. Pity we have so few of them. Right not it’s quiet.

July 5, 2014 – Briefing from the Militia

DPR saboteurs destroyed a Ukrainian border observation checkpoint on the shore of the Azov sea. On July 5, from 01:20 and until 02:15, militiamen conducted a shelling barrage against the technical inspection checkpoint on the shore of the Azov sea in the Donetsk region.

Photographs: The Remains of the Ukrainian Checkpoint

novoaz1 novoaz2

15:13 – July 5, 2014 – Briefing from the LPR Militia

The army of LPR [Note:Lugansk People’s Republic] destroyed an Il-76 and 7 APCs of the enemy at the [Lugansk] airport.

In the course of the entire day yesterday, the enemy subjected the settlements of Alexandrovsk and Bolshaya Vergunka to intensive artillery and mortar fire. Close to the evening, the detachment of the Ukrainian army, including tank units, attempt to entrench themselves in the area of Krasniy Yar, but were forced out of that location by the detachments of the LPR Army. In return, the Ukrainian forces conducted strikes against the positions of the Lugansk militiamen using Grad MLRS systems. The actions of the infantry forces received cover fire from three Mi-24 helicopters.

Thereafter, the Ukrainian army attempted to assault the city from three separate directions: Krasniy Yar, Metallist and Alexandrovka. All the attacks were successfully repelled by the LPR Army. The enemy lost 2 howitzers, a mortar detail and approximately thirty men dead.

On our part, the Lugansk militiamen conducted a successful operation in the area of the Lugansk airport, which is currently in the hands of the aeromobile detachments of the enemy. The enemy was shelled with heavy mortars and Grad MLRS systems, losing the an Il-76, seven APCs, a mortar detail, one anti-aircraft installation ZU 23-2, five vehicles and about a hundred fighters.

The situation near Sverdlovsk remains moderately tense; the enemy is actively shelling the centre of the city; the soldiers of the Ukrainian army engage in looting and are constantly getting inebriated.

15:50 – July 5, 2014 – Briefing from LPR Press Service

Provocations are being readied.

According the information of the operational headquarters of the Lugansk Battalion “Zarya,” NazGuard are preparing provocations in the settlements neighbouring the Russian Federation: Kruzhilovka, Davydo-Nikolskoye and Parkhomenko. The HQ has become aware of saboteur groups, wearing Militia uniforms with St. George ribbons, who might try to shell the above-mentioned settlements with mortar fire in order to undermine their trust in the LPR defenders! Also, the HQ does not exclude the possibility that the Russian Federation army may be blamed for these provocations!

16:02 (MSK) – July 5, 2014 – Information from Alexander Zhuchkovskiy

efremov1 efremov2

The name of the second volunteer from St. Petersburg that died in Slavyansk has become known. His name was Matvey Efremov. He is survived by a wife and three children. In the nearest future we will meet with them to tell them about what happened and to provide assistance.

Vladimir Melnikov (on the photo, second from the left) had no one left; he lived alone. Before departing for Novorossiya, he left his documents and a large sum of money with friends, asking them to spend the money on the needs of militiamen in the event of his death.

On July 2, I wrote that, on that day, Matvey and Vladimir died in an unequal battle during the transfer from Slavyansk to Semyonovka. They were covering the retreat of their comrades.

18:33 – June 5, 2014 – Information from a Militiaman

The Slavyansk garrison has redeployed, spreading its forces among Donetsk, Kramatorsk and Enakievo.

In Donetsk there very many Slavyansk militiamen, thousands. Arrests have already taken place in the Donetsk regional police headquarters, OGA. Strelkov is restoring order there.

The detainees were taken outside. A much more substantial cleaning of the ranks from traitors and provocateurs is coming. There is a large number of foreign journalists. And this is very good. We need the truth to come out.

The airport is ours. At this time, it is being bombed by Ukies from the air. Purgin is the only one out of the entire DPR leadership who is in Donetsk.

All the rest (Pushilin, Borodai, etc.) are, for some reason, in Moscow.

I think that, in the very near future, we will witness significant changes in Donetsk and in the Donetsk region.’’

July 5, 2014 – Information from a Journalist

A RIA Novosti journalist is reporting that he saw Igor Strelkov in one of the administrative building in Gorlovka; everything is fine with him. The detachments that were formerly deployed in Slavyansk are also in the city; a part of them is already in Donetsk. At this time, the situation in Gorlovka is calm.

19:33 – July 5, 2014 – Statement by Alexander Borodai

The forces of DPR, taking into account the insurmountable numerical superiory of the Ukrainian military, were forced to leave their previous positions on the northern part of the front and to redeploy to the positions previously prepared.

In an organized fashion, and retaining their personnel and their weaponry, our armed forces have entrenched themselves at the reserve defence positions. We were prepared for this eventuality, as we are forced to confront a grouping numbering several dozen thousands of men and hundreds of armoured vehicles – in other words, the entire battle-worthy Ukrainian army.

Our armed forces continue to fight; their morale is high, and we are confident in our abilities.

20:00  July 5, 2014 – Hourly Briefings from Locations

It is relatively calm in Donetsk now.

18:35 (MSK) – For several hours now, artillery from Karachun has been shelling some of the Slavyansk districts. A pair of Su jets performed sorties in the area of the quarry near Krasnodon. Another pair flew over Krasniy Liman. In the course of the battle at the Lugansk airport, an Il-76, 7 APCs, a mortar detail, an anti-aicraft gun, five vehicles, and over a company of troops were eliminated.

19:45 (MSK) – Loud explosions heard in Lugansk, in the area of Metallist-Shchastye.

20:00 (MSK) – Heavy artillery shelling of Slavyansk is ongoing. Part of the Artyom district and the districts of Lesnoy, Severniy and Tselinnaya are being targed. There have been over a hundred volleys as of this hour. Automatic weapons’ fire can be heard in the city.

There is such a concept as a military stratagem: there is much that cannot be made public that happens on the battlefield. Time may come when much becomes known or is revealed. In his time, Kutuzov surrendered Moscow, so as to later smash Napoleon head on. Motorolla, Babay and Strelkov are alive; and, however it may sound, a decision was made to abandon Slavyansk.

The main reason for this decision is the salvation of the civilian population. The problem is that the nightly and daily shelling of Slavyansk by the Ukrainian army, using MLRS, was a serious threat to the remaining population in Slavyansk. That which the fascists did to Nikolayevka was a very real fate for Slavyansk. However, in the fascists’ place I would not be calm in the streets and behind the walls of Slavyansk. They will soon understand this.

At this time, what is truly important is to same the lives of as many Donbass people and the militiamen as possible; a human life, and I mean specifically human, not fascist – is what is most precious. Redeployment is almost over and the main battles are still ahead. Victory will be ours, it will be Novorossiyan!

July 5, 2014 – Information from the Militia in Severodonetsk

Video: Ukrainian Military Supplies Intercepted

Ukrainian military sent supplies, equipment and uniforms to their soldiers via private postal service. The militiamen found this out, and, now, extend their deepest gratitude for the gifts.

23:55 – July 5, 2014 – Overview of the Military Sitiuation from the Militia

22:30 (MSK) – Tselinnaya is burning; maneuvering battles are ongoing; Rex’s guys are working. According to unconfirmed information, there are still several Ukrainian tanks on the outskirts of Kramatorsk. They are not entering the city; looks like they may be waiting for fresh underwear. Serious problems with telephone communications continue in the areas of the military theatre.

23:05 (MSK) – They are hitting Karlovka from Galitsinovka and Zhelannoye; the artillery cannonade is very intensive.

23:15 (MSK) – Artillery fire coming from the Izyum side, directed at Krasniy Liman. Something is burning on the outskirts of Krasniy Liman.



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