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Quit Mumbling

Translated by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by @GBabeuf


I will tell you a secret, which far too many can guessthe war in the Donbass is in full swing while many in the mass mediareceiving circulars and instructions “from above”continue drivelling on about “observance of the Minsk agreements”, or “ceasefire”, repeating the politicians’ nonsense about “indivisible Ukraine”, etc.

All this would be nothingwe have long been accustomed to a total pack of liesbut beneath this verbal fornication lies something terrible: day and night, Banderite death comes to the homes of residents of Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities of (the supposedly “untimely”) Novorossiyashells fly in, taking away loved ones. This terrible “documentary film”, which isn’t shown on screens but which sweeps in an infernal whirlwind before our eyes—dead children, the severed hands of mothers, grandmothers buried under piles of bricks, people’s heads sliced off by razor sharp shrapnel…

This is all the vengeance of the Ukro-Nazis on the residents of the Donbass, who, in the referendum of May 2014 dared to say “No!” to the coup in Kiev and desired to be independent from the vampires. For this, the Ukro-Wehrmacht unleashed on the heads of the civilian population of the Donbass heavy ammunition, such as NATO-standard 152mm shells. This ammunition has become a special “gift” to Donetskites—their sub-munitions in the form of shrapnel and other fragments spread over the land, cutting down all the living…

There is only one salvation from this “plague”the Donbass Militia should respond to the aggressors, destroy their artillery batteries and create a security zone, to punish the murderers and war criminals… But everything is frozen in place. As if suddenly a shout was heard from Moscow prohibiting an offensive.

I do not want to throw around the accusations of “betrayal” etc., that flashed all over the Runet [Russian language community on the internet ed.], moreover it is not true; but in fact the people of Novorossiya are actually still forbidden from responding to the genocide of the Russophone population, from responding as you would expect in such situations in order to save thousands of human lives for the sake of future generations of unborn children and grandchildren.

This is for me the most terrible of all that is happening in the Donbass. They say that the cunning plan is still in place, that the Kiev junta, loaded up with arms, is unwittingly pursuing aggressive actions, which, at zero-hour will lead to the cup of wrath being poured out on the heads of the beasts who hate Russia. Yet… I have many doubts… I do not care for all these commentators, because I am sitting in Donetsk and listening to the explosions. In the house where I was staying, in February, a mortar shell fired by a Ukrainian SRG [sabotage and reconnaissance group ed.], killed a man who went to the window. The Donetskite watched the evening TV with tales of the “truce”, decided to watch the sky and met his death…

The junta is swollen with weapons, US military personnel and the rabble of Anglophone and Polish PMCs [private military contractors ed.]. The junta is increasingly insolent, preventing Russians from living in as Russians…

The Nazis have not yet received any “answer”… We await it, training our wills, clenching our emotions and nerves in our fists. But that is only until such time as death comes for those most close to us. And then this masochism-on-command loses all meaning, because we are deprived of the responsibility to protect the Homeland and the right to go into battle, to die for one’s friends…

It is as if the Donbass has stood still since Strelkov, who for several months held back the advance of the Ukronazis in Slavyansk, was taken from there. There has been enough time to prepare the defences and it seems like the reinforcements are solid, but there is no order to act. Hidden, and often successful, localized operations take place, but this is no longer sufficient. All of a sudden it turned out that a war at half-strength is convenient for some external actors. It turned out that adherence to a course laid out by manipulators of hidden politics guarantees the Donbass military aid and other assistance, but not a right to live without war. Tell me, is this really what is in the interests of Russia, Novorossiya, the people of the mining settlements of the Donbass and the Cossack villages of the Don Army?

The Russophobic pig, Poroshenko, openly proclaims the strangulation of the Donbass, and at the same time—after a secret visit by Surkov to Donetsk (if you believe the omniscient bloggers)—the Russian media have thrown out the idea of “extending a discount on Russian gas to Ukraine until the end of the year.” Haven’t you had enough?! Poroshenko whistles in falsetto about “getting rid of the Russian gas needle” and you offer “gingerbread” to the Nazis? You cast pearls before swine? Who do you work for? Do you listen to the voting public or do you only consider future budgets?

It cannot be easy for Eduard Basurin, the spokesman of the Donetsk military, to repeat, month after month, the same worn out incantations about the need to “respect the Minsk agreements”, while every day the people of the Russian cultural universe are being murdered. The cliches are becoming nauseating. But it was not Donetsk that germinated this cognitive dissonance. Who was it that came up with this wretched construct that steals lives in the Donbass and in the Azov littoral?

The genocide in the Donbass proceeds according to a special, cynical scenario when, thanks to a blatant non-resistance, dark power accumulates, preparing to strike at new frontiers. Playing as number two, permanent actions only in response has already led Moscow to that its likely and very real opponent prepared new scenarios. Transdnistria, where thousands of Russian citizens live, and where blockaded Russian peacekeepers are forced to hold a defensive line, is a step away from war. Has at least one of those figures who are responsible for political apathy in the near abroad been in combat; does he know what waiting for a shot in the back means?

Russia has been given an ultimatum—free access to its border for the Nazi forces, who do not hide their plans for the Kuban, etc. Otherwise, they will strangle Donetsk and Lugansk, blaming Moscow of all sins. Its main “sin”support to the “subhumans,” “meat” and “vata” of the Donbass… An offensive from the far frontiers has been launched against Moscow, and Sodom is not going to stop. Yet in Moscow they somehow pretend that it does not concern them and nothing terrible is happening. Or does it just seem so to me?

Let us spit on Western sanctions and even the insanity of the football World Cup 2018, all that is just money down the drain. For the revival of Russia, this froth does not matter. We will build our great Motherland, passing the task to our children and grandchildren, but for this it is necessary to save their lives, by crushing the snake on the Western borders.

Have the ashes of immolated antifascists in Odessa and the blood of slain infants yet to knock on the hearts of decision-makers?


19 thoughts on “Quit Mumbling

  1. When will Russia wake up?
    30 September 2010
    Quote “Russia has thrown its defence ties with Iran on the altar of its “reset” with the United States. President Dmitry Medvedev last week imposed a sweeping ban on defence sales that goes beyond even the international sanctions on Iran and is likely to have a long-term negative impact on Moscow-Tehran relations.”

    Quote” That said, Resolution 1929 contained no explicit ban on air defence systems and Mr. Medvedev’s decree went a step too far. Ironically, defending Moscow’s ban on S-300, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in the same breath, lambasted unilateral U.S. sanctions on Iran as being “ethically and morally wrong” and a “violation” of the U.N. resolution. … …”
    and Russia has yet again back stabbed her ally in Yemen to please Saudis and anglos -what a loser Russia is!
    Not a single resolution to the benefit of Russia has Russians been ever be able to bring on UN but they are the first to endorse or not veto any resolution which harms Russian allies.
    The world watches this and that is why Russia will be left alone and then attacked without any ally-on all front by the same anglosaxon cabal and Saudi evil nation which Russia has always helped as opposed to her own ally.
    It was not a missed opportunity but rather a deliberate act of cowardice this raise a lot of questions about Russia’s behaviour toward its allies in a moment when stakes are high and the Yemeni people is being bombed illegally by a coalition of rogue states.

    Very disappointed of Russia because they did not veto this resolution which is in favor of the aggression against the Yemeni people and its army who are being bombed illegally from the sky by others countries. Iran, Syria, Yemen and other resistance countries should not trust Russia after this let down in UNSC today. Very
    Very sad that Russia has let down its allies again and again.

    Putin is no grand chess master. To the contrary, he is a pretty poor strategist who seems to rely quite a bit on improvising.
    But wait a minute –Backstabbing your allies is obviously an extremely elaborate chess move by grandmaster Putin.
    As for Lavrov, I find it interesting that everything he gets his hands in seems to backfire on Russia. EVERYTHING!

    Is it for this that lavrov and putin acted against hauthis and did not veto against Saudi -anglos plot in UNO?
    Once a loser, always a loser ;Mr Putin?
    “As for Lavrov, I find it interesting that everything he gets his hands in seems to backfire on Russia. EVERYTHING!”
    How much Putin has messed up is unbelievable.

    1.not being prepared for this while celebrating still attacked sochi olympics.
    2. not being prepared fro this by begging west not to put antimissile defense or at least say in writing that the missile can attack iran but nto to be used against Russia ! for 5 years Putin begged with backstabbing of Iran too.

    3. by not allowing novorussia to be taken in russia or at least by not recognizing the illegitimate american regime in Ukraine.

    4. by not objecting the taking away of black box by the english parasites the most vile and persistent enemy of Russia.

    5. not making issue as to why the english liars held ontot balck box for 7 weeks without saying anything-contrast the result from blackbox of german airline withon one week.

    6. always refusing to support Iran and Syria with s-300 delivery on one pretext or another.

    7. despite the hot war in way the delusion of Russia to talk about how to avert the cold war.

    8. knowing all the plots ,instead of defeating west and its proxies in middle east and elsewhere-help the west in all UNO resolutions.
    9. helping the west by blaming only Houthis and stopping supply to Hauthis-while the need of hour was to supply to hauthis to kill as many British and american troops and agents as quickly as possible-but Russia acted opposite to that.

    yes being ostrich like lavrov or may be he is outright traitor is not going to help Russia.
    if putin had understood the intentions of anglos controlled west as it seems from his interviews then it is even more criminal to not prepare for massive and big military war and media war at least by 3 years ago.
    they knew what the score is then why not any preparation/
    why be in delusion about a scrap of paper from nato to guarantee no attack on Russia from missile shield ?
    And why backstabbing at least 4 to 5 allies in their difficult times?


    Posted by apna | Jun 17, 2015, 21:50
  2. 6/06/2015
    Putin has completely lost it-he believes that usa and uk are to be partner in fighting terrorism-that fool does not yet know that those terrorists have been mercenary armies of coward british and americans?
    “Nevertheless, Putin said he views America not as Russia’s rival, but rather as a partner and ally on many pressing world issues, such as global terrorism, Middle Eastern crises and Iran’s nuclear program.

    “We are not just partners; I would say we are allies in addressing the issues related to non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. We are undoubtedly allies in the fight against terrorism. There are some other areas of collaboration as well. The central theme of Expo Milano…is yet another example of our joint work,” Putin said.”

    putin in an interview on 8/06/2015

    “I would like to emphasize once more: this was not our choice, we did not seek it, we are simply forced to respond to what is happening.”
    “”On our part, we take every effort, and will continue to do so, in order to influence the authorities of the unrecognized self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics.”
    Question is why was Russia taken on back foot that too for last full year ! And he still talks about sabotaging novorussian army’s gain with hope that kiev will be pressurised by west-the same west which has instigated Kiev and is running the show !
    Is putin that delusional?

    With headline like these the fact is that it looks like Putin acted as a weakling and hence ruined the reputation of Russia. not to speak of losing the advantage of the novorussiana army at least to destroy the cauldron and expose the NATO mercenaries inside the cauldron for all the world to see.
    Putin and his army are not fighting in donbass but putin is always there to stop the victory of novorussiana rmy at the last minute-just to please anglosaxon enemies of Putin and of Russia! what a shambles are these lavrov, putin and medvedev ! truly a treacherous to russia trio.
    et the representatives of Novorossian republics have the main and final word!
    Indeed why did Moscow accepted the rush visit of 2 hypocratic lunatics (merkel and Holland) and then even negotiations with Poroshenko when exactly the cauldron started to close? Again peace for regrouping and rearmament of nazi toops…and they even did not stop shooting on Donbass towns, so you can expect another attack.

    why is that russia and non anglos only have limited time to run military campaign while anglos and their stooge like Saudis can be making war for months with no objection from any international bought bodies like UNO? USA ran war on afghans for decades,on Iraq for decade and on syria for 4 yerars-but in geogria russia had to negotiate after only 5 days due to pressure WITHOUT KILLING THAT EVIL SAKALLASKI GEORGIAN PRESIDENT?


    Posted by apna | Jun 17, 2015, 21:51
    • Is it really your read on the people of Donbass that they would massacre encircled Ukrainian troops like fish in a barrel if Putin didn’t hold them back? (Or Surkov as the case may be.)


      Posted by Cass | Jun 18, 2015, 05:37
      • They would not massacre them simply because the Novorossiya Armed Forces are not in the business of mass murder. Their ability to defeat massive Ukrainian military formations has been demonstrably proven again and again. It was only the delay introduced by the successive Minsk agreements that has allowed the Ukrainian army to reorganize, lick their wounds, re-train their soldier, fortify their defences, and make the war a far more difficult undertaking that it would have been had the NAF been permitted to continue westwards in August-September 2014. As a result, we had a far more bloody and costly takeover of Debaltsevo in February 2015. The same operation would have gone a lot smoother in the summer of 2014. With every week of the unending murderous stalemate since then, the Ukrainian defences become more formidable. Once again, Cass, you fall flat on your face in your revisionist attempts. The entire archive is here, at Slavyangrad.


        Posted by Gleb Bazov | Jun 19, 2015, 00:35
  3. How the anglos treat their allies
    like they treated world war 2 ally soviet union soon after it became clear that germany was going to be defeated by the russian effort in kurks.

    Right at the end of the WWI1
    , Anglo powers had at least THREE plans to wage war on the USSR: Operation Dropshot, Plan Totality and Operation Unthinkable. Here is some basic reminder of Wikipedia about what these operations were about: Operation Dropshot: included mission profiles that would have used 300 nuclear bombs and 29,000 high-explosive bombs on 200 targets in 100 cities and towns to wipe out 85% of the Soviet Union’s industrial potential at a single stroke. Between 75 and 100 of the 300 nuclear weapons were targeted to destroy Soviet combat aircraft on the ground. Plan Totality: earmarked 20 Soviet cities for obliteration in a first strike: Moscow, Gorki, Kuybyshev, Sverdlovsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Saratov, Kazan, Leningrad, Baku, Tashkent, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, Magnitogorsk, Molotov, Tbilisi, Stalinsk, Grozny, Irkutsk, and Yaroslavl. Operation Unthinkable: assumed a surprise attack by up to 47 British and American divisions in the area of Dresden, in the middle of Soviet lines.This represented almost a half of roughly 100 divisions (ca. 2.5 million men) available to the British, American and Canadian headquarters at that time. (…) The majority of any offensive operation would have been undertaken by American and British forces, as well as Polish forces and up to 100,000 German Wehrmacht soldiers. I am not making these things up, you can look it up for yourself on Wikipedia and elsewhere.
    This is the Anglo idea of how you deal with “Russian allies”: you stab them in the back with a surprise nuclear attack, you obliterate most of their cities and you launch the Nazi Wehrmacht against them. With “allies” like these, who needs enemies?! Still, it did not happen. Oh, not because these “beacons of democracy” had any scruples, but for far more mundane reasons: in all three cases the risks were considered far too great and the chances of success too little.”


    Posted by apna | Jun 17, 2015, 21:55
    • APNA, there was fourth plan made in 1944 to invade Soviet Union from Asia (East Siberia) crossing Manchuria, after the defeat of Japan.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by Obi Juan | Jun 18, 2015, 19:14
  4. All plots r done by the evil english nation (an English Caliphate wrongly called british empire) –a soggy island of pirates called england-read dumas interview-and then they pass the blame to jews if plots turned unpopular.
    England is head of the family. USA is just the loud mouthed son with a fancy car.
    why can they not kill soros, tony blair, bush war criminals and also all of the British spy journalists who are the main pusher for destabilization the world over. let Russia and others start killing these enemies of humanity.

    Even after French ex minster Dumas saying that English planned Syrian terrorism years ago-rus talks?
    england is running a WW3 against all non-anglo nations of course it needs American arms for that.
    The United States Declaration of Independence accused the British government of “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinc[ing] a design to reduce [the people] under absolute Despotism”. Britian today has not changed at all from that time.
    Only difference is that she employs the same tactics and strategy but not openly and does it behind the veil.

    Gulf war plotted by witch thatcher, first Iraq war by criminal tony blair- this Syrian war again by english rats which borne their ugly child ISIS.
    only when wars become unpopular the english stop taking credit for that and let blame b placed on Jews
    and stupid people including hitler blamed jews while it was all along the english parasites who loot.
    Cold war against Russia was started for the same reason as cold war against Germany has started. TO keep britain in picture as it gives them a sense of false position, to harass other country and wreck others economy. IN august 1990, the soviets had captured some persons with british passports who were pumping up False notes of Roubles in Russia. IN other words they were british agents who ,by putting illegal tenders were making rouble go down in value and ultimately wrecking Russian economy.

    england lives off protection money from the international criminals who get asylum in england 4 money. It is a mafia MOB living off protection racket on a global scale.
    biggest money laundering is done by the english race in london calling it service industry.


    Posted by apna | Jun 17, 2015, 21:56
  5. The author writes with feeling and to the point. The DPR/LPR need no one’s permission to go on the offensive. Minsk is self-enforcing. It can be broken at any time by any party who no longer benefits. Moscow is not necessarily part of the picture. The DPR/LPR can take action on their own whenever they reach the breaking point, which may be soon.

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    Posted by kpomeroy | Jun 17, 2015, 23:02
  6. It wouldn’t be so bad if it seemed like the Kremlin had a strategic plan. Maybe they do; maybe they don’t. You can be sure they have contingency plans, but those aren’t quite the same. Or perhaps they had a strategic plan and it has failed. If and when the NAF goes on the offensive, various punishments are likely to occur that we will probably not know of. But they may seriously harm the Russian elite. So Russia needs to not cut the dog’s tail one inch at a time, and, instead, cut the whole tail off. That doesn’t mean smashing Kiev, but at least getting most of Lugansk and Donetsk and making a real effort to take out the weapons that need to be taken out. Depending upon how the Kremlin reads things, they might want to get ready to make a run to Odessa, as that could be required.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Paul | Jun 18, 2015, 03:30
  7. “Strelkov, who for several months held back the advance of the Ukronazis in Slavyansk”

    WHAT???? Just what months would those be? The first Ukrainian assault on Slavyansk was June 2, and Girkin fled July 5. The rules of engagement handed down by the defense bureaucracy (Strelkov) to the Military Commander (Zakh) were “Fire only if fired on, avoid contact, retreat when possible.”

    Many times more “guilty” combatants have been killed or maimed than “innocent” civilians. There’s a reason why this exposition is fatally flawed by omission, for instance, not including “likelihood of success” as one factor to be considered in launching an assault.

    The writer of this piece of obfuscation wants to force Russia to attack. He would rather cynically exploit the suffering of the civilians than frankly state his thesis and argue for it.

    Strelkov and his cult do not believe the militia can win against the Ukrainians. It is the one thing he is consistent on. He said it in August, he said it in December in his interview with General Kazantsev (which is on YouTube, Kazzura I think). They cannot win “a limited” war. See where this is going? If Russia is in too far to let them be defeated, and if they will be defeated if they attack, if we want to bring down the Russian government, we need to goad them to attack and kick off an *unlimited* war.


    Posted by Cass | Jun 18, 2015, 05:28
    • Unlike you, I have followed and reported on this conflict from the very first days of Strelkov’s arrival in Slavyansk, and I can assure you that what you wrote above is not simply ignorant, but patently false. All you need to do is to read the archives of this very publication, Slavyangrad.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by Gleb Bazov | Jun 18, 2015, 08:09
      • NOTE: COMMENTS IN BOLD from the Editor, since it was determined that it would be inappropriate to allow this comment to stand without making clarifying remarks.

        “All you need to do is to read the archives of this very publication, Slavyangrad.”

        That may well be true, Gleb, but fortunately, although I have read Slavyangrad, I did not feel that was “all I needed to do” since it is clear that Slavyangrad has an agenda.

        IRRELEVANT: I have also read the Bosnian Diaries, other histories of Bosnia, other writings of Strelkov, the Zavtra archives and, most importantly, remembered what he said last time.

        PATENTLY AND DEMONSTRABLY FALSE: You apparently knew in advance what to make of Strelkov and therefore have not bothered to follow him closely. You have not even taken the trouble to draw a timeline. Try it. 1970 — born. 7 years pre-school. 11 years primary/secondary school. 5 or 6 years Moscow U to become a historian. Eligible for two years compulsory service 1988. Eligible for student deferment while in post-secondary.

        UTTER NONSENSE: Went to Transnistria as a tourist for seven weeks in 1992. Not enlisted. Went on to Bosnia late 1992. But to have the education he claims, he was simultaneously still studying history. And where is his two years compulsory service slotted in?

        CASS, READ WIDELY AVAILABLE PUBLIC MATERIALS AND CEASE YOUR SLANDER: How old was he when he became a Colonel, do you think, Gleb? The WWII record is 26 for an airforce fighter ace, but he had entered the airforce, with four years ROTC and experience in the reserve, as a commissioned officer, not an airman.

        PATENTLY AND DEMONSTRABLY FALSE: Girkin has admitted that he has no military education or military training. The video where he made the admission has been “disappeared” but he has also admitted it in Zavtra interviews. He has admitted that nobody could understand what he was talking about when he gave “orders.” He has admitted he was unable to do staff work. He has admitted on the Secret Forum, and Boris leaked it, that in his hearing in August one of the charges against him was sadism. He has revealed that the “Strelkov” part of his name was assigned to him by FSB as part of mission cover. He has neglected to mention that the “Colonel” part was likewise.

        SINCE I AM FEELING PARTICULARLY CHARITABLE TODAY (GB): Here is additional information showing that you have lied in this comment — authentic documents confirming Igor Strelkov’s military training, rank and a chronology of his military service and training:

        I feel constrained by the format. If you want to discuss the attempted mutiny, you’ve got my address.


        Posted by Cass | Jun 19, 2015, 03:06
        • Dear Cass, first: I have made relevant additions to your comment above to identify and pinpoint instances of falsehoods and outright slander against one of the saviours of the Donbass, Igor Strelkov. For your convenience, I have also created a tab in the top menu, entitled “Igor Strelkov”, which I invite you to peruse at your leisure. I need not respond to your spurious allegations against Igor Strelkov in detail, because all the information is now either right at your fingertips or is otherwise widely and publicly available. With due respect to you, and I do respect you, even if I find some of your views and your attempts to besmirch the reputation of a great man atrocious and laughable, I have neither the time, nor the inclination to be your guide in this quest or to assist your further. However, as I provided above, I will also provide in this comment a link to documentary proof of Igor Strelkov’s military rank, military training and chronology of service, which further confirms that your comments are nothing more than falsehoods and slanderous aspersions:

          Second: I do this with great hesitation, as it has always been the policy of Slavyangrad to allow free commentary on all subjects other than comments of a fascist, antisemitic, xenophobic, and like tenor, but I must warn you, since you appear incapable of taking a hint, than no defamation and slander against Igor Strelkov and other heroes of Novorossiya will be permitted on this website. This is your final warning.

          I would appreciate it if you took my words to heart and never again transgressed against the rules hereinabove set out. As a final matter, if you feel that Slavyangrad “has an agenda,” I invite you to read other websites that may be more to your liking and more in tune with your own suspiciously tenacious (as if it is a matter of livelihood for you) programme. Slavyangrad may not be the right place for you to get your news about Novorossiya.

          Kind regards, Gleb Bazov.


          Posted by Gleb Bazov | Jun 19, 2015, 17:16
    • Congratulations on being able to read Ishchenko’s drivel. Every cretinous mention of “cynical exploitation of civilian suffering” means only one thing: that civilian suffering matters not a jot to the person saying it. So cynical of civilians to get shelled when important people have important chess games to make a pig’s ear of. By the way, Munshi Premchand is a much better read than Rostislav Ishchenko…

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by corruptingsea | Jun 18, 2015, 20:58
  8. I’ve followed what’s been happening since maiden and nasty nulands cookies. I’ve watched civilians being shot just for wanting to vote back in 2014, then people trying to force tanks back with their bare hands and having their legs crushed for doing so. Then Odessa! Then NAF rising up and me, from my comfy sofa, thinking they can really do this, they will take the whole of Donbass, they are protecting the civilians but only for more bombs to fall and more people die. I would like to see NAF clear the whole of Donbass from the Kiev aggressors but minsk is clearly stopping that. Being the good people that they are (in the East) they are adhering to it through gritted teeth most likely.

    Whoever is pulling the strings let them loose and let these people do what they have to do to survive and win. Its so clear they would have, but even now with all the Ukro military buildup that minsk & osce allowed its going to be tougher but I still think NAF can win – they’ve just got something about them.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Dog | Jun 18, 2015, 09:34
  9. Up to 1990 I was an anti-communist Cold War warrior but since then I have come to understand the emergence of neoliberalism (or it was always there but I was not aware) and horrified and disgusted by the West that aids and abets jihadis, fascists, and nazis against the demonized ‘other’.

    This Cold War v2, being engineered by the US and its Anglosphere and EU vassals, this split in the world reflects (is a projection) of the split in the western psyche that (in Jungian psychology terms) projects its unconscious shadow on the ‘other’. Therefore its demonization of the ‘other’ is demonization of itself.

    The diplomatic skill of Russian and Chinese leaders bending over backwards to avoid war with the West is amazing, but I fear that war is coming, definitely a new Cold War, but war none the less. The longer the war is delayed the stronger Eurasia will be when it starts.

    For me the promise of the West is over, it is nothing now. The future is being born in the East while the US and its vassals will try to snuff it out if they can but they will not succeed. The more the West attacks the more the East will coalesce and strengthen.

    I grieve for the millions that have suffered and the more millions that the West will cause to suffer until the US is defeated or exhausted.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by arius1071 | Jun 18, 2015, 20:35


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