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On the cusp of the fourth mobilisation wave in Ukraine


Original article in Russian by Olga Omel’yanchuk on “Vesti”
Translation by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by O.C.

“Most needed are artillerymen, intelligence officers and armor crewmen, as well as medics”

The next wave of mobilization begins in the country on January 20. Call-up papers for medical examinations and checklists have been already sent. According to the deputy chief of the Main Department of Defence and Mobilisation Planning Major General Vladimir Talalay, in the first place the call-up is for specialists of land forces: tankmen, gunners, infantrymen, signaller, intelligence officers, mechanics etc. are required.

People of Donbass also shall be mobilised

The fourth wave of mobilisation will last ninety days, during that time fifty thousand men shall be called up. Then there will be the fifth (April, sixty days) and sixth (June, sixty days) waves. From seven upto ten days of each wave shall be spent on the general military training and sixteen days on restoring the specialty skills of the fighters. According to Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, upto one hundred and four thousand men shall be mobilised in this year. The first call-up papers shall arrive in January to regular officers and military experts in the reserve. “Now in ATO zone most in demand are gunners, gun layers, drivers, tankmen, signallers, intelligence officers, professional air-defense specialists”—Major General Talalay said. Besides, the so-called “jackets”—those having military ranks, who really have not served in the army (for example, those who got their qualifications at the military departments of the Universities)—shall undergo the mobilisation.

According to representatives of the General Staff, in addition to men of the age from twenty-five to sixty years, women – mostly medics and servicewomen—shall be conscripted as well. “None of the regions will get any indulgence”—the General Staff promised. “Even people from Donbass will be mobilised.” According to Talalay, they are planning to call up to 0.9% of the population from the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions under Ukrainian control, and from 2.5% upto 5% from each of the others. “It depends on the number of military trained people in each region”—Talalay emphasized.

Though, military commissars will not look for those not living at their places of residence, it does not exempt the conscripts from liability. “If a man does not live at the place of his permanent residence, we will not look for him. Nevertheless, he shall answer in law. Afterwards. There is an administrative sanction as well as the Criminal Code—from two upto five years”—the representative of the General Staff noted. Call-up papers which are not handed in person and either thrown into a postbox or given to a third party (without a signature on the summon counterfoil) shall be considered invalid. Therefore, representatives of the military registration and enlistment office will visit conscripts’ residences and hand the summons to them in person.

The President is going to enact a Law on Mobilisation to the parliament this week. According to this law, nobody is exempt from military service, including the deputies.

Demobilisation will be in the spring

As the General Staff has promised, those who were called up to serve in the first mobilisation wave (March 2014), shall be demobilised in March or May 2015. According to the press officer of the General Staff Vladislav Seleznev, they are carrying out the fourth wave of mobilization in order to replace the first conscripts in particular.

“In addition, according to the Law on Mobilisation, a workplace reserved for a man cannot be kept for more than a year. Thus, those who were called up about a year ago, shall be demobilised”—Seleznev commented. Besides, they say in the General Staff that the mobilisation is needed in order to create a combat ready army reserve.

According to Major General Talalay, the citizens who shall support three or more children will not receive call-up papers. Full-time students, postgraduate students and carers shall be exempted from mobilisation. Churchmen can go to serve on their own will.


9 thoughts on “On the cusp of the fourth mobilisation wave in Ukraine

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    Posted by Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog | Jan 18, 2015, 14:50
  2. The Ukrainian people who live outside of the Donbas really need to suffer until they come to their senses. They are fighting on behalf of the American Government which laughs at their stupidity. ‘those who were called up to serve in the first mobilisation wave (March 2014), shall be demobilised in March or May 2015’ – how many more STUPID people does it take to realise that those who are ‘demobilised’ are ‘demobilised’ because they are dead?

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    Posted by Ralph, in London | Jan 18, 2015, 18:57
  3. This all smacks of desperation, with no real planning and the potential to completely destabilize the West. I just hope that in this final attempt to defeat Novorossia – which has already begun – not too much more carnage and damage will be done.

    Maybe now is the time for more direct intervention from Russia?


    Posted by gerryhiles | Jan 18, 2015, 22:02
  4. I think by far the most effective mobilization by Banderasatan has been in Novorossiya.


    Posted by Jalaluddin | Jan 19, 2015, 14:42


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