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Eyewitness: Murder, Robbery and Rape in Mariupol

Preamble: The first video below documents a telephone conversation between the editor of ANNA News, an independent news agency, and a resident of Mariupol, a port city in the south of Ukraine, which is currently occupied and terrorised by fascist National Guards. It documents heinous crimes being perpetrated against the civilian population, especially against women and girls.

The second video shows a scene, captured on a mobile phone camera, that has become part of everyday life in Mariupol today.

The third video (with English subtitles) shows events that occurred on May 9, 2014, in Mariupol and which demonstrate the mercilessness of the fascist National Guards against the civilian population.

Translators: Russian to German—Fedot Panteleev; German to English—Marcel Sardo
Editor: @GBabeuf
Subtitles: Marcel Sardo

Video: Eyewitness report: murder and rape in Mariupol (08.11.2014)

REPORTER: This is the Voice of Novorossiya, the programme “In Reality”. We are going to talk about what is going on in Novorossiya. First we will speak about the Donetsk and the Lugansk Peoples’s Republics. First we take a look at the Donetsk Republic, an area that is occupied by the “glorious” and “fine” Ukrainian Army. We are connected with the City of Mariupol. Our interlocutor, Olga, comes from this wonderful city. Hello, Olga!

OLGA: Hello!

Olga, tell me, what’s going on there, because one only gets sporadic and inconsistent information from Mariupol. Usually someone has blown up something or killed someone. After that they say: “That’s not true, here all is quiet and well..” Some say that the officials have fled the city and that the “PrivatBank” has shifted its assets and branches. Tell us, what do things look like in Mariupol in reality?

The mood in the city is, of course, far from the best. There are actually people here who describe themselves as Ukrainian patriots. They are in favour of the Ukrainian authorities. But the vast majority of people are hiding their true views on the People’s Republic of Donetsk. After the referendum on May 11, everyone saw how many people came and stood for four hours in line to cast their votes for an independent People’s Republic of Donetsk.

As for the “PrivatBank”—yes, there are rumours that Kolomoisky withdrew his assets. But the branches are still open.

Regarding the killings and abductions of people—it is all true. This is very carefully concealed. There is no one talking about it. The Police work very closely with the criminal battalions, Azov, Dnepr, Shakhtarsk and Holy Mary. That name is, of course, a terrible one—if you ask me—for people who murder their fellow citizens. It is also somehow very stupid, if one can say so.

Recently an incident occurred not far from my home. It was at a bus stop in broad daylight, in the presence of fifteen people. A car full of Nazis pulled up. They chose two girls who looked the youngest, they just threw them in the car and disappeared. We have heard nothing from the girls for four days. One can only guess what has happened to them and whether or not they will ever come back home and in what condition.

Very often one hears about girls, mostly young, fourteen- to sixteen-year-olds, being brought to hospitals, girls who’ve been raped in a bestial manner. In a very cruel manner. I won’t describe it. Their physical condition—mental, at any rate—is terrible. It looks really bad for them. Everything on them has been torn apart. Sometimes to one big pulp. I shudder when I talk about it.

Olya, I’ll tell you something: after this video is uploaded and put online, thousands of Ukrainian “patriots” from across the country will again begin to bark, according to the mantra “Again that old tart told lies on the phone. Where are the facts? Where is the evidence? Where are the medical certificates?” What do you say to these people? To go to Mariupol and go to a particular hospital at a specific address? To check whether these girls are there or not? Should we perhaps send the stations, Channel 1+1 or ICTV there? Which one of our “patriotic” TV channels can still get emails? They should see them, conduct interviews with the parents of these poor little girls and the doctors who treat them.

Yes, they should look into it. But the question is whether our doctors are prepared to tell the truth. You know that those who do not agree with the regime are simply destroyed [killed].

Kidnappings have become common, even in broad daylight. The Nazis, armed with machine-guns randomly stop cars, buses or taxis. Those who they do not like, or the ones they suspect of co-operation with either the DPR or the troops of Novorossiya, get singled out. Near the airport, on the Volodarskaya Highway, there are warehouses with large cellars. I heard the story from a man I know personally. And he is not alone. They were detained there. And girls. The girls were also young. They don’t grab any women over thirty, they prefer “young meat”, as they say.

I know the story of a prostitute. She was a real prostitute who is now dead. She worked the bars and was a whore. I do not condemn her, because everyone can live the way they want. She spent a week with the Nazi Guards. Within that week she was forced to have sex with a hundred men. The hundred men treated her so brutally, she was beaten black and blue, she had to crawl back home. She’d been beaten so badly that she had to crawl back home on her hands and knees.

After three days, she died due to ruptured internal organs and internal bleeding. Well, she was HIV positive. At her own request, when she was picked up at the bus stop, she said: «Guys, let’s at least use condoms. I understand what you want, I’m not refusing…” She was told “What’s that, you Donbass scum? You don’t want a child from us normal guys?” And that was that…

The people, the men who were in captivity, they made it out only because they had savings. Many of them spent a month in the hospital after their release. They have damaged kidneys from being beaten and tortured. Women are not released. A friend of mine has now been missing for four months. It’s like she doesn’t exist. Of course, I cherish the hope that she may still be alive, but, as you surely understand, it’s not very likely.

And the “comrades” who do not believe all this should go there and see by themselves what their sons and husbands are doing. They take things, steal, plunder, beat, harass. They barge into shops and schools with machine-guns.

In the school number 62 of Mariupol—a sports school—they have established their headquarters. At the centre of the “Left Bank” district is a checkpoint. In the Taganrogskaya Street—a residential area—there is another checkpoint. Also in the Vostochniy district, which has been through a lot, there is a huge checkpoint.

And this is how it looks all over the city—the whole city! They don’t care that people are protesting against the construction of checkpoints in residential neighbourhoods. The don’t care, they don’t give a damn! They say they “defend” us? As they said to my sister: “All of you, you Moskals, we’re going to exterminate you one way or another. You’re not humans, you’re scum…”

I understand: “Mariupol is either Ukrainian or depopulated.” I know that, we’re getting used to it. What do you think, when is the Army of Novorossiya expected to enter Mariupol? What do your feelings tell you?

One can discuss this question a lot. I want to say only one thing: we believe and we are waiting for them and we will support them. Not only men but also women, teenagers, young and old. Many believe, wait and hope for the liberators. These are the real liberators who will save us from the yoke of the fascist Junta.

There is so much lawlessness, it is too much to bear.

Prices are so inflated! Pensioners, who rarely receive their pension, nowadays can’t even afford a loaf of bread. Parents with babies cannot afford to buy milk or food for their children, let alone nappies, which now cost hundreds of gryvnia. A bus ride now costs four gryvnia [0.23 Euro -ed.]. Bread costs six gryvnia [0.35 Eur -ed.], sugar eleven gryvnia [0.63 Eur -ed.]. What else can I say?

They [Nazi Guards] claim to fight against Russia. What Russia? I was born in the Novoazovsk district. I’ve lived for seven years in Mariupol, but I go to my home town for visits. How can there be talk of Russia? My God, when I hear the bullshit they say, I have only one wish, to issue each of them a gun and say: “Shoot yourself, you arsehole, just shoot yourself!” It’s terrible!

I thank you, Olga, that you had the courage to be part of our mission and for being live with us to tell us from occupied Mariupol about what’s really happening there. I wish you patience and the faith that very soon we shall liberate the city, and then the people will be able to live a normal life again and won’t any longer be treated like cattle, won’t any longer be robbed or raped. Thank you again! Good luck and many greetings to my fellow countrymen!

I thank you!

Dear friends, that was Olga, from Mariupol. You heard it yourselves.

And now I suggest to Ukrainian journalists that they get up, grab their jackets, get into a car, take along their cameras and drive down to Mariupol! If you aren’t shitting your pants, record everything and show it to the whole of Ukraine, how the “Liberators” behave, “Liberators” for whom the entire country now collects money, money for this “Army”. You, Ukrainians, are now raising money for murderers. You collect money to help them fight in comfort and warmth, while they’re killing their fellow citizens, robbing, and behaving like animals.  At least you should try not to be animals! Show the Ukrainian Army the middle finger. Say: “We will not help rapists and murderers!”

Video: 10.10.2014 – Mariupol

Everyday scene in the city of Mariupol occupied and terrorized by fascist Guards

Video: 09.05.2014 – Mariupol

Execution of civilians in Mariupol (English Subtitles)


12 thoughts on “Eyewitness: Murder, Robbery and Rape in Mariupol

  1. What is the male population of Mariupol doing about this? I understand firearms are readily available there.
    If this was happening here, the next thing my friends and I would be organizing is an ambush which these cowards will positively not survive.


    Posted by Heinz | Nov 19, 2014, 19:48
  2. Reblogged this on wgrovedotnet and commented:
    I hope EU members are made aware of the dangers of visiting this Nazi country – everyone is so fearful that they will not help any investigation by a foreign embassy into the disappearance of a foreign national.


    Posted by mohandeer | Aug 11, 2015, 14:53


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