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Elections in Ukraine

Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by @GBabeuf

On October 25 the next elections will be held in Ukraine. In general, it will be a classic choice of varieties of “the same”. In previous elections one at least could put a tick for the CPU [Communist Party of Ukraine ed.], but now even Symonenko’s Communists are not there. This is so sorrowful. There are only oligarchic parties and fascists—take your pick, my friend.

Of significance:

  1. An expected strengthening of Tymoshenko, who is winning back lost ground through demagoguery (she was very effectively cut off by the Americans in 2014, when she was actually forced by a directive to abandon plans for a “Maidan 3.0” and a real fight against Poroshenko). Tymoshenko certainly did not forgive and forget, but patiently awaited the chance for revenge.

  2. Yatsenyuk’s party withdrew from the run already in August. Apparently, in 2016, the junta will have a new prime minister. Would be nice if it was Saakashvili, but I do not think the requisite degree of drug intoxication has arrived yet.

  3. The “Opposition Bloc” is expected to strengthen in the South-East. Ukrainian oligarchs from the South-East are preparing a new race to power. So far, on the local level, and then it depends on how it goes.

  4. Poroshenko’s bloc will probably win the elections, but I believe it will decrease in size and the junta’s coalition in parliament will become somewhat more fragmented.

  5. The herd of Nazi radicals will be reduced.

I look forward to the realization of my prognosis made the day of the beginning of the civil war in Ukraine.

After three to four years, a freedom-loving Ukrainian suddenly discovers that for some reason his life is no better than it wasvarious ghouls of varying degrees of filthiness are still in power; he became poorer and life became more expensive; he would be better off working somewhere other than in Ukraine; he is a little ashamed to remember himself in 2014 walking with his friends on Maidan to celebrate the anniversary of the Victory; and the association with the EU remains meaningless words for him. And the ‘revolution’ suddenly turned out not to be a revolution at all. The citizen wakes up from years of slumber, looks around himself with a puzzled look and the dumb question ‘Where am I? Who are these people? What’s happening?’ And then the frustration peaks, the ‘victorious revolution’ collapses and is picked up by local fascists; or else, if the South-East has not fallen away yet, another oligarchic party is brought to power from there, perhaps even the old ‘gang’, who say: it may have been shitty with us, but with these now it’s even worse. ‘Vote for us,’ they say, “for stability of plunder. Down with unstable robbery!’ And the Ukrainian, so disillusioned with the ideals of the ‘revolution’, having forgotten all his oaths, ‘Do not forget! Do not forgive!’, runs to vote for the stability of his own pocket, not noticing both parties striving to climb into it, tempting him into the queue with the already long-foetid fiction of ‘free and fair elections’, where the only choice will be between who will get to fleece the ‘free Ukrainian’.”

So these elections will not bring anything good to Ukraine and her suffering will continue.

Oh well, a selection of agitation-poster art for the elections:


UKROP. Party of Putin’s Enemies”


For peace on our God-given land.
Petro Kuzik. Svoboda Legion”


Real reforms guaranteed! Tariffs, Bureaucracy, Bribery.
Movement For Reforms”

berezaThe Bereza Plan
the last chance
to defend Kiev.
Party of Resolute Citizens”


Changing our city with real actions.
Vitaly Klichko”


City mayor elections
Mariya Baduda
Women are not afraid of dirt!”


Me! Your independent candidate”


Candidate for Kiev City Mayor. Lyubov Bogachenko
you’ll be laid out in the first round!”


Opposition Bloc
For Truth!
For Kiev!
Igor Guzhva
Founder of ‘Vesti’ newspaper
and Radio Vesti”


Yuriy Davidenko
‘Time to Act!’
No. 11 on the ballot
Party of Youth to Power”


Our Region
political party
Sergey Ribalko
Candidate for Regional Rada
District 19
Development of Holoprystan—our responsibility!”

[Holoprystan is a district of Kherson region –ed.]


Darth Vader Bloc
Darkness commences—
and wins!”


No slogans.
Only business.
Roman Yavorskiy”


There are two
the other—left
Lvovites Deserve Better!”



If there’s Gunpowder—
I’ll light it!
Radical Party—Party of People’s Victory”

[Gunpowder—”Porokh”—is an obvious pun on Poroshenko –ed.]


Saakashvili’s candidate
For Mayor of Odessa
Sasha Borovik”


All power is from God”


4 thoughts on “Elections in Ukraine

  1. Reblogged this on Susanna Panevin.


    Posted by susannapanevin | Oct 25, 2015, 00:03
  2. What a farce! I wonder how much longer it can go on, I thought that it might have all fallen in a heap by now.
    At least no major offensive was attempted before Winter.


    Posted by gerryhiles | Oct 25, 2015, 01:17
  3. And still on the subject of elections, one of America’s other vassals, Canada, dumped Stephen Harper and elected Justin Trudeau. As per standing orders from Washington, Mr Trudeau has already pronounced Putin as ‘dangerous’ and that at the first opportunity he will ‘tell him off to his face’. Trudeau also said that Ukraine continues to be Canada’s number one foreign policy:
    Naturally Trudeau is also a fervent supporter of Israel and against BDS. He also supports the TPP. Looks like business as usual..


    Posted by John Gilberts | Oct 25, 2015, 04:18


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