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Korea or Krajina

Original: Novorossiya Information Agency
Translated by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by @GBabeuf


“Varyag” on the future of the conflict with Ukraine: either Korea, or Krajina

Today [October 7 ed.], following the statement by the Ukrainian side regarding the relocation of a certain quantity of materiel, the OSCE representatives will conduct their verification within a few days. International observers will verify individual serial numbers and redeployment locations of tanks at a distance of not less than fifteen kilometres from the demarcation line,” reported the press centre for the punitive operation.

The legendary rebel, VaryagAleksandr Matyushintold our agency how the current “peace initiative” corresponds to reality and what further to expect:

As for the situation in the LPR, I cannot say, as I serve in the DPR.

I can say for sure that, in the DPR, all peace obligations remain on paper only. I don’t want to say that there is fighting like there was, for example, in the summer, but the materiel is still in position on both sides as it was before.

Moreover, ‘arrivals’ are periodically heard coming from the area occupied by the Ukrainian invaders both in the capital of our young republic as well as in the suburbs.

Official media claim that it is our air defence shooting at enemy drones hovering over Donetsk. But I beg your pardon gentlemen, I have been in this war since May of last year and I can distinguish between the sound of a bursting high calibre shell and of air defences working to shoot down UAVs [Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ed.]not even an enemy plane, but a harmless little drone.

Why is this done? I don’t know… How weaponry of under 100mm calibre will be evacuated, I also don’t know; but I think that the commanders of our army are adequate people and will remove it in such a way that, in case of any provocation from the Ukrainian occupation forces, it could be quickly returned to its original positions and could adequately respond to the enemy.

If you look at the LPR, almost all equipment of over 100mm calibre was withdrawn right after the ‘second Minsk’ and, therefore, I’m sure they withdrew the equipment of under 100mm calibre to the distance specified in the agreements signed in Minsk, despite the military interests of the state.

However, if you believe the media, the Ukrainian occupiers also evacuated their equipment to the distance specified in the agreement. Therefore, I venture to suggest that the conflict is transitioning into the ‘frozen’ phase and what will be the resolution of this conflict, only time will tell. Either we will follow the Korean scenario, and coexist for many years; or else the Yugoslav one, and the Kiev government troops will soon go on the offensive, trying to repeat the actions of the Croatian forces against the Serbian Krajina Republic.”



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