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Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alya & Alan Bailey / Edited by @GBabeuf


Now in the morning we can sum up the results of yesterday’s events.

The culprit is a soldier of the Sych Battalion of the MIA [Ministry of Internal Affairs ‒ed.], Igor Vladimirovich Gumenyuk, who is also a member of the youth wing of the Svoboda Party from the town of Kamenets-Podolsky.


His colleagues from the Sych Battalion describe him as an “ATO hero”, who bravely defended the town of Peski from the separatists, and say that he neither has anything to do with the toppling of the authorities, nor with any call for a third Maidan.

Interesting fact—according to some information he was on leave from August 3 till September 3, and is supposed to return to the front-line. But after throwing the grenade, which cast a shadow on Avakov’s department, it suddenly became clear that the “ATO hero” had been in the process of dismissal from the ranks of the MIA. It is quite understandable why this is happening—it is one thing when a grenade is thrown by a member of the Svoboda Party, but it is another matter when a grenade is thrown by an employee of the MIA of Ukraine. By the way, note that a member of a fascist party quite legally worked in MIA. This is the merging of fascism with the state apparatus.

The casualties are: 1 dead and 131 injured, including 7 critically.

Update: according to Ria Novosti3 dead. Avakov insists there are 2 dead, not 3.

Update 2015/09/04: according to (unconfirmed) Reports a 4th Guardsman has died.

There is still no confirmed account of how the deceased was killed—some sources claim it was by shrapnel, others, by a bullet. Judging by the hole in a window of the Verkhovna Rada, firearms were used, although they cannot be clearly seen in pictures and videos. Possibly “unknown snipers” were operating whose task was to provoke riots and bloodshed. But there is no certain information about this apart from the bullet hole and (contradictory) information about the causes of death of the National Guard.

As a result of the riots sixty-nine people were arrested. One of these says his arm was broken during the arrest, and that later, while in the police car, he was beaten and choked by policemen in the presence of “new police.”

He also complains that while they were beating him, they called him “Maidown” [a portmanteau of Maidan and Down’s Syndrome ‒ed.] and ”Banderite.” The arrests were conducted under the authority of the former police chief of Kiev under Yanukovich, whom Poroshenko had removed from the lustration list.

There is no information on whether Gumenyuk threw the grenade on his own initiative or on somebody else’s orders (Svoboda, the SBU or the FSB [SBU: Security Service of Ukraine; FSB: Federal Security Service of Russian Federation ‒ed.]).

In my own opinion I am inclined to believe that it was his own initiative because of being alternatively gifted. But it remains a mystery who was shooting from a firearm and to what end.

Now this initiative (if it really was an initiative and not a planned provocation) will be used for other purposes—unequivocally, Svoboda will lose out and possibly a number of other fascist, radical organisations. The beneficiaries of this grenade tossing will be Poroshenko, the USA and, to some extent, Russia.

P.S. And yes, yesterday leaflets were handed out in Kiev leaflets bearing Poroshenko’s portrait and the words “Kill the fag.”


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