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Turf War in Mukachevo

PRAV_HEADOriginal: Boris Rozhin / Colonel Cassad
Translated by Gleb Bazov / Edited by Gracchus Babeuf

In Mukachevo, the local Praviy Sektor militants started a veritable war.




“At this very moment, spetsnaz are being put on alert to exterminate our brothers. If this happens, an irreversible process will begin. We will not allow anyone to shoot down our brothers… The entire politico-military Praviy Sektor movement has been put on battle alert.”

As reported by, the entourage of a Ukrainian Supreme Rada deputy, Mikhail Lanyo, and the Praviy Sektor were involved in a shootout in Mukachevo.

According to the publication, the events are taking place on the territory of the Antares complex and the former Red Dragon club in Lermontov Street. Multiple shots could be heard.

Preliminary information indicates that armed men, who represented themselves as Praviy Sektor, took over the territory of the complex. People from the entourage of the Ukrainian Supreme Rada deputy, Mikhail Lanyo, who, according to the publication, is at the centre of events, put up resistance against them. Police and the SBU have already arrived on the scene.

In addition to this, at approximately 14:00, another shoot-out took place at Krasnaya Gora on the Kiev-Chop highway, where the showdown continued.

Traffic on Danila Galitsky Street (formerly Dzerzhinsky Street) has been restricted—in the section from Goyda Avenue to the exit from the city. Shots could also be heard in the area of the gas station near Krasnaya Gorka. The law enforcement agencies have announced a plan to intercept [the gunmen]. The publication reports that the police is exchanging gunfire with people who say that they are the Praviy Sektor.

It later became known, according to medical personnel, that one person is in a critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head. In addition, five policemen and a driver were shot and wounded. Medics did not confirm that anyone had died, in spite of the rumours.

Original: Typical Makeevka Vkontakte Feed

The special operation to block, disarm and detain the gang that on Saturday attacked a civilian facility in the Transcarpathia region continues. Using grenade launchers, the bandits destroyed two police vehicles and wounded four civilians and three policemen. The victims are receiving the necessary medical care. One of the wounded and one police officer are in critical condition, and several people have died. The Transcarpathia Praviy Sektor has been put on alert, and former Berkut and Sokol personnel are also headed to the scene of the clash.


According to preliminary information, as a result of a shoot-out, four people have died and nine have been wounded. The SBU and the forces of the Ministry of the Interior are conducting a special operation to intercept [the gunmen].

Original: Briefings from the Novorossiya Militia

At this moment, in Transcarpathia, there is an ongoing battle between the mafia and the Praviy Sektor; there are deaths; vehicles are on fire. Mukachevo has been cordoned off by the spetsnaz. On July 11, during the day, militants of the Praviy Sektor seized a traffic-police checkpoint at the entrance to Mukachevo in the Transcarpathia Region. Armed with automatic weapons, they opened fire and blocked the road leading into the city, in order to prevent police detachments from entering. The actual hostilities took place in the area of Krasnaya Gorka on the Kiev-Chop highway. Automatic-weapons fire and grenade explosions can be heard there. The two main exits from the city have been blocked. In addition, residents of the five-storey buildings on the outskirts of the city have reported an explosion and a fire at one of the gas stations. Earlier it was reported that seven jeeps, marked with Praviy Sektor symbols, had arrived at the Dragon sports complex, where a clash with the entourage of the Ukrainian Supreme Rada deputy, Mikhail Lanyo, took place. One of the vehicles had a machine-gun installed on its roof. For reasons that remain unknown, Ukrainians started the shoot-out [presumably the author means the Praviy Sektor ‒ed.], as a result of which one of the sportsmen was killed on the spot, while a second, according to conflicting data, is either heavily wounded or has already died. Light arms, an Utyos-12.7mm heavy machine-gun and grenade launchers are being used. A gas station is burning. At this time, there are already four WIA and one KIA. The city is being cordoned off by Ministry of Interior and SBU spetsnaz.

Post Scriptum: There should be more details on what has transpired, as well as more accurate information about the victims, by the evening. On the whole, the “Revolution of Dignity” continues to gain pace. Two years ago, talk of a shoot-out with machine guns and grenade launchers in Transcarpathia would have have been ridiculed.


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