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The Shootout in Mukachevo

Original: Anatoly Nesmiyan / El Murid
Photo Credits: AFP Photo / Alexander Zobin
Translated by Gleb Bazov / Edited by Gracchus Babeuf

The shooting incident in Mukachevo, perpetrated by the Praviy Sektor, will, naturally, be used to try to bring the faction—sponsored by the CIA and operating outside of government control—under tighter supervision. All the top officials have spoken on the matter—from Avakov to Poroshenko. Of course, however, the fact that they want to do something does not mean that they will be able to accomplish it—that is a more complex question.

The American special services have their own uses in mind for the Praviy Sektor—it must become an instrument of control over the Ukrainian authorities. In the event something does not go according to plan, it would not be that hard to find a cause for popular outrage and to carry out a new Maidan with such an instrument. In this situation, the Praviy Sektor feels impunity and acts accordingly. By all accounts, the immediate reason for the conflict was an attempt to take control (bring under a protection racket) a profitable business. With the appearance of police, the militants acted without hesitation, shooting to kill.

For now the situation appears to be developing along the spiral of escalation: the Praviy Sektor acknowledged the fighters as their own, but claimed that the police opened fire first and demanded that the police officers responsible be arrested and brought to justice.

Most likely, Poroshenko will not be permitted to do anything of consequence or, at best, he will be given someone not too important to devour. While Yarosh remains essential, the Americans will not give him up simply because of such a trifle. Well, that is, of course, if they did not stage this incident in Transcarpathia themselves. But this is not very likely.

Post Scriptum: Tweet from a a Praviy Sektor supporter.

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