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Extracts from Buzina’s last interview: My position is inconvenient to the current government

Original article:
Translated by Irena Raicevic / Edited by @GBabeuf


Buzina’s last interview: My position is inconvenient to the current government

Only two days ago, on Monday, April 13, journalist and writer Oles Buzina, gave an interview to Radio Vesti.

Regarding his departure from ‘Segodnya’ [Ukrainian newspaper –ed.]: “I left for a very simple reason. I had no interest in being a scapegoat… I had requested to be relieved of managerial responsibility for the website version of Segodnya. Why should I have to take responsibility for Sveta Panyushkina’s sins? Material was being penned whose publication I did not agree with. This material was coming ‘from above’. Above me was the general director, Potapov. I told him—I will not publish this material. “No, you have to publish it,” he said. It was then that I told him I was resigning.”

Regarding the film director, Oleg Sentsov: “Just before the interview you told me that we would be discussing Oleg Sentsov. I asked you who this was. This was an absolutely sincere question… Let’s be clear—he became famous after he was locked up in Lefortovo Prison [notorious Moscow prison –ed.]. …But if you want my opinion, I would immediately release Sentsov. I’d also immediately release Savchenko.”

Regarding relations with Russia: “I support the idea that relations between Russia and the Ukraine should become most comfortable and friendly. There is no getting away from one another… Why did a conflict arise between Russia and the West on the territory of Ukraine? For a long time the West has been strengthening its position in the Ukraine. Money was being funnelled into grant-consuming organizations, as well as to pro-Western lobby groups… The ‘real’ Ukraine is in large measure dependent on economic ties with Russia.”

Regarding the Maidan events: “With respect to the pro-Western course that the Ukraine chose after the coup on the Maidan… Well, let’s call a spade a spade. There was a coup d’état. After that, it was legalized, they did everything, anything they wanted, to make it look decent, Yanukovich’s flight… The fact that there was a coup is, hugely the fault of Yanukovich, who failed to perform his duties as President.”

How to change the relationship with the Russian Federation: “For this to happen, we must acknowledge that we made a mistake; that’s all, the whole country, we made a mistake.”

Regarding the gas conflict: “Well, who forced Yulya Timoshenko to conclude this agreement? Timoshenko, who always talked of a pro-Western course for the Ukraine, signed this agreement. This contract was a general surrender of the Ukraine’s positions.”

About Putin: “When the country is governed by thieves from within, it is very easy to blame Putin. Whatever happens—Putin is to blame.”

Regarding his appearances on Russian TV: ” You’re exaggerating when you say that you see me every week on two or three Russian TV shows. That’s not true. I did not appear on any talk shows in January or February. In the second half of March I was on that talk show. Then last week, I was in St. Petersburg, where I participated in a talk show. Why do I participate in Russian talk shows? Because for me this is the only opportunity to express my views. On Russian talk shows I always say that I support a united Ukraine. For instance, once there was a situation where one of the talk show guests said that the Ukraine as a state does not exist, at which point I took out my Ukrainian passport and said—‘look, the Ukraine does exist as a state.’ Not only Oles Buzina thinks this way, but also forty million Ukrainian citizens. The Ukraine as a state exists and this must be taken into account… Another reason why I go there—because I was banned in Ukraine.”

Regarding the war in the Donbass: “They are shelling civilians in towns instead of fighting terrorists… That’s the thing. My position is inconvenient to the current authorities in Ukraine.”

Earlier today, it was reported that Oles Buzina was killed in Kiev.


10 thoughts on “Extracts from Buzina’s last interview: My position is inconvenient to the current government

  1. Great to read this! Is it okay if i translate this article into Dutch and putt it on my blog? Ofcourse with this page as the source,

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    Posted by DeGrijzeDuif | Apr 17, 2015, 21:21
    • Sure, in fact we’d be very grateful! And don’t worry about asking next time.


      Posted by babeuf79 | Apr 18, 2015, 01:01
  2. Reblogged this on susannapanevin.


    Posted by susannapanevin | Apr 17, 2015, 22:57
  3. His last ‘interview’ was an inquisition. Buzina defended himself and his position too well. He made his ‘patriotic’ baiters look stupid.


    Posted by BaldurDasche | Apr 18, 2015, 21:18
  4. An important article, thanks. The original interview (which is now translated on Kazurra’s YouTube Channel) conveyed just how hostile and what a set up this interview was. It showed just how difficult it was for Oles Buzina to do any interview in the Ukraine, and what a propaganda campaign had been devoted to silencing even just one journalist. The radio station invited him to talk on one topic, then presented an entirely different one. They had a state propagandist come on the phone and defame him. When he pointed out the accusations were based on lies, false media reports and Wikipedia entries set up to discredit him…. They turned his microphone down so the public could not hear his response!!! That was one point where the interviewer actually told him they’d done that (with real glee). How much of the rest of the interview the public heard is unknown, but given he was set up, I’d say most of what he said would have been missed by listeners. Its telling that many times Oles Buzina was talking, others would talk at the same time. Presumably at those points his microphone was simply turned down. The only reason he was allowed that interview was to discredit him with a series of dirty tricks. Of course, three days later he was murdered.


    Posted by NZGOV | Apr 18, 2015, 22:49
  5. Wikipedia pages on Ukraine and Donbass topics are systematically written from a Kiev / Washington viewpoint. Why are they not contested through the editorial process which is open to all ?


    Posted by itsapoliticalworld | May 24, 2015, 21:23
    • Great point, and that is what the public are meant to believe. In fact this is a huge problem over any politically incorrect topic, or person who is a threat to the elite in general. People just give up, even in the face of outright slander. The best people can hope for is to take the odd academic paper to task when the lies on wikipedia slurring people’s reputation get repeated verbatim in academic documents. Wikipedia is not the “open source” , “independent” source of honest information its portrayed to be. The Public must believe its those things for it to be effective, but far from it. Here’s an example I’m familiar with from a prominent scientist who is still alive. Prof Chris Busby of the UK has appeared as an expert witness on behalf of nuclear test veterans in both the UK and the US. His expert evidence has resulted in veterans winning cases against the government. A real threat to the nuclear industry. He has a constant (and losing) battle with outright slander on his wikipedia page and in the media. The same can be said of prominent scientists who hold that the universe was created, as opposed to magically appearing in a “big bang”. Even huge names like John Sanford, inventor of the Gene Gun, the basis of modern genetic engineering and holder of over 60 patents can’t get a fair go on his wikipedia page. Another Wikipedia target is Dr Paul Cameron of Family Research Institute. So many lies said about the guy because he produces research pointing out the very serious social problems and child abuse associated with homosexuality. In his case he’s had academics repeat known lies from Wikipedia and they’ve had to apologise. Wikipedia is a very useful tool for the state to undermine any opposition. When people tell the truth, the way they are eliminated is through slandering them. The media can then go to Wikipedia, report what a bad person they are, and say “don’t listen to this loser”. Wikipedia maintains a false image of openness. In fact its very hard to defend even one’s own page while still alive (impossible it seems in the examples given). People give up trying. It must be even harder for someone who is dead. Over something as important as control of the Ukraine, and ultimately a war between the west and Russia, I don’t like people’s chances of sorting out Oles Buzina’s wikipedia entry. The US and UK have an army of trolls (literally thousands of people) working on influencing public opinion to support the takeover of the Ukraine, and the destruction of the Russian Federation. Wikipedia is one big psy-op. Its a big target, and very carefully controlled.


      Posted by NZGOV | May 26, 2015, 11:04


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