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The Southern Front Catastrophe—August 27, 2014

Map of Operations, August 10-27, 2014 – Created by Kot Ivanov and Anthony Hartin


Novorossiya Military Briefing – Novorossiya Shall Be!

Original: Colonel Cassad LiveJournal
Translated from Russian by Daniel Mikhailovich / Edited by Gleb Bazov

pic1We are currently witnessing an epic and, in its own way, historic event. The Ukrainian regular army and the punitive battalions are suffering a catastrophic defeat to the south of Donetsk. Only a short time ago the Republics were in dire straits: the DPR was hanging only by a thin supply thread, which the Ukrainian Army was attempting to sever near Shakhtersk and Krasnyi Luch; the summit of Saur-Mogila had been abandoned, and Bolotov’s counter-offensive had failed to bring decisive victories.

To many it seemed that the Militia forces were on the ropes and on the verge of breaking, which would have led to the collapse of Novorossiya and a military victory for the fascist Junta. Nevertheless, the Militia managed to withstand the most severe blow, which the Junta dealt with all the forces available to it in the first half of August. The Junta did not conceal its plans, and the preparations for the assaults on Shakhtersk and Lugansk were openly discussed. The levels of braggadocio in the triumphant reports, that came with each new breakthrough of the Junta’s mechanized battle groups, were off the charts.

pic2The first critical moment came when soldiers of the 25th Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and units of the National Guard broke into Shakhtersk. In those days, the fate of the DPR hung literally by a thread, and the Junta was on the verge of a strategic victory. But those few Militiamen who mired the Junta forces in urban battles and held their ground until reinforcements arrived saved Novorossiya from being dismembered into two parts. In subsequent battles, the Junta’s breakthrough was localized and defused, and, after sustaining heavy losses in personnel and military hardware, the Junta’s forces in this location were routed.

The second critical moment came when a strike was made from Debaltsevo through Fashchevka, intended to converge with the 24th Mechanized Brigade that was breaking out of the Southern Cauldron. It was an ambitious plan, whereby the enemy tried to bisect Novorossiya by using as a strike group the units that everybody assumed had been written off. This joint strike on Miusinsk and Krasnyi Luch triggered a severe crisis in Novorossiya because there were very few troops in this area.

pic3Miusinsk, through which the mechanized convoys of the junta slipped unhindered, was hardly defended at all, and in Krasnyi Luch some of the Cossacks abandoned their positions. This gave rise to a palpable threat of Novorossiya being split in two and of the militia grouping located in the area of Torez-Snezhnoye-Saur-Mogila being eliminated. But, once again, the courage of ordinary soldiers who clung to the towns of Krasnyi Luch and Miusinsk allowed the Militia units to hold out until the arrival of reserves that assisted in purging the enemy from these cities. Having overcome the crisis, here also the Militia was able to win decisive battles, which had far-reaching consequences.

Because the offensive on Yasinovataya failed; the breakthrough to Verkhnyaya Krynka and Zhdanovka, aimed at cutting off Gorlovka, was liquidated; and the Junta failed to advance toward Yenakievo—in the second half of August the Junta’s offensive started to run out of steam and the Militia gradually began to gain offensive momentum.

pic4Objectively, the situation demanded that the Junta halt the offensive, regroup, pull up reserves, create stores of fuel and ammunition, and then resume the offensive by assembling new strike groups. Nevertheless, political considerations dictated a continuation of the offensive by the same depleted battle groups. Because the front in the LPR on the whole had stabilized, the South Cauldron was routed, and the offensive to the north of Donetsk had been stopped, the Junta continued its offensive in the South, trying to take Ilovaysk and Mospino head-on despite the serious operational risk. And the more the Junta became embroiled in these battles, the narrower became the front of its offensive. Having begun in early August over a broad swathe of the battlefront, already by August 20th the Junta’s offensive narrowed effectively to a single point.

The outer limits of this offensive were the southern slopes of Saur-Mogila, the semi-encircled Mospino and the southern suburbs of Ilovaisk. In the last few days of the offensive, it was reduced simply to a primitive frontal assault on Ilovaisk. Meanwhile, a threat that later proved to be fatal was looming on the Junta’s southern flank. Having finished off the Southern Cauldron, and after repelling the offensive on Miusinsk and Krasnyi Luch, the Militia recaptured Marinovka (control of which in July-August twice went back and forth between the factions) and started to seep along the border toward the Uspenka border-crossing, in the process encircling the Amvrosievka grouping.

pic5It is difficult to say why the Junta did not react to this threat—it is possible that the Ukrainian command decided that the only danger in this area was the activity of the saboteur-reconnaissance groups (SRG), which, though unpleasant, carried no operational significance. Alternatively, they may have thought that they could manage to achieve success near Ilovaisk and then fend off the threat coming from the South. As a result, the Militia was able to accumulate a sufficient force to the south-east of Amvrosievka, and this force carried out a cleaving strike on the supply lines of the main forces of the Junta that were embroiled in the fighting near Ilovaisk, Mospino and Saur-Mogila. At the same time, the forces of the enemy advancing from the South were met to the West of Mospino with a strike by a mechanized battle group of the Militia. The Junta did not expect this manoeuvre because until quite recently they were the ones trying to encircle Mospino from both sides.

By the looks of it, the Junta’s intelligence missed this offensive entirely, and as a result of this oversight a comparatively small Militia force intercepted the main supply routes of the Junta’s largest battle group to the South of Donetsk. This grouping was comprised of the enemy’s most combat-capable units involved in the assaults on Mospino, Saur-Mogila and Ilovaisk, including the three punitive battalions—Azov, Shakhtersk and Donbass-1, as well as the various reinforcement units and independent companies. More than five thousand soldiers, approximately 180 various armoured vehicles, and up to ninety artillery pieces, mortars, and MLRS ended up being surrounded.

pic6Though the difference in scale makes a direct comparison impossible, the Militia actually carried out a mini-“encirclement operation” similar to the Stalingrad Cauldron—a classic pincer strike in converging directions. While the Junta’s battle group had no Romanians or Italians on its flanks, it did, instead, have a gaping hole on one side, and on the other side—barrier troops that were never meant to withstand an attack by mechanized units. As a result, in addition to the unfinished remnants of the Dyakovo Cauldron, the Amvrosievka Cauldron was created, around which the Militia began to create a ring of encirclement, spreading its offensive to the South and to the South-West and, in the process, occupying settlements deep in the rear of the southern grouping of the Junta. At the same time, the enemy command structures rapidly disintegrated. The Azov Battalion in essence refused to subordinate, and the majority of its troops fled to Mariupol. The Donbass-1 and Shakhtersk Battalions became mired in urban combat for Ilovaisk and, instead of breaking out of the cauldron, started to demand tanks and artillery from the military in order to continue their assault on the city, which by that time was virtually a lost cause.

Because only rearguard units without heavy weapons remained outside the cauldron, the Militia immediately began to develop the offensive to the South-West of Amvrosievka, toward Starobeshevo, and took it by the evening of August 26th. Meanwhile, Militiamen had already been moving toward Volnovakha on August 25th. Effectively, the loss of these centres means that here the Junta does not have positions from which it can try to break through to the surrounded forces. The encircled troops, in essence, ended up deep in the rear, far away from the new front-line, and with a limited supply of fuel and ammunition.

pic7And this new front-line is a gaping hole for the Junta, which has nothing to plug it with. The remnants of its forces, including the Azov Battalion, fled to Mariupol, in the process abandoning several settlements virtually without a shot. As a result, the Militia rolled directly into the suburbs of Novoazovsk and on to the approaches to Mariupol. On the Junta’s side, there is virtually no front from the area South of Starobeshevo and up to Novoazovsk. The Milita’s lack of sufficient troops is the only thing slowing down the looming catastrophe.

At the same time, the Militia also developed its offensive to the west of Mospino, toward Ugledar, Yelenovka, and Nikolskoye. Here the forces of the Junta are few in number, so the Militia’s offensive has been developing quite successfully, albeit not too rapidly. Near Yelenovka, yet another “mini-cauldron” has formed, and the connectivity of the Junta groups that held Donetsk in semi-encirclement has been irreparably compromised.

pic9The Junta has no reserves with which to relieve the encircled group and to patch the massive hole in the front-lines—they are now hastily withdrawing troops from Perekop (on the Crimean border) and bringing territorial defence battalions of questionable combat readiness to the front. They have also announced the fourth wave of mobilization and are trying quickly to drag ancient armoured vehicles from long-term storage to the front-lines, in order to compensate for the huge losses in personnel and military hardware.


State Border of the Republic of Novorossiya

Overall, it still is not quite clear how the Junta intends to avoid a complete defeat here. It will clearly not be able to restore the previous front-line, and the only question is whether the surrounded troops will be able to break out (and as they will have to do so on their own, it is likely that they will have to make that decision as soon as possible), and where the Militia’s offensive will stop—they still have fairly limited forces and they are now routing a larger force with a smaller force.

In the meantime, the once-solid front, which stretched from Marinovka to Yelenovka has now broken up into separate pockets of resistance with intercepted supply lines. After this disaster it became absolutely clear that the Junta does not have the capacity to destroy Novorossiya. By squandering the most combat-capable brigades in systematic offensive operations, the Junta sustained enormous losses and at the same time suffered a crushing, purely military defeat. The southern front has collapsed. Novorossiya shall exist!


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  1. The morale of the Army of Novorossiya (militia) and the willingness to fight to the death, to pour their own blood into the soil where their grandfathers once fought the Nazis, has armed them with an invincibility. They fight with joy. They are truly a brotherhood, a family of Slavs protecting all that is Russian. This remarkable advantage is a multiplier effect. Small units can conquer larger, better armed units of Ukies.

    As for the nazis and criminals of the national guard and death squads, the only equipment they need is track shoes to beat their hasty retreats.

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    Posted by Bull Durham | Aug 27, 2014, 16:24
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    Note the title of the latest situation report reading “The Southern Front Catastrophe”. Well, not so much for the Militia, but certainly for the Junta it is a real catastrophe. Even if you do not like war stories, this great reading will tell you a lot about the competence and bravery of the Self-Defence troops. Take a map of the area and go through it with your finger on the map! The situation is turning before our eyes and consequently there is no doubt as to why Kiev is, all of a sudden, talking a lot about a peace process.

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  3. And we can help Novorossia! Mail to: , they will show you how!


    Posted by neo | Aug 27, 2014, 20:54
  4. It is quite amazing , and admirable , what have been acheiving the army of Novorossia .
    To fight for a right cause is helping , and they are fighting for all the people in this Earth who want a world of peace and cooperation ,
    instead of a world of competition , domination ans war .
    Amazing that they can extend that far in such a short time with a little army of patriots .
    And they will probably find more and more patriots at their side in the free countries they pass through !
    Peace is the objective , sometime it pass through war …
    ( sorry for the faults from a french writer )

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    Posted by lars | Aug 27, 2014, 21:16
  5. This is the best War Report on the internet.
    CNN wishes they had it so good.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Posted by Greg | Aug 28, 2014, 00:20
  6. Glory to Novorossiya!


    Posted by Apotheoun | Aug 28, 2014, 01:09
  7. Congrats to the Militia of Novorussia – this is a major breakthrough for sure.

    But, please, keep in mind: don’t bite more, than you can chew – and swallow. Still concentrate on key positions, just not spread the forces too far and wide, finish the Cauldrons, before building some more. Because Kiev will send more and more men to death – until Kiev is depleted or overthrown by angry civilians (or soldiers, yep, can happen!).


    Posted by Historian | Aug 28, 2014, 01:18
    • you are stupid and stupid!
      We, European, are preparing independant and motivated battalion to come and join to local National Ukrainian forces to destroy definitively the non recognized Donetsk republic all all Russian people who will put themselves on the road.
      We will never forget Ilovaïsk
      this is the beginning


      Posted by XXIII Legion Battalion | Oct 17, 2014, 21:20
  8. Good work, guys. But do not celebrate. A lot of combat awaits. Good luck and may God bless your efforts….


    Posted by senecharnix James Howard Trusty | Aug 28, 2014, 01:56
  9. Historian is correct. The NPR army must consolidate it’s gains before attempting to extend the lines. This is a difficult point transitioning from an insurgency to a bonafide Napoleonic organizational structure. These guys are (mostly older ) veterans of Afghanistan and well know the value of insurgency (low intensity conflict and urban fighting) which is impossible for large mechanized armies to win against as the US should have well learned by now. Speaking of the US I wonder what they were thinking putting an USAF 2 star in charge of the ATO and basically running the show. Air Force Generals know nothing about land battles so this was a bizarre choice but a good one for the militia. The US rhetoric has also dimished as of late as someone is going to be left holding the bag and the US wants it to be the EU and Ukraine.

    The ability of the militia forces to be highly mobile and not get bogged down in defensive positions is what gives them a huge advantage. Also, Kiev believed they would have total air superiority which also hasn’t happened thus aerial resupply has been a huge problem (it has resulted in significant losses of large and expensive aircraft). Additionally, all of the Ukrainian Army equipment (up to now) has been vintage Soviet and resupply is impossible. Once the MIG 25’s and 29’s are all gone there is no hope of getting more from Russia (obviously). The same is true for repair parts and the horrible maintenance condition of these equipment show that the oligarch’s stealing precious funds necessary to maintain an effective fighting force has been one the main reasons for their bogging down in attacks. You can’t fight effectively with equipment that breaks down frequently. Poland might try and lend some aircraft and/or heavy equipment but the sanctions from Russia are giving them pause about how deep they want to get involved in a losing prospect. It shows how well small and cheap MANPADS anti-aircraft missiles are effective at negating air superiority and that anti-tank rockets are equally effective. I am surprised at the resurgence of recoiless rifles which are so effective against mechanized units. The US abandoned them 30 years ago but in terms of cost effectiveness they are one of the best.

    The main thing now is to try and get the Ukrainians to decide on their own to stop this and sue for peace. The larger question is what the borders of Novorussia will be once this is finished. I think it is too optimistic to hope that the original borders of Novorussia will be re-established. But, I think it is reasonable to run the border from Urzuf up to Dvorichna and the Russian border following the existing Oblast lines more or less. That will be some tough negotiations and probably no one in Kiev will be willing to concede this much (extremely valuable) territory. The people will have to also agree which could move the boundries somewhat. This is going to take time to get established and politics will emerge now as the main fight. There are still a lot of people left who do not support Novorussia and likely more than a few collaborators who won’t want to be left inside enemy lands once it all settles. Then there will be war crime tribunals, elections, constitution, etc. all of which need to be hammered out. Winning the war isn’t the end of the conflict. Rebuilding Novorussia is going to cost a huge amount of money which Kiev doesn’t have so financial claims against Ukraine will go without payment probably forever. So, all aid must come from Russia and/or the BRICS. I am certain that will happen regardless. Also, all of the privatized properties are going to have to be seized (legally) from whomever they were sold to and then a system established to redistribute it fairly to the people. We do not know what political structure Novorussia is heading towards as well. It could very well go back to communism but we will see a lot of greed emerge and infighting with personal interests taking precedence over those needs of the people. This is a delicate time and it is necessary to get this firmly fixed early where it is headed. Ukrainians (and the rest of the world for that matter) are sick and tired of the rich ruining the planet and making all of our lives miserable. Perhaps Novorussia can begin the process to eliminate these vermin from positions of influence and control and that can serve as a template for the rest of the world. However, historically Ukraine has failed miserably in this aspect. So, we will see where this goes. Perhaps Putin can guide them (hopefully correctly).


    Posted by Richard | Aug 28, 2014, 08:05
    • Deep and thourough analysis of yours, @Richard. If the Separatist Movement is not getting tired of fighting or Russia is not closing the border to prevent the crisis from spreading, then we will see – sooner or later – a complete breakdown of Kiev (with responsible personnel fleeing the country, yes) – and times of rapid collapse of the frontlines, blitzing of key cities – much like Iraque recently.

      Thanks for the hint to the USAF** – have to google that! 🙂


      Posted by Historian | Aug 28, 2014, 21:26
      • I apologize but I thought that was common knowledge. USAF General Kee Randy Allen is part of the 200+ “advisers” the US deployed into Ukraine of which some reports are saying that several (various reports as high as 10) have been killed. and this article desribes their new role in the Ukrain ATO response: More US advisors have been shot by snipers since at the training center they established in Mariupol. That is also on top of the 40+Polish SF and more American advisors killed on the IL-76 shot down last month. There has been and still is, a lot of foreign involvement other than by Russians. They are trying to use the US playbook of labeling a revolutionary group as terrorists thus no laws apply. Interesting how badly this is backfiring on the US. Here is an interesting chronology of the Coup from Counterpunch:

        This sums it all up well for me:


        Posted by Richard | Aug 29, 2014, 06:14
      • Thanks, @Richard, those are important Links for me … I am not SO deep into the details, that I could tell main protagonists by rank and name :D. Well, some National Guard & Right Sector members, I guess. I knew, that US ‘advisers’ (aka US Pentagon/Military + CIA + NATO) were/are directly and personally involved, also Private US-Mercenaries (of the former ‘Blackwater’-ilk) and Polish ‘Special Forces’ plus weaponry/equipment.

        I still wonder, if the document allegedly ‘leaked’ from RAND Corp. some months ago is genuine. It was largely dismissed as fake due to ‘sloppy work’ (which I, as a non-native English reader, could not detect …). But the CONTENT of this document is still a haunting and precise concept of what the Kiev HQ tried to do – PRIOR to the events: large-scale encirclement of Donetsk and Lugansk at the same time, crushing the resistance by closing the circle, immediate execution of resisting ‘suspects of terrorism’, deportation into ‘filtration camps’, large-scale information policy and media manipulation to support the ATO in public opinion (heroism and security as ATO characteristics), even the usage of ‘non-conventional weapons’ to save personnel is mentionend. RAND Corp. in person denied the originality of this document on a ‘Leaking’-site, which is quite unusual.

        If there is substance to the account of large-scale involvement of US/NATO think tanks and government/military agencies (I think, there is), then I could read the Ukraine disaster as a blueprint and testing operation for what is to come to USA and Europe in case of economical/political collapse.


        Posted by Historian | Aug 29, 2014, 16:47
      • For those who are interested, the general’s name is actually Randy Alan Kee. For some reason the articles he is mentioned in list his name as it would appear in a military file, e.g.: Kee, Randy Alan, but without the comma, and with name spelled slightly wrong. His most recent two assignments make it clear what he is doing in the Ukraine: 25. July 2011 – July 2013, Deputy Director for Politico-Military Affairs (Western Hemisphere), Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate (J5), Joint Staff, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C
        26. August 2013 – present, Director, Strategy and Policy, Headquarters U.S. European Command, Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany.

        I’m not sure him being AF rather than a ground troop commander has really been much of a hindrance. US Army operations in Panama, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan have typically demonstrated an excessively choreographed, brittle nature. American staff planning has a very long turn around time (Intel officers like about 3 days to plan a division-level attack, plus 2 weeks of recon and research if they can get it), focuses on obsession with the minutiae of measurable technical details rather than reactions to unexpected events, discourages initiative, and tends to be methodical, cautious, and tied to unrealistic timetables. That US forces have triumphed at all has typically been a matter of facing utterly inept opponents content to stand in place and let themselves be destroyed by superior firepower, and by the initiative and basic competence of enlisted men who acted on their own when the plan failed. This has been true even dealing with picked commanders and elite forces. The Delta and Ranger ops in both Just Cause in 1989 and Gothic Serpent in 1993 were abysmally planned and led, and were only saved from being complete disasters by the decisions of enlisted men, combined with the terrible organization and poor equipment and training of the Panamanian Defense Forces and the Habr Gidr militia, that couldn’t rapidly exploit the constant openings offered to them. US forces on land, sea and air generally come in second-best in wargames with their allies and friendly nations. The 2008 Georgia War, planned by a retired US Army general and other retired officers working for MPRI exemplifies this: No allowance was made for friction. Success depended on everything going just right, as is typical of US plans. Once the plan began to falter, with their failure to take the Tskhinvali city centre according to the timetable and failure to block the Roki Tunnel, there was no contingency. When other forces were shifted to reinforce the assault, they carelessly left gaps which the Russians exploited, and soon the Georgians were completely routed. The Ukraine War has demonstrated exactly the same thing. The Ukrainians have pursued the same clumsy Vietnam style scenario that we have seen again in Afghanistan, obsessed with securing terrain and map objectives and optimistically hoping the enemy will stand still in the boxes we make to die by air and artillery. When the Ukrainians were unable to achieve the objectives according to the timetable, US planners focused on making their failing plan work, rather than how to adapt their plan to defeating the enemy in the context of the developing situation. Optimistically believing themselves on the verge of success, they conducted themselves just as in South Ossetia-Georgia, shifted their forces without regard for enemy reaction and gave the NAF huge openings which they happily exploited.


        Posted by Freiherr | Sep 4, 2014, 06:45
    • Lovely and informative piece of journalism! Kiev will soon halt to a total meltdown, for the first one to to face collapse will be the EU and the US, in this following order. The brain of Kiev is in Brussels and eventually the peoples of EU will run amok onto the streets until NATO is dismantled, or prepare for a massive-scale violent revolution in the heart of the EU major countries. They will learn the practicality of Russian wisdom in the form of a Russian saying: with a lie you can go, but you might not come back.


      Posted by Eric | Aug 31, 2014, 18:42
  10. novorossia shall exist indeed, 1 thing that caught my atention, and that i readed several times, is the constant failures of the kiev army, is this war designed to win?? certainly not.
    news are public now, that 3 to 4,000 russian active military takes part on this war, on vacations…..!!
    even more, oil cartel mafia SHELL, has just stop drilling for fraking gas in novorosia, the gold mine is over !!
    european politicians are changing the speaking tone, kiev dummys are not barking anymore to kremlin.
    it seems, novorossia may will be acknowledge is a new state
    hope the best to the people


    Posted by gab | Aug 28, 2014, 08:55
    • Ha, thanks, @GAB – Royal Dutch Shell stopped drilling at Slavjansk? Have to google that as well … ! 😀


      Posted by Historian | Aug 28, 2014, 21:30
      • historian, it was reported on itar tass, due to instable war crisis in southeast country, but this royal dutch belongs to the 7 sisters of the illuminati, as exxon movil, that happens to be in ukraine, just yesterday, vladimir putin gave the green light to oil exploration on kara sea, to this same cartel. on 1 side we appear to see the “west” moving against russia, from the other we see russia giving money to that same cartel…..???
        wat do u think??


        Posted by gab | Aug 29, 2014, 06:55
      • Well, @GAB, (Illuminati aside) I would not wonder, if Putin is making deals with the same bunch of economical crooks and criminals, who want to plunder the West, East and South of Ukraine (and the Black Sea coast). There are politicians and governments of all kinds (US/EU, Ukraine, Russia) – and there is international technology and know-how (by European, American, Russian and Ukrainian companies) – everybody is dealing, brokering, bartering – so, this is naturally a complex situation – and quite confusing.

        Could be, that Russian money for American Oil Giants is part of a political deal to deescalate the crisis and meant to harmonize the conflicting interests. I hope, that the People of Donbas will not be victims of similar ‘deals’ – like ‘Land Grabbing’ or still ‘Fracking’ … .


        Posted by Historian | Aug 29, 2014, 17:17
      • historian, there’s something wrong on this webpage, i receive a mail on a new post; MILITIA CAPTURES UKRANIAN FILES WITH IMPORTANT WAR CRIMES INFO, sudenly the page no longer exists, is this a censorship operation??
        if u have comunication with site admn, please let him know


        Posted by gab | Sep 2, 2014, 05:11
  11. I’m happy to see that the the people of Donbass rise up to their beliefs. If you have enemies it probably means you’ve stood up for yourselves

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    Posted by John | Aug 28, 2014, 15:47
  12. Fight for freedom

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    Posted by John | Aug 28, 2014, 15:49
  13. yes


    Posted by John | Aug 28, 2014, 15:50
  14. Slava Novorossia


    Posted by John | Aug 28, 2014, 15:53
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    The Southern Front Catastrophe in the Making #ANS2014


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  16. Read Mike Whitney’s wonderful article in Counterpunch cited above, especially references to Petro “Guderian” Poroshenko, and Obama’s pivot slamming into a brick wall. At least as important as a people rightfully defending themselves against a crypto-nazi junta in Kiev is the spectacle of the mainstream media anti-Russian narrative being exposed as utter BS. As well pity the hapless Ukie conscript fed into a real war, not just some “police action” against “poorly armed rebels”–a bad conscience will usually result in poor morale. Sympathy too for the Ukrainian women attempting to block convoys of their young men being sent eastwards into this murderous farce.

    But no sympathy whatsoever for the cynical war-mongers in Washington who just drove their truck under a bridge with insufficient clearance.



    Posted by DR-Montreal | Aug 29, 2014, 20:14
    • historian, I didn’t mention the US mercenaries. It is very difficult to tell how many there are. The names keep changing for the contractors but I was looking and saw back in July they had to double the salaries as too many were lost. They were heavily involved during Maidan and I think 40 disappeared on one weekend later if I recall correctly and that was right before Brennan visited Ukraine and the subsequent immediate start of the ATO operations. The US clearly lost control of the coup once they involved the right sector. The US also set up a training facility in Poland before Maidan where they trained roughly 60 Ukrainians in riot operations, crowd control, and sniper training. The US has been deeply involved from the inception of the Maidan protests but lost control for the middle period. When Putin took back Crimea it came as a complete shock and screwed up their plans completely. I was looking back at the time on the US FedBizOp web page where contract solicitations are announced for bidding and there were 6 contracts by the US Navy to build and/or renovate the Russian naval base in Sevastopol including BX, elementary school and renovated hospital. Those were still open contracts even after Putin took Crimea. They are gone now though. Those contracts were submitted prior to the Maidan protests so clearly the US had long term plans to take over Ukraine and set up a US base and at the same time take away Russia’s Black Sea fleet capability way before the EU deal was blown. That was a very juicy goal and well worth the Billions spent on the run up to the coup. Ever since they have been parceling up the assets in Ukraine as the beginning of the US/EU rape of the country. Take for example Biden’s son somehow magically getting control of the Ukrainian gas. But, fortunately, the US continuously underestimates the capabilities of Russia. Both Putin and Lavrov are especially remarkable in their professionalism and make Kerry and Obama look like very bad amateurs. I can imagine the tantrums in the White House after losing Crimea and now it looks like almost 1/3 of Ukraine as well, and the most important part with ALL of the resources the US wants to boot. I also believe Obama is insane (paranoid megalomaniac) and insane people are capable of horrors beyond belief. It is very clear to me that the multiple use of Sarin gas in Syria was by the US as yet another false flag operation. If a country is capable of using WMD like that against civilians then perhaps they might also use other WMD as well. It is very much looking like the shoot down of MH-17 by a jet was designed with the intent to form a corridor for the escape of the encircled Ukrainian Army in the first Southern Cauldron while creating a false flag against the “terrorists”. The breakout from the cauldron was partially successful and so was the false flag. I am also suspicious that US mercenaries were the snipers in Maidan as well to get the majority of the recalcitrant population motivated. So, a cynical person might perceive that nothing is off the table in Ukraine. So, what else might they think up as yet another attempt to generate world wide hatred of Russia and take back the lost territory? One’s imagination boggles at the possibilities. So, I am expecting something particularly dastardly but simple to use so maybe nuking something like Mariupol or gassing a few streets in Kiev. The US will not permit the loss of East Ukraine and obviously will do anything to stop it. On the other hand they are going to badly need Russia’s help in the Middle East so maybe that has taken precedence which if true means Ukraine will end soon. But, this rhetoric about a Russian invasion makes me think this is not what is happening. Only time will tell where this is heading and how it will resolve. I also believe that this entire operation had an over-arching purpose to destabilize the EU and accelerate the process for dissolution and resultant economic collapse of not just Ukraine but the entire EU region and thus enhance the US hegemony while eliminating a strong competitor. These idiots in the EU leadership are eagerly marching to their death at the hands of the U

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      Posted by Richard | Aug 30, 2014, 06:21
  17. You should arrest the Nazis and the members of Pravi Sector and Azov Battalion etc, because these people will come back again to kill innocent people. You should only let free the ordinary Ukrainian soldiers, who were force to fight. The Nazis must be arrested and pay for their crimes. They are the same people who burnt the Russians in the Odessa building and in the city of Mariupol. Don’t let them free, this will be a big mistake…

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by bob1237 | Aug 29, 2014, 21:04
  18. If, Novorossiya wins true independence….end usury…’vigorish’ against the people.
    Don’t dare charge a property tax, nor income tax.
    Coin your own currency without debt. No fractional reserve stealing from the people.
    Establish a free republic as they attempted in Tambov.

    Break free of the khazar world banking cartel/mafia once and for all or
    your fight for independence will be for nothing.



    Posted by flek | Sep 1, 2014, 05:51
  19. Please god let Mr Putin be a true patriot. God bless Putin and all Russian people. God bless the Ukrainian freedom fighters. The west is being lied to again. All lies in western media, all Zionist stooges.


    Posted by Bill Price | Sep 1, 2014, 05:56


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