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The Horror in Sukhodolsk – Ukrainian Crimes Against Humanity

Video: The Dead and Wounded from Sukhodolsk (18+)

Translated by Valentina Lisitsa / Subtitles by Marcel Sardo

Transcript: The Dead and Wounded from Sukhodolsk (18+)

Translated by Valentina Lisitsa / Edited by Gleb Bazov

Videographer: [some unintelligible] Those are three little girls … And three adults … These are just children …

Hospital Nurse: Here is a little girl …

Man: This motherfucker [Poroshenko] deserves to be killed … That’s how Ukrainian rulers protect civilians ..

Hospital Nurse: Just look … a girl … a little girl. She hasn’t lived a life yet … here she is … Here … Impossible to look without tears …

Videographer: Good evening. Today in Sukhodolsk a terrible tragedy took place. Ukrainian air force fired upon a peaceful town. We received the information that there were numerous dead and wounded brought to your hospital. What can you tell us about the wounded and those who died?

Head Surgeon: Good evening. Yes. At 19:00 we received multiple wounded – delivered by private vehicles, by the Militia, by ambulances. The total number was 23. Aged from the youngest victim – a girl, 6 years old (born in 2008) – to a man, aged 87 (born in 1927).

All the wounds are from shrapnel and cluster type of ammunition, there are various traumas – from lower extremities to abdominal, chest and head wounds. I can’t tell you the prognosis for everyone, as we still have 8 people on operation tables.

We have 5 deceased – one girl approximately 12 years of age, three adult males, and one victim died on the operation table. This is all I can tell you right now.

Videographer: How many wounded?

Head Surgeon: 23 people.

Videographer: How serious are the traumas that they sustained?

Head Surgeon: All degrees of severity: from lighter wounds, like lower and upper extremities, to the very serious ones – like damage to internal organs, lungs.

From lighter traumas to heavy – all are of shrapnel origin. We called to duty all the available doctors, trauma specialists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, re-animators, operation-room nurses.

We are moving some of the victims to other hospitals that have intensive care facilities for further post-surgery care, because heavy wounds required artificial respiration support, anesthesia recovery, further surgical needs by specialists, surgeons and traumatologists.

Videographer: Thank you very much.

Plaque on the Wall: Emergency Medical Care Department.

Surgeon: We see on this X-ray a piece of shrapnel lodged in a rib cage, not deep, subcutaneous, on the right. Will be looking for it.

Videographer: So, you will operate?

Surgeon: Well, of course we are going to operate, to prep the wound, to try to locate and extract this piece.

Videographer: But this is not life-threatening?

Surgeon: It has not penetrated deep into the chest cavity. This is already something.

Videographer: So, most likely stuck between ribs?

Surgeon: Yes, or perhaps even just under the skin – maybe it hit a rib and is lodged there. It’s difficult to tell from this X-ray. During the operation, it will become clear. We shall see.

Woman in the Corridor: One of my brothers, the younger one, he was killed. My father is now in the operating room, in serious condition.

Videographer: I understand you helped to rescue people?

Woman in the Corridor: [crying] Yes, I saved five people. But those, those who remained, and I couldn’t …[bursts out crying] …

Children were saved but this guy – no. We could not save him.

Those who were wounded first, and there were (inaudible) people … One of them also already died. Did not make it to the hospital … A girl,  9 years old, died. Grandma, mother and grandpa are in intensive care … [crying]

Videographer: So, this guy had a wedding and his brother died?

Woman in the Corridor: Yes. And he had 3 kids … They do not know yet …

Man in a Wheelchair: I am here (inaudible). Pride of Podolsk … I was at (inaudible), airplane went by, explosions started, people started falling. Emergency team arrived, brought to the hospital … That’s all.

Man in a Wheelchair: Pretty much all of them died.

Videographer: Can you tell me how many people were injured?

Man in a Wheelchair: I do not know, but approximately 15-20 … And maybe even more. Mostly workers.

Videographer: What time did it happen?

Man in a Wheelchair: About 4:30 pm … 16:30.

Videographer: A lot of destruction?

Man in a Wheelchair: Destruction … I did not see a lot. It came from the airplane, what do they call these bombs? Contact bombs, or what do you call them?

Videographer: This was the air force, right?

Man in a Wheelchair: Yes. The ones that explode above and hit people below with shrapnel.

Videographer: Cluster bombs?

Man in a Wheelchair: Yes yes. And people killed by shrapnel.

Videographer: So you did not even suspect that anything was going to happen?

Man in a Wheelchair: Yes, nobody even suspected anything. Look at how the president is treating us.

Videographer: How often were you bombed or shot at?

Man in a Wheelchair: We were not bombed [before] – they were shooting at Krasnodon, but here it happened for the first time …

Videographer: So you had the Militia around there?

Man in a Wheelchair: No! We don’t have anybody.

Videographer: So you only had peaceful civilians and the air force fired on the settlement?

Man in a Wheelchair: Yes, we only have retired people[, pensioners]. … What do they see good about it I don’t know.

Videographer: Maybe they are trying to scare people?

Man in a Wheelchair: Possibly. Anything is possible … I can’t argue about it.

Videographer: What wounds, what injuries did you sustain?

Man in a Wheelchair: My shoulder.

Igor Zarevsky: Zarevsky Igor Alexandrovich. I am from the Krosnodonugol settlement. I work in coal mines as a ripper. A worker. I do not see the reason why I’m considered an enemy.

The question is different: in 15 seconds I lost all my neighbors, everybody in our building complex was killed. Women, the elderly, men. Dear fucking Messr. Poroshenko, how does your conscience allow you to shoot this shit at us?

Myself, I’m from Sukhodolsk. I work as a foreman at a mine. Have medals from this “motherland”; I have honours; I have commendations. There is only one thing I do not understand – why is it that they are trying to kill me while I am working. If you see an enemy in me, then I will see you the same way.

My wife was wounded, her arm got hit. Our neighbours – they were killed, exterminated. I was present … It’s a miracle I survived …

As for the punitive forces, the executioners – don’t take any of them prisoner. All their mothers should know this: if our children suffer – yours will suffer too.

You came here to make war or conquer? Here you will stay, all of you will be buried here …

You live in (inaudible) region? You say it is all OK here? There is nothing fucking OK here. You say roads, sidewalks … in 23 years you had no time for us – not a fucking road or a sidewalk was built. So now we shall see: the one who is right will be the winner.

Anton Stepura: I’m from Sukhodolsk. Stepura Anton Sergeevich. I got caught under a cluster bomb attack. We came up to a store and heard an explosion in the air.

At first there was a strong explosion in the air, and then it started on all sides – it was like grenades – they started exploding around us and everywhere in the city. Two houses were hit and in also in the store, there were very many casualties, many people.

A child was killed in the store … I don’t know … I what to say to say to this government – I wish all of you would die off.

Here, look! My brother lost a testicle, his hand got shot through by shrapnel. I don’t know how it can be.

Man in the Street: Poroshenko, be damned! You are a monster, an animal! … Be damned, with your family, with your government! The killer of children …


7 thoughts on “The Horror in Sukhodolsk – Ukrainian Crimes Against Humanity

  1. Keep up the good work comrades, I’ll spread the word as best I can.


    Posted by gerryhiles | Aug 13, 2014, 01:58
  2. Should be sent to every media outlet in the world. Post it all over social media.
    Cluster bombing civilians. War crimes. Paid for by EU, IMF, NATO and Obama. Hang them all, then have a fair trial. Sort of how the junta treated these civilians of Sukhodolsk.


    Posted by Bull Durham | Aug 13, 2014, 05:18
  3. ..ak, človek, opakujem človek, normálny človek, vidí tieto zverstvá, najradšej by zobral zbraň a namieril rovno do čela skurvysynovi Porošenkovi a jeho junte…
    A vy “ľudia” v Kyjeve, ste vôbec ľudia, keď toto podporujete..?
    Slovensko drží palce Novorossiji..


    Posted by milan | Aug 14, 2014, 00:44
  4. если, Человек, повторяю человек, нормальный человек видит эти зверства, я бы взял пистолет указал на головном ублюдок Порошенко и его хунты … И вы “люди” в Киеве, вы все люди, когда вы поддерживаете это ..?
    Словакия держит дюймов Novorossiji.


    Posted by milan | Aug 14, 2014, 00:48
  5. Reblogged this on adryana.


    Posted by adryana88 | Aug 18, 2014, 15:37


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