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Kiev fails to break Militia’s Donetsk defense. Ukrainian Officer: “I have never experienced such shame”

The forces of “Donbass”, “Azov”, “Shahtersk” Battalions and “Right sector” forces could not break the militia’s defense on the outskirts of #Ilovaisk in the Eastern region. During the battle, 7 Ukrainian troops were killed and more than a dozen injured.

– “Between 2 – 5 militia snipers held the line against three hundred men of “Azov” and “Shahtersk” Battalions keeping them a kilometer away from #Ilovaisk city. Nobody could raise their heads. An ignominious defeat,” – said one of the Ukrainian servicemen.

According to him, the Ukrainian artillery was given the wrong coordinates, and it struck an empty part of the field. After that, the military launched an assault on the militias’ intact bunkers.

– “Brilliant! They put men in two columns, enclosed them in combat support vehicles and led them to the bunkers, – explained a Ukrainian soldier. – An Armored Personnel Carrier was up front. It was the only one that carried out its task when its gun wasn’t jammed, and then we went into the grass. Heavy weapons – zero. Armored Personnel Carrier – died. Azov Battalion’s УТЕС (heavy machine gun) “Azov” – broken. Couldn’t reach them with rifles. Yes, we just did not see them!”

The soldier added that the Ukrainian army snipers were firing Dragunov rifles with an effective firing range of 800 meters. But the militia didn’t allow them to get closer than a kilometer. (Then) the #DNR’s Army started coming in from the side.

– “We have nine radios per battalion. Neither with the army nor the adjacent units was there any communications contact. I had a group in my cross-hairs while laying in sunflowers but from one to the next was trying to figure if they were our troops or the other guys. Yellow Ribbon marker tape (on our arms) in a field of sunflowers – real smart” he added

According to him, the militia used mortar near #Ilovaisk. At the second volley, the Ukrainian soldiers fled. One of them remarked that Ukraine’s track team would have been proud of such a sprint.

– “Army artillery – given the wrong coordinates. They instantly – and conscientiously tore up a completely empty lot. The assault began – untouched, pristine bunkers. Brilliantly divided people into two vehicle columns (!!) enclosed them in combat vehicles – and led us to bunkers. And the Separatists – laughing so hard at us. I’ve never ever experienced such a disgrace as this fight. Us – punishers?! More like moose elk. Nestor Makhno’s total anarchy, fuck. No weapons, no communication, no training. And then, they hit us with mortars. The first salvo – didn’t reach us. The second salvo- well there wasn’t one. Because there was no one left to hit anymore. Such a race – Ukraine’s own track team wouldn’t have been ashamed of that race. Bottom line. The separatists were busting their bellies from laughing so hard. 4 corpses in the Donbass, 3 – Azov, 6 – seriously wounded; that I personally saw. No enemy killed…”


9 thoughts on “Kiev fails to break Militia’s Donetsk defense. Ukrainian Officer: “I have never experienced such shame”

  1. It would be interesting to know why there is a soldier with a British Union Flag arm badge at 4:10 in that video.


    Posted by Derek | Aug 12, 2014, 08:16
    • Could be just a uniform supplied by UK/NATO. They’ve been given all kinds of gear. Could be a British “advisor”. I wouldn’t be concerned until we see a western regular army unit, up to now it’s just money, equipment, trainers, and foreign mercenaries including private “security” outfits like Blackwater/Academi out whatever name they’re using note.


      Posted by Colinjames | Aug 12, 2014, 13:01
    • I think it’s just “there” for show, for looks, or maybe it’s a second hand uniform. I was hoping to catch a foreign accent when someone pointed that out but the soldier at 4:10 doesn’t have even a whiff of an anglo accent. Can you tell what patch he’s got under the Union Flag?


      Posted by catherinanews | Aug 12, 2014, 18:27
      • It is a Rams Head badge. I am no expert but a quick Google tells me it belongs to the British 1st Artillery Brigade.> He could be wearing an Army surplus uniform, but it is also strange that uniquely among all the soldiers he is not wearing yellow tape on his arms, or yellow and blue flashes on his uniform.

        If he is British he has a remarkable command of Ukrainian for a Brit.


        Posted by Derek | Aug 12, 2014, 19:02
      • Too good to not be native. Not an expat and not British. Also, I thought his body language did not speak of British to me. I live in a Russian community and Britons stand out – body language and of course spoken language.


        Posted by Andrew Wilson | Aug 14, 2014, 21:08
  2. Blackwater, “Mitlitary Advisors” … or OECE 😉


    Posted by kleitos | Aug 12, 2014, 11:28


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