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Novorossiya: People’s Militia Address to the Europeans

Video: Novorossiya People’s Militia Address to the Europeans

Note: English Subtitles by O.C. and Marcel Sardo

Transcript: Novorossiya People’s Militia address to Europeans 

Translated from Russian by O.C.

Militiaman #1: In the light of the current events in the whole world we would like to speak to the residents of the so-called European Union.

Launching wars is happening regularly. Yesterday the Nagorno-Karabakh has been started again. Somebody would say again that there are mercenaries, and so on and so forth. Ukrainian soldiers still have been claiming that we are mercenaries from the Russian Federation. However, together with my friends, I am addressing you from my hometown, where I was born, grew up, from where I went to the Ukrainian army, served there 2 1/2 years and came back here. We are not mercenaries of Putin – we are ordinary people who just simply wanted to live straight.

As of the cause of humanitarian disaster and the OSCE mission: the OSCE mission comes regularly, looks for something but does not see the humanitarian disaster. We invite you to our cities to see the humanitarian disaster. Nobody of you have ever seen the zombie land, we see empty cities and towns – completely empty. Only we take people out, feed them – neither Ukrainian army, nor anyone else does that. It is not us bombing peaceful towns with artillery and trench mortars every night. The Pervomaisk town is almost destroyed. I wonder where the government, as they say, in case they win will find money for renewal of these towns, and how they will renew them. If during the whole period of independence they have built not one – not a single one – new house in this region. With what means they will renew all this wrecked infrastructure?

I would like to ask the attention of the EU residents and others: you are going to face this too. The people cannot live this way forever, they just will not. You tell through mass media that we are terrorists, murderers. Excuse me, are the guns being pointed and shooting at our towns ours, or maybe yours? Are we using the Wolfs-Angle or you? Are you being shot at with ballistic missiles or are we? We would like to make all this clear. At least once tell people the truth for what this war is about: it is for the territory. Kolomoiskiy wants to merge Lugansk and regions and join them to one region – Dnepropetrovsk – and to rule it like a king. This is what the war is conducted for.

Militiaman #2: I would like to address to all the people who still have sense of duty, principle, the soul, and simply awareness of the mission that we are fighting a war of the civilisations. The war, in which everybody takes his or her own stand. I mean the side of good or evil.

Militiaman #3: For you it is just statistics, you watch the TV, listen to your news channels. Maybe, somewhere you got a drop of the truth at Internet resources, some of which are probably run by us, or maybe by some other people feeling sorry for us. For you this view is far and uninteresting. For us they are our nearest and dearest, neighbours. We see these children, grandparents being murdered…Terrifying scenes. I am 30, and for these 4 months I have seen already more than for my past 30 years. I have never sought either war or anything like that… A peaceful man. But there is a situation, when a man cannot stay and sit at home, and consider himself a real man. An address to all of you – Europeans – don’t look at us like at numbers.

Militiaman #1: Ukrainian government will not stop as long as it still has the support of the former Warsaw Pact Members, it will not end. Another question: After the Ukraine piles up all those Guns – let the Europeans wonder – where it will end? Will everything end here after the annihilation of Donbass? We doubt very much that it will end. Because the «Unique nation» is the motto of the fascists – «Death to enemies»… Be careful, Europeans, not to become «enemies» of Ukraine one day.


5 thoughts on “Novorossiya: People’s Militia Address to the Europeans

  1. Reblogged this on narwhal8915's Blog.


    Posted by narwhal8915 | Aug 12, 2014, 10:50
    • You are very wrong in your assumptions that some western people do not care about the attrocities all over E. Ukraine… Ever since Maidan and Mariupol, we have watched the Kiev Nazi junta in Verkhovna Rada, intimidating and beating the MP’s who are not part of Pravy Sektor or Svoboda war criminal parties..

      We watched in horror as the terrible story of Odessa came to us, and some of us know very much more about the Kiev junta and their obscene war crimes, than the average listener and media watcher in western Ukraine does.
      For very many in the west, Kolomoyski and his Azov squadron and his Pravy-Sektor beserkers are a very familiar evil, and very very real.

      We too look at our media in disbelief, and cannot believe how the BBC and other channels ‘spin’ the news, ignoring Sukhoi25 bombing in Luhansk and the use of illegal ‘daisy cutter’ munitions, as they ignored the Trades Union Building executions, and cremations while alive, and rapes in Odessa..

      I think that very many even in the East of Ukraine are in denial. (they never ever understood how evil fascism is) and even now, they try to shut it out.
      The pictures of Belsen and Dachau maybe never got through to them and they preferred to watch X Factor or the latest soap opera.

      As your poster said, in this age, we must stand with our consciences and be counted. It is not possible to ‘sit on the fence’
      You are either for fascism and the Kiev Nazi junta, or you are vehemently against it. There is no middle ground.


      Posted by Richard McDonald Brown | Aug 12, 2014, 14:44
  2. We are watching Novoroyssia, not all but there are a number of us and we know what is going on and support you. The regime in Kiev is the direct result of Western interference. The oligarchs who shadow run the west are doing the same with Kiev. As it has been stated, this is a battle for humanity’s soul with East Ukraine on the front line.
    A contest for the future of humanity be it oligarch controlled global techno feudalism or respectful, sustainable, community orientated human existance without oligarchs and finanical serfdom.

    We pray for you and we are trying to ground swell people in the West. We have like yourselves, a huge task ahead but know we must prevale. To leave a better world for future generations.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Justin | Aug 13, 2014, 13:34
  3. I am an American. I am deeply sorry for the pain and death and destruction the US, Israel, EU, UK are causing you. They are all part of the same cabal. You are correct…This will come to all people. The same fate. You are right to fight. I will fight when this war comes to my door. Better to die with honor than to die a slave. Your captors are evil and disloyal. They deserve death. They are betraying their own. Thousands upon thousands know the truth and we try to tell the foolish masses everyday. There is no more time to be a coward. We do care and I am truly sorry for this. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Pamela Hauptmann | Aug 15, 2014, 13:39
  4. I live in the fascist EU but detest the fact that our unelected Nazi leaders in Brussels are supporting the Kiev Nazi junta.
    I know that a lot of Europeans are on your side.
    The problem here is the false reporting in the Mass Stream Media.
    For example the downing of flight MH17.
    Our governments want the case closed and blame it on the freedom fighters to influence the unaware public in a negative way.
    History repeats itself over and over again.
    They will not get away with it this time.
    I came across this website with hacked emails of Ukrainian Nazis about the downing of flight MH17 and organ removal of their own wounded soldiers.
    Could you please have a look at the translation whether this is correct?


    Posted by Lars | Aug 17, 2014, 11:05

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