Examining the Evidence

#MH17 – Questions Continue To Be Raised – Ukraine’s Evidence Remains Fake

Preamble: This brief post again examines the evidence proffered by Ukraine in its fraudulent attempts to pin the blame for what appears to be premeditated massacre of almost 300 innocent civilians perpetrated by the Ukrainian government. What we are talking about here is, of course, the tragic catastrophe of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.

  1. The first video examines Ukraine’s narrative with respect to the culprit “BUK” system, which, it turns out, was a Ukrainian “BUK” after all. It was kindly translated in-house by Valentina Lisitsa and subtitled by Marcel Sardo.
  2. The second video conclusively shows that the purported intercept of the Militia leaders’ conversation wherein they allegedly admitted to launching a “BUK” missile was an obvious fabrication by the Ukrainian Security Service (“SBU”). This video was sources on the Internet.

Video: There Was a BUK Unit of the Ukrainian Army in the Area a Day Before the Downing of MH17.

Video: MH17 Crash: Leaked Tape Proven Fake Through Audio Analysis.


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