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News From Voyentorg Military Supplies and Co., July 26, 2014

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov
Original: Colonel Cassad LiveJournal

Yesterday our colleagues were returning from the border after delivering to the embattled Novorossiya yet another batch of humanitarian aid, which has been organized through IAC “Cassad” and “The Voice of Sevastopol”. En route, they shot footage of an interesting movement in the Rostov area (confirmed to be in the area of Novochercassk). A vast mechanized column (BTRs with infantry on board, tented trucks, staff vehicles, various ancillary equipment) is moving toward the border. According to rough estimates, the column has stretched out over ten kilometres.

Video: Exclusive Video Can Be Found Here:

Anticipating questions with respect to whether this would constitute disclosing some sort of military secret, we were advised that there would nothing wrong in disclosure, that the movement is proceeding out in the open and that no secret is being of it.

Video: The Very Same Column on the Streets of Rostov

The question of why and where all this equipment is going in such numbers is purely rhetorical.

The following information appeared yesterday on Holera-Ham LiveJournal (Печальный странник):

So, guys, literally five minutes ago I had a smoke with a friend, who yesterday took his relatives to the border-crossing checkpoint Donetsk-Izvarino. He has several relatives in the ranks of the Militia, who were the ones to escort them yesterday to the border, then crossed with them briefly and came back. Here are his impressions after meeting them over “tea”:

  1. The aid is coming, this has been confirmed by the militiamen, and the friend so a great number of Kamaz trucks moving toward the border, some of them without license plates, some brand new, and some – well used.
  2. The militiamen themselves are dressed and shod very soundly, and they prefer not our new uniforms, but the American camouflage or our old camouflage. According to them, the steppes have all burned out, and our uniforms stand out too much against the background.
  3. There are instructors. Apart from that, no further commentary.
  4. Ukies’ shrieks that they are being pummeled from both sides of the border, to great astonishment, turned out not to be just fantasies on the part of the cretin Tymchuk. While no Russian troops appear to be involved, all the shelling is coming from neutral territory, from the so-called null-buffer zones on the border.
  5. The mood of the guys, in principle, was normal; at the very least, he did not notice any depression. The toasts were only for victory.
  6. Our side of the border is on complete lock-down, so that not a mouse can sneak by. In the air, there are continuous patrols with helicopters groups; they pass very low along the border.
  7. With respect to the lack of mass enlistment into the Militia – according to the militiamen themselves, the more Ukies blast away at the mines, the more of them are forced to close (electrical transformers are destroyed and mines close), the more volunteer miners flow into the ranks of the Militia.
  8. The overwhelming majority of militiamen are, nevertheless, from Ukraine.
  9. The guys snacked on American rations and smoked American-made cigarettes.

In brief, that is all. I was especially pleased with points 3 and 4. Point 4 is a complete revelation, in a good sense of the word.

PS. Let us say that the author’s description is very close to what is, in reality, happening on the border, although some points have been omitted or, more likely, are not being disclosed.


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  1. What was the result of the special meting of the Russian Duma in recent days? Thanks


    Posted by herepog2 | Jul 27, 2014, 00:08


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