Poem by Militiaman Serguei, July 15, 2014 – “Peace We Wanted; Soldiers We Became”

Translated from Russian by Valentina Lisitsa (@ValLisitsa)

Video: Poem by Militiaman Serguei – “Peace We Wanted; Soldiers We Became.”

We were told: “You are traitors,
You’ve traded your freedom
For a stale chunk of bread,
Slave chains you happily don.”

Beaten, abused – just for speaking our tongue.
My sweet mother, they have called her “a whore.”
Our ancestors’ faith, sacred gift solemnly kept –
They have trampled it under their dirty feet.

Our children they made into strangers,
Taught them to hate us, to disobey.
Those of us who objected they burned –
Simply burned them like hay.

Our victory day shall be your day of mourning.
My grandpa, my sole protector,
Whom you have called a “bloody Mongol,”
My grandfather, flesh and blood of mine,
Who, for you, was “Stalin’s simpleton” –
If he were alive today,
To kill, to impale him you’d dream?

Don’t you dream!
We are finished with talking –
What you deserve aren’t words but grenades:
For my Mom,
for my brother,
For my war-hero grandfather.
It’s payback time,
And so dearly you shall pay!

Off with the dirt,
We shall sweep our hut clean!
Peace we wanted;
Soldiers we became.
Your satanic orgy is over –
We shall send you
Back to your graves, to hell.


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