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Aleksey Borisovich Mozgovoy — “It is a gift to die in May…”

It is a gift to die in May… Aleksey Borisovich Mozgovoy 22.05.2013 It is a gift to die in May— An easy task to dig a grave, And nightingales will sing their song Inimitably, like their last.In May, the thunder of storms supplants A funerals’ dismal songs and sounds, And rain that comes instead of … Continue reading

A Promise to Oneself — by Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, 1991

Don’t wait for orders! Don’t delay With reference to rest! Forge forth! Through wind and piercing rain And blizzard’s howling wail! Abandon comfort’s cozy quilt — You’re young, the way is yours! You’ll have the time to rest your soul When they lament your death! Be brave, be fair, don’t heed the tongues That ridicule and … Continue reading

Poem by Militiaman Serguei, July 15, 2014 – “Peace We Wanted; Soldiers We Became”

Translated from Russian by Valentina Lisitsa (@ValLisitsa) Video: Poem by Militiaman Serguei – “Peace We Wanted; Soldiers We Became.” We were told: “You are traitors, You’ve traded your freedom For a stale chunk of bread, Slave chains you happily don.” Beaten, abused – just for speaking our tongue. My sweet mother, they have called her “a whore.” … Continue reading

Poem by Anonymous Children of Slavyansk, July 1, 2014

Foreword: Over 40 children have died in Novorossiya to date as a result of the relentless and ruthless artillery shelling of cities, towns, villages, and settlements by the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian government admits only 4 such deaths. The poem below was written and read by those children who survive. Read it along with them, when the video shows … Continue reading

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