Poetry, Written by Igor Strelkov

A Promise to Oneself — by Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, 1991


Don’t wait for orders! Don’t delay
With reference to rest!
Forge forth! Through wind and piercing rain
And blizzard’s howling wail!

Abandon comfort’s cozy quilt —
You’re young, the way is yours!
You’ll have the time to rest your soul
When they lament your death!

Be brave, be fair, don’t heed the tongues
That ridicule and sneer.
And as a leader, take the brunt
Of duty on yourself!

If you have never been at fault,
Your life’s a wasted bloom —
You’ve shied away from picking up
The burdens of this world!

Whatever brings your lot to you —
Success or failure’s wrath,
Remember this – your measure’s worth
Will only judge our Lord!

Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, 1991

Не жди приказа! Не сиди,
Ссылаясь на покой!
Вперед! Сквозь ветры и дожди,
И вьюги волчий вой!

Оставь удобства и уют —
Пока ты молод — в путь!
Когда отходную споют,
Успеешь отдохнуть!

Будь честен, смел, не замечай
Насмешек и помех.
А будешь старшим — отвечай
Не за себя — за всех!

Тот, кто ошибок не имел —
В безделии зачах —
Он груза жизни не посмел
Примерить на плечах!

Каков бы ни был твой удел —
Удачен или плох,
Все ж помни: меру твоих дел
Оценит только Бог!

Игорь Иванович Стрелков, 1991


4 thoughts on “A Promise to Oneself — by Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, 1991

  1. Very stirring words, in these times of unprecedented global alarm.

    To put this in context, so-called WW1 was really confined to Europe and even so-called WW2 did not include the whole World, but what is looming now and already underway in the Ukraine and the Arab world is truly world-wide.


    Posted by gerryhiles | Aug 25, 2014, 16:15


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