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Strelkov, Berezin and Militia Briefings, July 3, 2014

Combined for July 3, 2014
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

July 2, 2014 – Interview with Fyodor Berezin, July 2, 2014

The ceasefire was used by the Junta troops to regroup, resupply, re-staff the army with reserves, and so on. The war continues. It is directed at forcing the Donbass people to completely exit the territory and, preferably, as far as possible. This is true genocide.

Video: Interview with Fyodor Berezin

Transcript of the Interview with Fyodor Berezin

FB: I am the deputy of Igor Strelkov, Minister of Defence, Fyodor Dmitrievich Berezin. As a deputy, I curate mobilization efforts and coordinate activities with the Donetsk People’s Republic [Note: DPR].

Q: What can you say today, about the ceasefire? Has it been terminated?

FB: Yes, the ceasefire has been terminated. Well, let’s put it this way – the ceasefire was used by the Junta troops to regroup, to concentrate forces, to re-staff the army with reserves, and so on.

So, well, yesterday and today everyone heard the cannonade that was coming from Karlkovka. The day before yesterday it was merely adjustment fire – they were not using explosive shells yet, but blanks, but these still caused craters. The shelling was against a completely peaceful township. The closest checkpoint that had any armed personnel was two kilometres away from where the shells fell that I personally observed.

The war being waged [by Ukrainian troops] is aimed at exterminating civilians, to force them completely to abandon this territory. [To force them to flee] and, preferably, somewhere further into Russia. Effectively, this is genocide.

This genocide is veiled, concealed solely because our mass media is sufficiently developed – they can’t just kill and hang people in groups on lampposts. So, they are forced to be crafty about this. Thus, for example, just about an hour ago, we received information that the Ukrainian army shot their own conscript dead. They killed their own. Looks like he refused to obey an order. They called an ambulance, and, meanwhile, threw him [to the side of the road] and left. In other words – they kills their own, what do they care about anyone else? Do you understand? This is fresh, concrete information. We have the last name of the [soldier] and so on.

Q: What type of attack is the enemy preparing against the city of Donetsk in the nearest future?

FB: Well, do you understand that we are fighting with the insane, right? With the calculating insane, of course. They can, for example, hit the centre of Donetsk with Grad [Note: BM-24 Grad MLRS]. Or they can hit the outskirts. This is real. Yesterday they shelled Saur-Mogila with Grad. And also in the Karlovka area – all day. We are not even talking Slavyansk here – this is already expected. How can you attack a peaceful city – well, of course, a city that is part of the war, but still – how can you use everything that you have at your disposal against a city?

We have two soldiers with phosphorus poisoning, after a directed shelling. They are now in a hospital in Donetsk. This is reality; this is something that everyone can verify.

Q: Where is the situation the most difficult in the Donetsk People’s Republic?

FB: Slavyansk. As before, Slavyansk remains the main theatre of the war. [Slavyansk] is the Brest Castle [of our defence] that is still holding despite the Junta troops’ vast superiority in armoured vehicles, in artillery, and, of course, their overwhelming advantage in aviation, and so on. Slavyansk continue to hold.

Well, and, apart from that, there is a lot more – Lugansk, Kramatorsk, which is near Slavyansk. There is also the Saur-Mogila, Snezhnoye and the western side of Karlovka. Besides that, there is a concentration of forces coming from the south.

Junta plan, I believe, is to somehow crush Slavyansk, then take on Kramatorsk, then, depending on where they have concentrated greater forces, go after Donetsk, Gorlovka, or … well, and there is also Lugansk – they will leave it for the end. Looks like that’s the plan. Or, perhaps, they will take it all at once – if they have enough forces, of course.

This is how I would put it – better to meet the war before your doorstep than in your own home, right? That’s why it is better to give the enemy hell here first, and then to pursue it all the way back, to Poland, for example. And figure out who is who later, right? We’ll have to take Poland too, you understand? A Polish female sniper was killed by our guys with a machine gun at Saur-Mogila. A Polish sniper.

We have tracked down a detachment of thirty or more men that communicate in English. To the north of Slavyansk. What does this tell you? Do you understand? Who are we fighting against? We are fighting against international imperialism that, in this instance, has concentrated here, in Ukraine. This is how it is. And it is here that we must engage it in a decisive battle.

10:50 – July 3, 2014 – Urgent Briefing from Igor Strelkov

In the course of July 2, heavy fighting continued in the area of Nikolayevka and Semyonovka settlements; the units headed up by commanders Motorola and Machete were able to hold Nikolayevka and continued engagements on Nikolayevka’s outskirts.

On July 3, one militiaman died and one was wounded in fighting.

At the same time, commanders Berkut, Philin and Miner deserted from their positions and moved to the city of Enakievo (the surnames of the traitors will be published later).

The DPR Militia HQ is ordering all the fighters of the detachments of the above-named commanders immediately to withdraw from subordination to [the traitors] and to report to Kramatorsk. The traitors are to be arrested and also to be delivered to Kramatorsk.

The Militia HQ confirms that the Nikolayevka garrison is sufficient and that the city will not be abandoned.

During battles at Semyonovka on July 2, an enemy tank was destroyed. As a result of an artillery strike, the Militia suffered losses of 5 men dead and 6 men wounded. The shelling and the battles continues.

In the night of July 2-3, a bridge on the Kharkov-Rostov highway, across the Kazenniy Torets river, was blow up. Massive artillery strikes against the cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk continued on July 2 and 3. The enemy employed all types of conventional (howitzer) and rocket artillery. There are numerous victims among the civilian populations and instances of significant destruction in both cities.

The Ukrainian artillery purposefully destroyed the aqueduct that supplied water to the cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Also in the morning of July 3, the Nikolayev Thermal Power Plant was subjected to shelling; there is severe destruction and victims. The fighting continues.

11:00 – July 3, 2014 – Briefing from the Militia

Well, we can now confirm: everything happened just as we predicted. The Ukie fascists exacted vengeance against civilians; they have not achieved anything of note – they can claim a few tactical successes, but that is it. The offensive has petered out, and Poroshenko is now testing the waters with respect to a new “ceasefire.” They couldn’t even establish control over Nikolayevka. They only took that which we did not bother to defend. But the civilian sector near the Zakotnoye village and the turn-off to Yampol was subjected to harsh bombing (see photo).

Photographs: Ukraine Bombs Civilian Districts – Nikolayevka, Zakotnoye & Yampol

NikolayevkaZakotnoye & Yampol ZakYam2 ZakYam3ZakYam4

Massive Shelling of Kramatorsk, Stanitsa Luganskaya and Slavyansk

The night was tense – for us and for Ukies. After midnight, Nona took its toll on the Kramatorsk airfield. At 03:30 the Donetsk airport also got a few “surprises” from the Militia.

Near Ananyevka (next to the border crossing at Krasniy Partisan-Gukovo), we repelled a Ukie attack. By the way, now they have commenced a new assault. Same as with the shelling of Seversk – the poor city is once again being shelled. There are also artillery strikes at Krasnodon – a large battle occurred there, but now it has quieted down. Strikes continue near the Izavarino border crossing.

Dolzhanskiy continues to hold, but artillery strikes there have not stopped – shells continue to hit the Novoshakhtinsk (Russian Federation) border crossing.

11:39 (MSK) – Fighting has resumed in the Saur-Mogila region, in Krasnodon and near Metallist (suburb of Lugansk).

12:35 (MSK) – A flight of Su jets turned around over Krasniy Liman and conducted an airstrike against Nikolayevka.

12:33 – July 3, 2014 – Briefing from Igor Strelkov

A special account has been set up to collect resources for the needs of the Slavyansk Militia commanded by Igor Strelkov.

Sberbank Account (Russian Federation)

4276 3800 9734 2310

Igor Strelkov: “I Confirm.”

12:37 – July 3, 2014 – Briefing from Igor Strelkov

Nikolayevka is in our hands. However, we have now been effectively encircled [and blockaded]. Our last remaining supply line passed through Rai-Alexandrovka.

Right now, the fighting continued at Nikolayevka. Using an anti-tank rifle, we burned down an armoured Ukie hummer.

13:30 – July 3, 2014 – Briefing from Igor Strelkov

A Ukie armoured column has broken through into Nikolayevka. A battle is ongoing.

(about the deserters) Yes. They are traitors. All of them – local. I will publish their surnames later. They abandoned their positions at the most dangerous moment, have not suffered any casualties. At this time, Motorola is engaged in a battle with forces that are half the size he had two days ago. But I believe in him, [he will hold].

According to the available information, Ukies have purchased approximately 20 different Soviet-made aircraft from Rumania and Hungary. Also, they have been buying Soviet tanks and other types of armoured vehicles. So, anyone anticipating an “imminent disappearance” of enemy aviation expecting that the war will end on its own should be preparing to be disappointed.

14:26 – July 3, 2014 – Briefing from Igor Strelkov

Using Smerch [Note: 9K58 Smerch MLRS], the Ukrainian army leveled (destroyed to the foundation) several five-storey buildings, together with their residents, in Nikolayevka. I was told that Motorola has been wounded.

14:26 – July 3, 2014 – Commentary from Igor Strelkov

Q: The new Minister of Defence promised to carry out a victory parade in Sevastopol.

Igor Strelkov: And why not? Give it another week or two of “negotiations,” and we will be transferring the remnants of the Militia to Perekop and Chongar.

15:35 – July 3, 2014 – Information from Nikolayevka

There is heavy fighting in Nikolayevka. Armoured vehicles of the Ukrainian army are in the city. They are hitting everything that moves, supported by aviation. Houses are burning. The numbers of dead and wounded are unknown.

15:12 – July 3, 2014 – Telephone Call with Motorola

M: Hello?

Q: Motorola, hello.

M: (to someone) Stop the car! I said, stop the car! Stop the car!

M: Hello, can you hear anything? Hello?

Q: Why are you yelling in my ear like that? They are writing here that you’ve been wounded …

M: Aha … fine fellas …

Q: Well, I called right away …

M: I got it. Everything’s fine.

Q: Everything is fine – tell us something …

M: How’s it? Major booms, serious stuff …

Q: What’s blowing up? What are they throwing?

M: What do you mean, what? Tanks and APCs came in, they are blowing up the plant [Note: Thermal Power Plant] at Nikolayevka. So you got it, right? Complete mayhem, real nightmare. [They hit] civilians. they are in shock. Destroyed [so many] buildings. It’s real stuff. They came into the city – engaging in total lawlessness.

Q: They entered Nikolayevka?

M: Yes, Nikolayevka.

Q: Ok, listen, and what are they … what’s there? Give me some details.

M: What? They squeezed our people … we are going down there now … we’ll put a few maneuvers in action. Ok, listen, I gotta go. I have to get to work now.

Q: Ok, ok, go, good luck!

M: Ok … mutually.

July 3, 2014 – Hourly Briefings from the Militia

Last night they shelled Kramatorsk, Semyonovka. Skirmishes and maneuvering battles took place across the military theatre. In the morning, artillery and airstrikes were also conducted against the Metallist settlement. Fighting continued in the area of Izvarino, same with Severesk-Lisichansk and Karlkovka; in Malotaranovka – artillery shelling.

A sad case from Mariupol (this week): two young men were walking down the street with a young woman, a car passed them by (a green Volksvagen microvan) – it stopped, three NazGuard [Note: Ukrainian National Guard] in black uniforms, with weapons, came out, started to accost the young woman, the guys defended her – the NazGuard left her alone, but detained the guys. Two days later the guys were found near Mangush, in the forested area, with their heads shot through. The guys were from Makeevka, worked in Mariupol.

In Donetsk, on the railway bridge, two road policemen were killed and two were heavily wounded with a Makarov pistol by men in sand-coloured camouflage and masks. After the murder, the killers left in the direction of the railway station. One of the murdered just had twins a few days ago. That’s the kind of things that happen.

11:00 (MSK) – From the southern side of Krasniy Liman, Uragan [Note: BM-27 Uragan MLRS] systems fired on Slavyansk and Nikolayevka. From Melitopol, two heavy transport planes (Il-76) left in the direction of the military theatre (possibly Lugansk, or, maybe, Slavyansk).

12:15 (MSK) – Over Avdeevka, a heavy plane, in the upper elevation, seen flying in the direction of Slavyansk.

12:35 (MSK) – A flight of Su jets turned around over Krasniy Liman and conducted an airstrike against Nikolayevka.

13:50 (MSK) – From the Slavyansk side, powerful rumbles of explosions. For the morning, so far, an Mi-8 was shot down in Seversk area.

14:30 (MSK) – Strange maneuvers in the area of the SBU building in Donetsk.

14:35 (MSK) – With respect to Nikolayevka: in the course of the latest shelling with Uragans, multi-apartment residences were damaged, five residential buildings were completely destroyed. The Thermal Power Plant is burning. Fierce battles ongoing. Heavy artillery strikes coming from the side of Raigorodok.

14:40 (MSK) – Shelling using heavy artillery continuing against Saur-Mogila.

15:05 (MSK) – Artillery shelling and battles continue in Karlovka.

15:15 (MSK) – An MLRS strike, with volleys of incomplete sets of ammunition, was conducted against Nikolayevka from Meloviye Mountains and from Raigorodok. Street battles ongoing in Nikolayevka.

15:30 (MSK) – There is no light/electricity in Kramatorsk and the neighbouring villages. Thick white some over Torskoye; explosions are heard. Fighting continues in Karlovka.

15:45 (MSK) – An aircraft (possibly a Su jet) flew from the side of Kremennaya toward Lugansk.

16:00 (MSK) – With respect to Kramatorsk: electricity and running water has started to appear in the old city.

We hope that, after the events of the last two days, during which obvious, unconcealed genocide of the Donbass population has been taking place (notably, not only genocide of Russians, although the primary extermination objective is still directed against Russians), combined with mock excuses on the part of the Kiev fascists in the spirit of “oops, that was a mistake,” the government of Russia and the Russian officials will have a more adequate reaction [to what is happening.]

16:18 – July 3, 2014 – Commentary from Igor Strelkov

What it means is that there will be several million refugees and the “glorious victory” of the Ukiestan. We no longer have the ability to hold without direct military intervention from Russia. While there is hope for Russian support, the Militia will continue to fight. If this hope disappears – that will be the end.

16:30 – July 3, 2014 – Briefing from Igor Strelkov

(regarding Motorola) Yes, I have been made aware. He is unharmed for now and continues to fight.

17:40 – July 3, 2014 – Statement from Igor Strelkov

They will not stop at Slavyansk. On the contrary – once they take [the city], they will commence an offence with redoubled strength. They have prepared enough shells for months in advance; their fighting spirit is high (after all, they understand their colossal superiority and see our weakness).

They do, in fact, expect to finish the campaign by July 12. Completely. In other words, they [expect] to come up to the border and to clean-out the key cities. Today, it’s only the 3rd. We will certainly not hold until the 12th. Don’t forget who is fighting here – the Militia. The taking of Slavyansk will be an enormous blow to their morale.

Ukies continue to pummel the Nikolayev Thermal Power Plant. The plant is on fire. Several five-storey buildings in Nikolayevka were destroyed with Smerch fire, leveled to the foundation – they simply “folded.” The city has been surrounded with armoured vehicles on strategic heights and any movement below (the city is in a valley by the river) is met with decimating artillery fire.

18:22 – July 3, 2014 – Information from the Residents of Kramatorsk

Video: Kramatorsk City Centre in Smoke

They are once again hitting us from Karachun; the sirens have been turned on. People are saying the centre of the city is in smoke. Black smoke can be seen. There is a wounded at the “Eternal Fire” memorial. Today we are expecting an airstrike against Kramatorsk.

There are reports of a direct hit on Katerinich street.

Eyewitnesses report that the Ukrainian aviation conducted a series of strikes against the Kramatorsk city centre. They are targeting residential districts.

19:02 – July 3, 2014 – Reports from LifeNews Channel

A shell fell and exploded in Kramatorsk, in front of Boarding School No. 3 for kids from disadvantaged families, located on Voznesenskogo street. Window panes in the building were blown out. At least one person was wounded. None of the children suffered, as they were transferred out of the school on May 25th.

July 3, 2014 – Report from Russian Channel One

The Channel One camera crew on assignment in Slavyansk came under artillery fire. The hotel where Channel One journalists were located, was bombed out. At the time, the camera crew was filming their next report, and, at the time of the explostion, the camera was on. It is a sheer miracle that the camera crew is still alive.

July 3, 2014 – Latest Hourly Briefings

18:00 (MSK) – After conducting airstrikes against Nikolayevka, a flight of ground attack jets separated – one left toward Artyomovks, one – toward Slavyasnk. An Uragan is shelling Nikolayevka. According to unconfirmed data, Ukie detachments have left Nikolayevka.

18:10 (MSK) – Three artillery strike were made against the centre of Kramatorsk.

19:05 (MSK) – From the direction of Izyum, a ground attack jet left toward Slavyansk, flying over Svyatogorsk.

19:40 (MSK) – Fierce fighting continuing in Nikolayevka. The residents are hiding in the basements of houses, there is widespread destruction.

July 3, 2014 – Latest Hourly Briefings from the Militia

Video: Nikolayevka Thermal Power Plant on Fire

22:30 (MSK) – Near Konstantinovka, in the Deleevka village, a Ukie Su-25 was hit.

As a result of artillery shelling, the Nikolayevka Thermal Power Station was demolished and is now on fire.

Ukrainian artillery has conducted a strike against the centre of Lugansk. Eyewitnesses report that two shells fell in the city centre, on Oboronnaya and Ostapenko streets. Simultaneously with this, the Kamennobrodskiy district of the city was also subjected to an artillery strike. The Militia positions are 3-5 km away from there. The shelling of the district was conducted over the centre of the city [Note: i.e. shells flew over the city centre to hit the district]. Eyewitness believe that the shells are 122mm signal flares, as they do not explode. Their weight is approximately 15-20 kg. The Kamennobrodskiy district was already shelled with these charges three days ago.

20:35 (MSK) – A transport plane left from Lutigino, flying toward Lugansk.

21:10 (MSK) – A column consisting of 12 armoured vehicles moved out from Krasniy Liman toward Slavyansk. Sounds of explosions can be heard coming from Slavyansk.

21:45 (MSK) – A flight of Su jets left toward Kramatorsk.

23:40 (MSK) – Kramatorsk. The wail of sirens. Artillery shelling has commenced.

July 4, 2014 – Hourly Briefings from the Militia

00:00 (MSK) – In the area of Krasnogorka there are red bursts; in the area of Slavyansk and Nikolayevka explosions and gunfire can be heard. In Nikolayevka, the Thermal Power Plant and the electrical substation have been burning throughout the day. Communications: stationary telephone work only with 2 and 62; the remaining substations have been destroyed; mobile communications experience serious interruptions. According to reports from location – half of Nikolayevka has been destroyed to the ground.

00:05 (MSK) – According to unconfirmed information, bursts can be seen in Lugansk, in the area of the airport.

00:23 – July 4, 2014 – Briefing from Igor Strelkov

Fierce night shelling of Slavyansk, using heavy artillery, is ongoing. This is indiscriminate area fire.

00:35 – July 4, 2014 – Briefing from Bad Soldier

The valorous defenders of Karachun decided to conduct routine adjustment fire exercises of their sector. Accidentally, they hit their own ammunition depot. The resulting illumination was no worse than in Las Vegas.

July 3, 2014 – Information Regarding the Shelling of Kramatorsk 

Video: Aftermath of the Ukrainian Shelling of Kramatorsk

Additional Video Materials: Here

Provided are the video materials of the aftermath of the shelling of Kramatorsk with Grad systems. Particularly severely hit was the private sector [Note: primarily individual family houses], over a hundred houses have been destroyed.

According to the representatives of the DPR Militia, the shelling of Kramatorsk was conducted with Grad systems. The latest information indicates that at least one person died; the number of wounded is being confirmed. As a result of the shelling, over a hundred houses were destroyed with heavy fire; particularly severely hit was the private sector. However, the central districts were also hit; moreover, it looks like they were aiming directly for the central areas. This is the conclusion that specialists have come to after analyzing the choice of targets.

Local residents counted at least five large explosions, including one in front of the children’s boarding school, as a result of which a man was wounded. Apart from that, shells hit the areas between the mayoralty and a residential building, in front of and behind the “Industriya” hotel, as a result of which one person was killed and one received a contusion, and across from the residential building at 40 Shkalinova street.

Residents have remarked that these five instances of direct shelling are only those located in the city centre. There is far greater destruction across Kramatorsk. People may be trapped under the rubble. Following the attacks, it is impossible to find at least one building in the city that still has intact window panes.

The asphalt is litters with broken glass; there are traces of shell fragments on the facades. On the road and sidewalks there are craters left from explosions. Broken branches have cut off electricity lines. Here and there, there are bloodstains on the ground.


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