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Ukrainian Successors to Hitlerite Wehrmacht Rape and Murder in Saurovka

Message from Fyodor Berezin, Igor Strelkov’s Deputy, June 25, 2014, 00:40

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov / Edited by S. Naylor & @GBabeuf
Original: Strelkov Info

The Russian Hamlet of Saurovka and the Banderite Abominations

There is in the Donbass a minuscule village: Saurovka. It is directly beside the Saur-Mogila memorial. The Ukie army, being a direct successor to the Hitlerite Wehrmacht, bitterly hates Saur-Mogila, as it is a symbol of Russian valour in the Great Patriotic War. Their artillery and mortars constantly lob shells directly at the memorial. But they cannot get any closer. On and around the kurgan our fighters lie in wait. However, I am not here to talk about the defence of the monument or of the [strategic] height.

I will talk about the hamlet of Saurovka. It is really small. It comprises only fifty or so houses. One day, the Pravoseki [Right Sector militants] came there. NatsGvardiya [National Guard], Azov-2 and Dnepr-2. So, they instilled European values in the village. They cut out [murdered] all the men. They butchered them alive. They chopped off arms and legs. Then the head.

The women they did not slaughter—they raped them. Yes, and now they continue [raping], in the pauses between battles. Doubtless, all the various Euro-enthusiasts and the Maidanites will say I fantasized the whole thing. Nevertheless, it is all the truth—the truth of this civil war. So, Messrs. Lyashko and Poroshenko, what was that you were bleating about a ceasefire? Something about how we need to disarm? In Saurovka they had no weapons, and yet…

Take heed, chocolate baron, truth is on our side, and, one day, we will come for you. For you personally!

The forested area around Saur-Mogila continues to be replenished with fresh corpses.

The Pravoseki are inhuman not only toward the people of the Donbass. Even their own they consider nothing but garbage. They do not bury them properly. They do not care. They throw some earth on them, and the job is done. The greenery is saturated with the stench of carrion. Sometimes they even leave their guns with the dead. Why care, right? ‘Amreeka’ sponsors them, so they will fit them out with something new, or they will buy from some Poles or other.

They lob cluster bombs at our guys. Not Ukie produced, either. The shrapnel is such that, if it catches you, it will rip you up so that you cannot heal. A few days ago, Militiamen got a female sniper with an “Utyos”.i [Note 1: NSV-12.7 “Utyos” machine-gun] Hello Poland! The girl was from there. She had the latest 12.5 calibre American automatic rifle. We could not use the rifle. The Utyos heavy machine-gun destroyed it.

It seems that the Saur-Mogila Kurgan is again becoming a symbol of Russian valour in the struggle against fascism. A few day ago, the Nazis refused to attack our strategic height, and the Pravoseki then starting firing on their own—to whip them into an attack.

But then those [fired on] took offence and started shooting back. Our fighters, looking on from above, found this highly entertaining. If only the circus came by more often! However, this circus is not going to last long. Very soon we will expel the Ukro-Nazis from the outskirts of Saur-Mogila, and from other places. Prepare your white shoes.ii

iNSV-12.7 “Utyos” (GRAU Index 6P11), is a Soviet-made 12.7mm large-calibre machine-gun, primarily for targeting lightly-armoured equipment, infantry personnel and air targets.

iiWhite shoes are traditionally worn by the dead when they are buried.


12 thoughts on “Ukrainian Successors to Hitlerite Wehrmacht Rape and Murder in Saurovka

  1. I am sure that what has happened in Saurovka is utterly repugnant to the overwhelming majority of the Ukrainian population. These tragedies are possible only because most Ukrainians are not yet aware of them or have not yet summoned up the courage to throw off this evil. They have not yet realized that the longer these thugs are allowed to rampage through the the country, the greater the price that will be paid by all of the Ukrainians of today and future generations. Cultural memories outlive us all.

    But, I know it is very easy for me to talk. I live in an affluent country where such matters can be pondered and discussed at length over a delicious dinner and a good glass of wine.

    Can we ever forgive each other…forgive ourselves? None of us is innocent.



    Posted by RMG | Jun 25, 2014, 01:41
    • Dear RMG, what you wrote deserves to stand alone, without commentary. All I will say is that I am already finding it hard to forgive myself for what is happening – simply because I am not there to protect those who need our protection.


      Posted by Gleb Bazov | Jun 26, 2014, 05:23
  2. Always remember which nation started the evil that has been spawned in Ukraine, the US! It had an ulterior and evil purpose in doing so, nothing that would benefit the Ukrainian people, nothing at all. The US simply wanted to encircle Russia with weapons of mass destruction and would have if the good, strong people of the Ukraine hadn’t fought back. Thank the Lord for the people of the Eastern provinces. They are not stupid enough to be taken in by American lies!


    Posted by archie1954 | Jul 16, 2014, 05:00


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