Ukrainian Crimes Against Humanity

RT Showcases Slavyangrad on The Truthseeker, July 13, 2014

Preamble: This post was originally published on July 13, 2014. At the time, the pro-Euromaidan movement forced RT to remove this Truthseeker episode from Youtube. RT acquiesced, perhaps because some of the claims appeared outlandish at the time. One year into the conflict, the actions of Ukrainian military and the wealth of evidence documenting its atrocities have proven that RT’s qualms about the truth of these allegations were unjustified. The posting below appears unaltered from its original; the emphasis is on the video.

Dear Readers:

To remind you that what we all (you, kind readers, being in the vanguard of this enterprise) do here is important, allow me to share with you the fact that this blog was showcased on Russia Today’s The Truthseeker on July 13, 2014. A report by Fyodor Berezin on the atrocities committed by the Ukrainian soldiers in the village of Saurovka was read out during the broadcast. Without further commentary, here it is, look for us at  04:50 and onward from there.

Video: Genocide in Ukraine, The Truthseeker, Russia Today, July 13, 2014


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