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Крым. Путь на Pодину. / Crimea. The Road Home.

Фильм Андрея Кондрашова (Сергей Краус) (15.03.2015, Документальный)
Film by Andrey Kondrashov (Sergey Kraus) (15.03.2015, Documentary)

 NOTE: English-Language Subtitles Not Yet Available; You Can Download the Film Via Options Below


17 thoughts on “Крым. Путь на Pодину. / Crimea. The Road Home.

  1. When will English subtitles be available?


    Posted by SMR | Mar 15, 2015, 19:22
  2. Many thanks, Gleb. A plethora of trailers litter YouTube, but this release goes a long way to indicating English subtitles will be available in the near future. And all preliminary material indicates it’s an important documentary – if only verify timelines and lend official credence to and the rationale behind specific events.

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    Posted by Mike Golby | Mar 15, 2015, 19:30
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    Posted by susannapanevin | Mar 15, 2015, 20:28
  4. A subtitled version would be brilliant. Thanks.

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    Posted by robinmorritt | Mar 15, 2015, 23:20
    • PS I just got my Novorossiya flag and a Military Police telyushka from an eBayer in St Petersburg, hence the new avatar. It’s not meant to imply that I’ve become an armchair warrior. I favour a peace process to deliver what’s best for the people of South and East Ukraine. It’s a gesture of moral support.

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      Posted by robinmorritt | Mar 15, 2015, 23:34
  5. have faith
    who needs subtitles


    Posted by David | Mar 16, 2015, 14:24
  6. Can’t wait for the subtitles. The Guardian ran a piece quoting extracts from Putin’s interview for its own purposes. I would love to be able to see the entire thing in context.

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    Posted by BlackCatte | Mar 19, 2015, 05:14
  7. Full version with English subtitles here: (Registration required)


    Posted by Sisyphus47 | Mar 24, 2015, 18:14
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    Posted by gerryhiles | Apr 11, 2015, 07:39
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