The line of demarcation

Reports from the DPR regarding the agreement with Kiev on the implementation of the line of demarcation, that was reached early in October.


Original article by Colonel Cassad
Translated from Russian by Valentina Lisitsa / Edited by O.C. & @GBabeuf

“The Prime Minister of the DPR—Alexander Zakharchenko—told journalists that the leaders of the DPR have managed to come to an agreement with Kiev on the line of demarcation.
According to Zakharchenko, both parties have already signed the corresponding treaty. He added that both parties had agreed that the Ukrainian military would “vacate a few towns”, including the settlement of Peski, located in the vicinity of Donetsk Airport.
Zakharchenko also stated that the Ukrainian military have agreed to leave Mariinka and the village of Pervomaiskoe, located in the suburbs of Donetsk. “I cannot say yet what we have given for it, but I can say what we have not got is Slavyansk, Mariupol, Kramatorsk. They remain under the control of Kiev,” said the Prime Minister of the DPR.
At the same time, the media pointed out that from the Ukrainian side there has been no confirmation so far.
In eastern Ukraine, fighting between DPR partisans and Ukrainian troops has taken place since April of this year. The combatants managed to agree on a truce at the beginning of September, which resulted in a reduction in the intensity of the fighting. Nonetheless, armed confrontations continued in several sectors, particularly in the area of Donetsk Airport. Besides, the law on a special status for certain areas of Donbass was adopted this autumn, but has not yet been implemented.
It should be noted that as a result of the truce, the territory outside of the control of the Ukrainian military
has expanded, including a sector between Novoazovsk and Donetsk.
The Ukrainian government explained the withdrawal of its troops as necessary in order to create a “unified front line”. 
[Quoted from Novie Vedomosty]

It is symptomatic that Zakharchenko is unwilling to divulge the minute details of the treaty, which appear to have caused the murky story of the “information blackout”. The reasons for the silence are easy to comprehend: by committing to paper the abandonment of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol, Zakharchenko yet again endorses the documents connected with the Minsk “collusion”, a move that certainly will not garner broad support in Novorossiya, particularly in parts with a high percentage of soldiers coming from the towns being thus abandoned to the Junta. The consequences will not be long in waiting.

Good whatever-time-of-day!
Three weeks having passed, we are now able to shed some light on some interesting moments from the day-to-day life of our unit as well as on the events happening in the cities of Novorossiya.

To start with, DOLG  [the name of the mechanized brigade of the Prizrak battalion of Aleksey Mozgovoy -ed.ceased to exist. Ceased to exist because in Donetsk we were declared to be an organized criminal group. Why? Just because! Because in the department of the Ministry of State Defence to which we were attached, no place was found for us. So our people have started their own path of development.  First OPLOT [the name of the battalion to which Aleksandr Zakharchenko belongs -ed.], then counterintelligence, Prizrak… and the sofa. With disappointment and with heads bowed down.

How did it happen? Very simple. Nobody needs committed people—neither the DPR nor the LPR. DOLG got its ears boxed by its own kind just for wanting to be in Novorossiya rather than the DPR.

Just look around you! What is happening on the streets of OUR cities?

The Ukies are firing all kinds of weapons at our houses, our families, our loved ones. The Ukies are raping our women; our children they cut and murder; they bury people alive; they inflict such tortures that a NORMAL person could never imagine. But okay—the Ukies are enemies.

What is happening in the ranks of  the”Militia”? Such a wonderful phrase appeared: “to squeeze.” True, it appeared long ago. BUT—now it has become more important. Everything can be “squeezed.” A wallet, a car, an apartment, a business. Even a wife. And the most amazing part—in doing this you risk absolutely nothing. It is true, there is a caveat. If you “squeeze” someone, you have to share the spoils with a superior. The superior will provide a needed cover by virtue of his subunit. If I am in command of four hundred gun barrels plus a tow truck and an IZH-32BK, I become a field commander in my own town. I am the supervisor. I am the law-giver. I can go and sort out things with the discontented.

And what about the Ukies? Well, they hit us from a distance and “warm up” the people. Those same people who participated in the referendum, who wanted liberation from those who robbed and raped Russian people, except now they ended up with even worse. Now, while the ex-country of Ukraine is shooting at people, bombing their houses and aiming to exterminate as many as possible, those who were supposed to defend the population are busy robbing their neighbours instead.

Come join the Militia—and help yourself to your neighbours’ best stuff!

This is the motto of the private armies of the DPR and the LPR today. The commanders of towns already differ little from the oligarchs. Money, expensive cars, deeds to apartments acquired by power of attorney, the apartments nicely furnished with electrical appliances, safes filled with valuables, documents… Would they want to change anything? Of course not!

And that is why everything is going down the drain. Flushed down the drain, the very idea for which our comrades-in-arms shed their blood. Everything we have won—down the drain. Down the drain because in Novorossiya one would have to answer for one’s crimes. But in the DPR within a united Ukraine you can actually hope to be rewarded, materially or even with a [ministerial] briefcase.

The only problem: for the Militiamen who dropped everything they had and went to fight—there is no future. The junior commanders, up to lieutenants of units, will be quietly slaughtered, not before finding out the numbers, names and call-signs of their subordinates. The rest will be jailed. Or simply intimidated into submission.

And this is before we start talking about loans from banks, with all the accrued penalties, outstanding debts for utilities, personal debts. They will have to be paid back to Ukraine. And the price shall be whatever remains of real estate and other property.


The only solution we found so far—to leave. Whatever had remained of our unit went to open fields, so to speak. We went to the combat and field commanders—to the commander of the mechanized brigade Prizrak, A. Mozgovoy.

Why so? Probably because even Strelkov, with whose words I tended to disagree quite often, he himself said that Mozgovoy remains the only commander he would trust. I fully support this statement. Moreover, I—Donetsk native son, DPR-ite—I got used to inspiring fear on the streets of Donetsk. Suddenly, here everyone wishes you a good morning, good day, good evening. On the market squares they try to treat you to free coffee or tea… In the supermarkets they ask you to go to the head of the queue. They call you a defender and, with a smile, wish you health and a long life. And this, mind you, in a town that was only bombed by the Ukrainians once. Where else could one find anything like it?

One can write a lot about Mozgovoy’s merits. But I’m not talking about that. I am just asking those, whose brains were not yet fogged over by “easy money” and whose conscience is still functioning properly, to contemplate what is happening.

Soldiers! There is a solution! Alchevsk, Mozgovoy, Prizrak.

Enough working for oligarchs! They try to destroy our idea, to destroy it along with us.

One more thing. Think on it:
Donetsk Airport could have be turned into a heap of manure all of four months ago. There was already plenty of force, arms and manpower willing to achieve it. But we were prevented from doing it. Even now Donetsk Airport could be cleared with few casualties. By reconnaissance and by precise strikes. But this is not profitable.

Let me prophesy—Donetsk Airport will long be a thorn in our side. Because it is from here that Ukie missiles and bombs fly into our town from one side, while humanitarian aid and money fly in from Russia’s side. True, Russia replaced the six of one with the half a dozen of another, and maybe something will change, but I have a hard time believing it.

To round up this tiresome discourse I want to add the following. DOLG has not literally ceased its existence. DOLG has ceased to be a unit under the control of the DPR. Henceforth we are a part of Prizrak. We came here as a group, now we have grown to be almost a platoon. Building some muscle, so to say.


Signed: Anton Dolgov.

It is not difficult to see that the above is a piece of rock thrown at Zakharchenko’s backyard. I think in due time we shall hear a few more loud declarations regarding this situation.

Generally, considering the current trends, more and more people will be defecting to Mozgovoy’s ranks—those who will not accept that only leftovers should remain of Novorossiya. One can prophesy the growing amount of dirt directed at Mozgovoy by political prostitutes serving Surkov’s line. This shall serve as a good marker of which mass media structures and power players are aligned with Surkov. Mozgovoy will now in effect become the centre of gravity for all those forces which expressly disagree with the future being prepared at the moment for Novorossiya. Here there will be a very clear line of demarcation.


19 thoughts on “The line of demarcation

  1. Excellent SITREP.


    Posted by Richard McDonald Brown | Oct 31, 2014, 12:33
  2. Viva Mozgovoy for Freedom | vgiannelakis

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by rizes | Oct 31, 2014, 12:46
  3. We want NOVOROSSIA, not some rump DNR/LNR! We want all eight oblasts from Charkov to Odessa! And we will get it! Novorossia is and will be!


    Posted by neo | Oct 31, 2014, 15:38
    • You won’t get it without the Russian army and Russian Equipment. The militias just don’t have the firepower and tactical training of a professional army like Russia


      Posted by Judith Weller | Oct 31, 2014, 18:34
  4. I agree I don’t understand why you are playing Whack-a-mole at that airport. I admit the underground tunnels and bunkers from Stalin’s time make it a lot harder to take. It really needs aerial bombardment or dynamite or chlorine gas from the ground. Not knowing the actual plan of the bunkers I do wonder if you could flush vast quantities of water down them to drown the people there.


    Posted by Judith Weller | Oct 31, 2014, 18:38
    • Judith, think about it. The only thing that will take it out is a nuclear strike larger than the one it was built to withstand.


      Posted by Cass | Nov 3, 2014, 05:23
      • The US has new bunker buster bombs (and I assume Russia does also) which are designed to destroy the underground bunkers in Iran where their nuclear development facilities are.


        Posted by Judith Weller | Nov 4, 2014, 01:21
    • you are faulted in believing that the tunnels are from the soviet era .. they have been describes as catacombs.. think Paris.. look it up.. the deal is to keep the pumps going.


      Posted by Thms Scllyz | Nov 4, 2014, 09:20
      • So by what were they described as catacombs? Google Translate or Yandex? They are nuclear bunkers. Think fall-out shelters and quintule it. Self-contained air supply. Food and water for years. Able to withstand an H-bomb hit on the airport. Were it not so, the people on the ground would have figured out a way to take them long before we could sitting at home. I’m sure water, flame-throwers, shutting off air supply and so on are not beyond the capacity of the armed forces to think of.


        Posted by Cass | Nov 5, 2014, 08:51
      • Prior to the Soviet era there wasn’t even an airport, I have never heard them described as other than tunnels built by soviets. Now there are a lot of old smuggling tunnels in various province but nothing like the AIrport Tunnels. What is your source for saying their are catacombs. If they require a pump to be usable, that should be easy so destroy or make inoperative.


        Posted by Judith Weller | Nov 6, 2014, 19:20
  5. As for the line of demarcation. Nothing is set – the Ukraine won’t agree to it so I understand that it has been torn up as waste paper. As for Media Blackout – get used to it – we have them a lot in the US. There are things that the population can’t know until the deal is complete. If you don’t trust the people in charge to make a deal – elect new leaders and stop whining.


    Posted by Judith Weller | Oct 31, 2014, 18:40
    • There is a waiting game being played.. the expected Ukie assault to prevent the November 2nd election did not materialize, but there will be an action when the ground totally freezes.


      Posted by Thms Scllyz | Nov 4, 2014, 09:24
      • I think they may have been scared by Mozgovoi’s meeting. They don’t trust their armed forces not to defect.


        Posted by Cass | Nov 5, 2014, 08:58
      • I don’t see fighting going on much this winter, especially if they have heavy snow. It is not 1944 and this is not Stalingrad. I see winter as time to train, fix people’s houses, try and get the economy going, get new heavy equipment. I don’t see the fighting resuming till Spring after the thaw is over. In the meantime I foresee another futile Minsk meetings, more efforts to draw lines on maps etc. I see a low grade combat taking place in an on and off way depending on the weather.


        Posted by Judith Weller | Nov 6, 2014, 19:26
    • You’re right if there WAS an agreement. But I don’t know what agreement people think they’re talking about. What is being decided is a line on a map. When it is finalized, that map becomes official. There’s not a lot to put in words. When they reach agreement on something, they just extend the line on the official map. Ukrs are stalling because when it’s done they will be expected to pull back their tanks, MLRs, etc. from that line. Until it is finalized they can continue to hurl stuff at the airport and Donetsk, and push tons of materiel up to the line, because it’s not finished.


      Posted by Cass | Nov 5, 2014, 08:57
      • I think that all they had was a map with various colored lines on it. I doubt if there ever was a final agreement, but merely a lot of arguing back and forth. I understand that they will try again and do another Minsk. But this time I have read that Donetsk will draw up their version of Minsk and send a person to negotiate – the leaders will not go anymore – just the chosen negotiator. I am not sure that anything meaningful will happen until Russia puts is fingers on the scales in a decisive manner, but I think that is being held up still over the Mistral deal.

        The French can’t find a buyer, and they can’t afford to pay back the money – but I read that under the terms of the contract everyone can drag their feet for 3 more months. But I think when Russia gets fed up with it, I look for them to help Donetsk more.


        Posted by Judith Weller | Nov 9, 2014, 22:33


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