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The Real State of the Ukrainian Fratricidal War

Preamble: What you will see below are three videos of statements by Ukrainian soldiers. They show, straight from the source, the devastation wrought by the fratricidal war perpetrated by the Ukrainian government – a devastation inflicted not only on the millions of civilians in Donbass, millions of whom have been refugees and thousands of whom have been murdered, but also on the Ukrainian army itself.

In the first video you will hear comments like “we are being shelled by Russian Grads from across the border” and “the Ukrainian government does not talk about it.” Naturally, you are free to make up your own mind. In the opinion of the editor, these claims are as false as Ukraine’s fraudulent claims that the Militia shot down the Malaysian Airlines Boeing MH17 or that the Ukrainian army destroyed a phantom Russian column consisting of 23 APCs that crossed the border into Ukraine or that the Ukrainian army does not devastatingly shell cities and kill civilians.

In fact, considering the tempest that the Ukrainian authorities attempted to create with this latter lie, consider the probability that the Ukrainian government would not announce (and very loudly and vociferously) every last alleged incident of Russian Grads shelling the Ukrainian troops trapped in the Southern Cauldron if, in fact, the claim is true. Do you remember this happening? Neither do we. A sure signal that something is amiss with this claim.

We do not doubt that the Ukrainian army is brainwashed into believing that they are the best armed force in the world. In that context, it is not surprising that they are unable to accept the fact that they were defeated by a ragtag force of Novorossiya Militia. And that they would blame a phantom – Russian Grads – for their failure. However, something does not become reality simply because it is a convenient excuse.

In the third video, a Ukrainian POW admits to atrocities perpetrated by the Ukrainian army – all, we are certain, at the behest of the murderous Ukrainian government. Consider what this means. Without excusing the perpetrators of the horrific crimes against the people of Novorossiya, many of them (particularly the conscripts) do so, ultimately, at the behest and on direct orders of the Nazi Ukrainian government. The Ukrainian government has perpetrated crimes against everyone involved in this conflict. Even against their own soldiers – lower-ranked war criminals themselves.

Video: The Real State of the Ukrainian Army in the ATO

Translated by Vera Van Horne / Subtitles by Marcel Sardo

Video: Ukrainian Soldier’s Call from the Front

Translated by @Catherina_News / Subtitles by Marcel Sardo

Video: Interrogation of a POW Ukrainian Conscript

Recorded by: Fedot Panteleev / Subtitles: Marcel Sardo


6 thoughts on “The Real State of the Ukrainian Fratricidal War

  1. again this conflict is US interference in the EU its to halt russian gas pipelines its about the mighty dollar it about US control of the economics of EU countries the US would be left out in the cold if Germany Italy Greece etc all united to help each other to help each other economically all to benefit with trade etc but its not in Washington’s interest which is all self


    Posted by ian | Aug 19, 2014, 03:45
    • US dollar is the king, the debt which flows through american central bank FED (and Belgium recently) goes into wars. Americans are going to experience disastrous hyperinflation, let’s see what happens with euro but it’s not going to be nice.


      Posted by Andy | Aug 19, 2014, 19:38
  2. Reblogged this on EU: Ramshackle Empire and commented:
    News that does not appear anywhere else. Clearly the Western Media have their own narrative of win and lose. But I don’t believe this coincides with Putin’s aims nor with what is happening on the ground. The video with English captions is about 8 minutes and also well worth watching.


    Posted by jimsresearchnotes | Aug 20, 2014, 05:18


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