Protests in Western Ukraine

… For Four Months People Are Not Coming Back! …

Video: Ukraine, Chernivtsi – A Wall of Protest Against Mobilization

Note: Video Will Soon be Subtitled in English (Using the Transcript Below)

Transcript: Ukraine, Chernivtsi – A Wall of Protest Against Mobilization

Translated from Ukrainian/Russian by O.C.
Edited by S. Naylor

Protesters: … for four months people are not coming back! … show us this …

Citizen from the Crowd: Respond to our question: why are the village mayors hiding the fact that the military levy is voluntary? And the second question: why are all the relatives of village mayors as well as relatives of all members of village councils not being called up? Here is a list with their names.

Mobilization Officer: Do I look like the village mayor?

Citizen from the Crowd: The village council claims that the lists were given by you personally.

Mobilization Officer: So, my task was as follows: everyone liable for military service should be listed.

Citizen from the Crowd: Everyone?

Mobilization Officer: Everyone.

Citizen from the Crowd: Look, why don’t you publish this in a newspaper, and tomorrow why don’t you announce this on the radio that everyone – absolutely 100% – everyone shall be registered. Aren’t you clever enough to do that? Gave all that secretly to the village mayors. …

Mobilization Officer: Look – I do not rule the council.

(clamour from the crowd)

Citizen from the Crowd: And one more question: why are people in the list under the same number?

The Crowd: Why are people under the same number?


Mobilization Officer to a Man from the Crowd: Where did you say you fought?

Man from the Crowd: In Chernobyl.

Mobilization Officer: In Chernobyl? Well, I wasn’t in Chernobyl.

Man from the Crowd: And am I excused?

Mobilization Officer: Now?

Man from the Crowd: Yes.

Mobilization Officer: Well, the privileges … All the same, not called up according to mobilization. This is as of mobilization.

Man from the Crowd: Why must our children fight against old-timers from Donetsk and Lugansk? …

(clamour from the crowd)

Voice from the Crowd: They have a refugee status.

(clamour from the crowd)

Mobilization Officer: Everything clear.

Citizen from the Crowd: Why don’t you send your workers to every village to explain things…

Woman from the Crowd: Who? From Donetsk? Our, our boys … Because he is a refugee …

(clamour from the crowd)

Citizen from the Crowd: Igor, one more question. (To the crowd) Wait a second please, I will ask him one more question!

(clamour from the crowd)

Voice from the Crowd: Quiet!

Woman from the Crowd: Where is any guarantee, that our children will not be taken away?

Citizen from the Crowd: Well, now one more question. (clamour) Let me ask him a question!

Women from the Crowd: Where are your lists? Lists of those soldiers…

Man from the Crowd: One more question.

Mobilization Officer: Okay, okay. (phone call) – Yes, Alexander.

Voice from the Crowd: The head of the village council makes the lists, they don’t.

(clamour from the crowd)

Citizen from the Crowd: Give us an answer, wait a second, please, give an answer: the head of Lomachintsy village council – Todorovych Petro – told you today, that a meeting of the village will be held in Lomachintsy at 18:00 24.07.2014, and you have to give the explanations there.

Mobilization Officer: Yes, sir. We will come there, to the big meeting.


2 thoughts on “… For Four Months People Are Not Coming Back! …

  1. why nobody mentions, that people are not coming, because they’re death already….

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by gab | Aug 5, 2014, 04:54
    • From info received Kiev don’t advise families of soldiers killed in battle but the phone calls dry up so best guess is that they hide the dead from the relatives. If the 4 months is true then its worse than we have heard!


      Posted by leruscino | Aug 6, 2014, 14:20

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