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#MH17: Why I Leave It There


July 18, 2014
by Marcel Sardo (@marcelsardo)

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”
— Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

As tragic as the downing of the Malaysian Airliner MH17 is, I have decided to remove myself from the ongoing debate and the search for What Really Happened.

Most of you will agree with me that the whole Story stinks. And most of you will agree, that since the doomed Airliner crashed onto the plains of Eastern Ukraine, all the finger pointing – from the very first moments – was directed at Russia, even though the only ones benefitting from this tragedy are Kiev, and supporters of the criminal and illegitimate Junta, who are waging war against their own people.

There is too much information now about that Airliner, too much counter information, misinformation, half information and information that contradicts all the information just mentioned.

In other Words:

We are getting distracted from the real issue here: The Freedom Fight of the People in Novorossiya and the fact that a War Against Russia is being laid on Track.

If you think I am exaggerating, then you’re not paying attention – and for sure did not follow today’s UNSC Meeting on this issue. 

The narrative is now out and spinning and whoever is familiar with the Western MSM knows that there is no turning back now. The Beast wants to be fed.

We do not have the means to determine who shot that Airplane down and why. It could have been the NAF Forces, whether deliberately or not. It could have been the Kiev Junta, whether deliberately or not.

It was for sure not Russia, because Russia would have gained absolutely nothing from such an act – but this seems to be a logic too complicated to grasp for those who call themselves our “Leaders”.

So there remains two possibilities: The Kiev Junta shot down MH17 to blame it on Russia; or the NAF shot down MH17 by mistaking it for a Military Plane.

Or – and nobody talks about this option – it was a tragic “ordinary“ Air Accident that just happened to occur over a strange place at a strange time – bad luck, bad timing.

Hopefully, time will tell the truth one day, although I would not bet any money on that.

However, in the end, this event is a distraction for  activists and people like me, who are getting deflected from the core cause we are standing for:

The Liberation of East Ukraine from Fascism and the fight against the threat of War against Russia waged by the Forces of the NWO. 

Therefore I have decided to acknowledge the Crash of MH17 as a tragic sad event and a senseless loss of precious lives – and leave it there.

I will not engage in the Subject MH17 anymore, unless and until someone steps in front of a camera and confesses something or presents something, along with some solid evidence.

Until then: «Whatever happens, happens.»

Thank you.



11 thoughts on “#MH17: Why I Leave It There

  1. I agree. This horrible crash (note the wording!) comes at a perfect time for Poroshenko.

    And, I may add, for Western MSM too. Why? Because this conflict in Ukraine is the first time MSM realizes that it loses its usefulness for key policy framing players in influencing masses. New technologies enable us – the educated – to collect facts independently and to compare these facts to what is being brodcasted.

    By only reading the headlines and by looking at the sheer amount of news pieces, you realize how the MSM is using this horrible crash in order to gain its momentum back and let the pendulum of public opinion swing to the other side. Not established facts become estblished facts, the unknown becomes known by putting lines of opinions together without hard supporting facts.

    I don’t give a damn for what Ukraine or anybody else put forward, because it is tainted with strong self-interest. I – as a laywer – a trained in reading selectively. I am only interested in facts, I don’t care for an opinionated piece by the MSM. Unfortunately, that is what we get now. The machinery is out in full force.

    However, we don’t know what happened? Was it an accident? Was it downed by a BUK? By SAM? By an aircraft? Who was it? Do the rebels have a working BUK? What about the fishy recordings by the SBU? I can go on and on.


    Posted by Jodocus Quak | Jul 18, 2014, 20:35
  2. Sorry for the mistakes, I would have corrected them, if there was a button for it.


    Posted by Jodocus Quak | Jul 18, 2014, 20:48
  3. Yup. Wise decision of yours. To me the overall implications and unfolding of MILITARY events like NATO action, weapon transfer and the repercussions for the Donbas-front are much more important now. We have to watch closely the announced NATO manoeuvres in Western Ukraine. Also Kiev and US are really begging for a ceasefire right now, the Ukrainian Army must be in a very bad shape indeed – a ceasefire because of the plane crash investigations was perhaps one of the ‘gains’ of this (without doubt) False Flag – beside pressing NATO into military actions. Is it a coincidence, that the passenger plane crash is involving mostly American and Dutch victims? No, it isn’t, if I am thinking of the companies, who want to grab the land for Shale Gas Extraction for sure – especially Royal Dutch Shell in the Donbas Region. What a coincidence. American and Dutch ‘experts’ are already on their way to the crash site aka Conflict Zone – for whatever ‘mission’. I really doubt, that they are analyzing the crash events, if Strelkov is telling the truth about eyewitnesses, who found mostly corpses older than the time of the crash at the location – already heavily decomposing. Well, I would not wonder, if they prepared a macabre ‘special plane’ with lots of fallen soldiers on board. This would be rather dilettante work of Military/Secret Service of the countries involved, no doubt, and there will be some corpse identification/autopsy in Kharkiv, I’ve read. Well, let’s see, what tale they want to spin … .


    Posted by Historian | Jul 18, 2014, 21:09
  4. Quite right. I feel all that’s worth saying has been said anyway. We must now await, as you say, further developments (if any) and turn to the fundamentals of fighting the fascists of Kiev. Good work. 😉


    Posted by Novorossiya Rises (@Novorossiyan) | Jul 18, 2014, 21:25
  5. The pretext, in retrospect, never turns out to have been worth the sweat. now is the hour for cool. Congratulations for providing a good example!


    Posted by herb | Jul 18, 2014, 21:35
  6. excellent work, great blog, thank you for your investigative insights and informative views.


    Posted by gordolake | Jul 19, 2014, 00:50
  7. The weakness of the Ukrainian case is shown even in their own fabricated “evidence”. The purported telephone intercepts show the DPR forces did not deliberately target a civilian plane.

    So, the DPR forces are being accused of doing exactly what the USS Vincennes did when it downed an Iranian airliner, but this is now “an outrage of unspeakable proportions”, according to Obama. The Americans had no excuse – they had never been attacked by the Iranians, whilst the DPR as been under sustained Ukrainian air bombardment.

    My own opinion is that this is Kolomoisky’s doing. The Ukes did a carefully planned shoot-and-scoot – infiltrating DPR territory firing and leaving. It is the way Kolomoisky works: the killings on the Maidan, the Odessa massacre – the pattern is the same.


    Posted by prem288855 | Jul 19, 2014, 00:50
  8. Ok. After reading, that the Defenders of Donetsk have agreed to a contemporary truce in a 20 sq. miles zone around the crash site near Torez – and shortly thereafter quitting the truce, taking the task of probing autopsy and debris into their own hands (well, Donetsk will have the appropriate expertise and equipment for that, after all …), as Kiev is telling us, I looked at the map. Torez is in the DIRECT REAR OF SAUR-MOGILA, right? Are they kidding!? There is NO WAY to allow access to this spot. America would fly in their Special Commando to take the neuralgic point from the rear to save the trapped UKies. No way. Strelkov must secure the area.


    Posted by Historian | Jul 19, 2014, 10:29
  9. i hate to admit that were exactly my thoughts the very first moment i saw on the news the head of NATO making statement about the MH17 ,the first hours of its downing.
    Whoever did this should have the balls to come out and admit they made a stupid mistake .It could have been the ukranians in order t create a could be the separatists thinking it is an ukranian war plane,or a NATO spy plane.Evryone involved in this conflict is not to be trusted and this tells a lot about this is a gang war in reality.only these gangs have big guns and lots of members..Nazis,russian separatists(which today i heard saying ,why should we care for these foreigners who died?here our people die….a statement that came from a high ranking rebel leader,shows exactly the blood thirsty nature and the loss of any logic in this war….like in any war i should add…..


    Posted by geosoi | Jul 19, 2014, 23:31
  10. Quite true it’s necessary to guard against distractions … yet, the downing of MH17 may be significant in the larger picture of global war brewing. And it may possibly be an incident which brings mass death and devastation to all of Ukraine / Novorossiya.

    Fascinating article by Hong Kong journalist Yoichi Shimatsu, he says MH17 crash key is those old rotting corpses found, tied to major biowarfare labs based in Netherlands, & the Israeli ICTS security thugs who run Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport – this is now the 3rd major ‘terrorist incident’ tied to Israelis in Holland. (Oct 1992 El Al plane takes off, seems nuke stuff on board, crashes Dutch immigrant apt towers; Dec 2009 Nigerian underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, bad papers, erratic behaviour, pushed onto plane by Israeli ‘security’.)

    Now, Shimatsu says Israelis loaded MH17 with corpses, biowarfare agents which can kill millions, & a bomb set to blow in Malaysia. Shimatsu thinks the plot was discovered, & MH17 was actually shot down by a Nato fighter trying to explode and destroy the biowarfare genocide agents, killing 298 to avoid a much larger tragedy of perhaps millions … but the missile failed to create a fireball, leaving Ukraine the perhaps new epicentre of mass genocidal disease death as the pathogens on the ground slowly take hold. Shimatsu thinks Putin knows all this. FWIW –


    Posted by Lohengrin | Jul 20, 2014, 10:28
    • Aside from all the utterly outrageous things this featured psycho says, pay particular attention to “the diseased leaves”….and then ask “Why would a lawyer be at all concerned with them”? Perhaps the answer is precisely what you surmise about MH17…

      I’d recommend downloading this video before it disappears, because some YouTube channels have already been stripped of it.

      Oh yeah…and the “round trip boomerang” is another oddity.


      Posted by Alsetalokin | Aug 23, 2014, 02:19

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