Military Briefings from Igor Strelkov, Military Briefings from the Militia

Strelkov, Militia and Ukraine Briefings, June 30, 2014

#1 – Direct Information from Igor Strelkov & the Militia, June 30, 2014

00.50 Q: Igor, have any foreign mercenaries been captured, and, if so, how do you deal with them?
Igor Strelkov: No, we have yet to capture any. Presumably, there are mercenaries among those killed in combat. However, we don’t have any that are alive. After all, we are defending, not attacking, and, as a result, we have very few POWs.
01:12 Igor Stelkov: It has quieted down. Looks like a saboteur made it through. Perhaps not just one. It’s blindingly dark here – the night is starless, and there is no street lighting.
01:43 Q: “Bad Soldier,” how is the Donetsk airport doing, it’s already without water supply?
Badass Soldier: And without a sewer system.
12:25 Igor Strelkov: Yesterday’s shooting was caused by “nerves” – inexperienced militiamen started it … at first someone noticed and shot at a drone, and then all hell broke loose. Barely managed to stop it.All night Ukies conducted artillery strikes against our positions and against the city with periodic howitzer and mortar volleys. In the Tsellinyi settlement, a woman died as a result of a direct hit to a house with a mortar shell. There are many wounded and a lot of destruction – artillery   strikes were conducted exclusively as “area fire” – [Ukies] did not even trye to hit our checkpoint.There is further confirmation that “non-lethal” chemical weapons are being used – more and more militiamen from Semyonovka are reporting to our doctors with symptoms of itchy/burning eyes, sore throat, etc. Something based on chlorine is being used. [The shells] explode in the air, and then a cloud of smoke appears. They use these shells only when the wind is in our direction. Finally everyone is remembering to bring along and wear, whenever necessary, the gas masks that were handed out long ago.In the morning we carried out a response strike at Karachun – aiming at the identified batteries, communication centres and the stacks of freshly-unloaded ammunition. We got them good. Several detonations took place and a number of centres of fire appeared. Their howitzers (6 “Acacias” are installed there) at first returned fire, but then went silent – only mortars continued to respond. However, as soon as our artillery raid ended, the howitzers immediately started to shoot at the city. At this time we are aware of one killed and several wounded civilians.At this time it’s “quiet” – their howitzers lob one shell at the city every 15-20 minutes. Once again, they are unloading ammunition at Karachun and at Kombikormoviy.
13:09 Igor Strelkov: A battle has commenced at Nikolayevka. The enemy is starting its long-planned advance to blockade the roads between Seversk and Nikolayevka.
15:13 Igor Strelkov: It has now been half an hour since [Ukies] started conducting a harsh and indiscriminate area fire with howitzers against the city. We are clarifying casualty information.The enemy has cut off the road between Nikolayevka and Nikiforovka, to the south-east of Rai-Alexandrovka, with tanks. Our communications with Seversk have once again been interrupted. In the course of a short battle we had casualties of three “300s” [Note: WIA/Wounded in Action]. One of them is in serious condition.We conducted strikes against the back slopes of Karachun. At this time the outcome of the shelling is unknown.Addition: according to preliminary information, the districts of “Pozharka” (Artyom settlement), Mashmet and Tselinniy were subjected to shelling. One civilian was killed. There is massive destruction. It may be that there are additional casualties (being confirmed). The Militia positions were not hit at all.
16:30 Igor Strelkov: Once again, chemical weapons were used – this time, directly against the city; the AIZ [Note Armature-Isolation Plant] factory was targeted. The chemical weapons ammunition were 120mm mortar shells. One more militiamen was poisoned (he is in serious condition). Presumably – chloropicrin. We are taking samples.Well, and, traditionally, they are massively shelling Semyonovka …
18:33 Q: Igor Ivanovich is complaining. And a certain individual on the Ukrainian side, located near Slavyansk is also complaining [Note: see Post #2 below]
  Igor Strelkov: Oh, if only I had “columns of armoured of vehicles!” I would have been acting very differently. Not at all! Let them come and attack us. We’ll wait …As for now, they took out our defences at Nikolayevka and are expanding their springboard for a further advance in the south-western direction – [aiming] at Slavyansk-Kramatorsk.
18:54 Q: Did you leave Karachun without a “nanny” or is Donetsk more of a priority now? Is it temporary or what?Also there is another question: as you do get POWs, even if they are few, do some of them come over to the side of the Militia? And, if so, how do you evaluate their level of sincerity?
  Badass Soldier: I try to make it everywhere on DPR territory. POWs join our ranks fairly en masse. About 15-20%.
19:10 Igor Strelkov: Once again, our Konstantinovka company did not allow Ukies to set up a checkpoint near Ylyanovka. The IS-3[1] tank made its first appearance … (that very same one! from the pedestal!). Ukies suffered at least 3 “200s” [KIA/Killed in Action] and the same number of “300s.” No casualties on our side.
19:30 Badass Soldier: We installed an NSV[2] on the IS-3 using a regular mount for DshK[3].

#2 –Statement by Yuri Kasyanov, Ukrainian Armed Forces June 30, 2014, 4:10am
Original: FaceBook

The most dangerous spot on the map remains Slavyansk. On the eve of the so-called “ceasefire,” the enemy had no more than 1,500 men, 2 “BMD” APCs and several mortars in the city. Girkin frankly complained on camera that the situation for the militiamen was terrible, and that they would have to leave for Russian in 2-3 weeks. At that time we would hit the bandits in Slavyansk; we liberated Krasniy Liman; we would conduct strikes against the arriving reinforcements.

In the course of the week the situations changed radically: there are now 4-5 thousand fighters, dozens of armoured vehicles, tanks, and MLRS in Slavyansk. The enemy has transferred fresh forces to Krasniy Liman and Kramatorsk. All the military units of the militants have been gathered into a fist under Strelkov firm command. He is, undoubtedly, a talented commander.

The forces of the antiterrorist operation are geographically dispersed over a wide territory. We don’t have reliable communications even between two nearby garrisons; there is poor interaction among different types of forces and among ministries; reserves are practically absent; we lack a common decision-making centre – there is no firm vertical of command over the army. What’s even worse is that we do not have commanders, sufficiently strong-willed and intellectually capable to confront Girkin.

This is no longer an antiterrorist operation. This is war. A serious war. In near future – in days or hours – we can expect a large-scale enemy offensive. Our checkpoints around Slavyansk cannot withstand an advance by tank columns. The location of all the checkpoints (except for the 6th, at Karachun) is extremely vulnerable. This was demonstrated by the test engagement conducted by the enemy against the 1st Checkpoint (at the Fish Farm), which was destroyed by the enemy tanks in mere minutes.

Today Girkin has enough armoured vehicles and manpower to develop an offensive against Izyum on two directions: down the Rostov-Kharkov highway and along the water reservoir toward the Adamovka village. The first to be hit will be the 1st Checkpoint at the Fish Farm and the 3rd Checkpoint “A” at the intersection of the Kharkov-Donetsk and Slavyansk-Krasniy Liman roads. A large number of militants and tanks has already been concentrated across from these positions. After the destruction of the 1st, 3rd and 3A Checkpoints, the next targed will be the military camp on the road to Izyum. The likely defeat of [our] military will open the enemy a path not only to Izyum, but also to Kharkov, as the Ministry of Internal Affairs forces based near Izyum have no heavy armoure vehicles, antitank guns or antitank rocket systems for effective defence.

The implementation of this plan will have serious political consequences and will mean a military defeat – our checkpoints near Slavyansk and Krasniy Liman will be cut off, blockaded and doomed. Without taking decisive action today, we risk losing a third of our battle-capable army in the course of two-three hours.

I am not panicking. I am in the area of Slavyansk, on battle positions, and I can see what this ceasefire can lead to. Take the right decision, comrade Commander-in-Chief. Today everything depends on you. And you will be responsible for everything.

[1] IS-3 (Object 703) is a Soviet heavy tank developed in late 1944 by ChTZ (in Chelyabinsk). See Wiki.

[2] NSV-12.7 “Utyes” is a Soviet 12.7 mm caliber heavy machine gun. See Wiki.

[3] DShK 1938 (Degtyaryova-Shpagina Krupnokaliberny, ‘Degtyaryov-Shpagin Large-Calibre’) is a Soviet heavy machine gun firing the 12.7×108mm cartridge. See Wiki.


2 thoughts on “Strelkov, Militia and Ukraine Briefings, June 30, 2014

  1. We havn´t even heard, by name, even one of the coward Nazi commanders on Banderastan´s side (except he who went down with a chopper), which is expected since they all would face a war criminal tribunal for crimes against humanity.
    Igor Ivanovich Strelkov is a hero! He and his brave men should be awarded the highest medals of Russia after the second victory against the Nazis.


    Posted by Mikhas | Jul 2, 2014, 14:22
  2. Just another day…respect and honor for the dead. Prayers for the fighters!
    And while I blame Hemingway for all the crap I get for “telling” in my writing, poor guy was badly censored by papersin Spanish Civil War. Cannot defend his alcoholic apathy accounts though. And for stealing scoop from wife.


    Posted by sonel | Jul 3, 2014, 02:31

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