Military Briefings from the Militia

Ukraine’s Breaches of Ceasefire, June 23-24, 2014

Combined for the evening/night of June 23-24, 2014
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov / Edited by S. Naylor

Information received by the militia over the past few hours, June 24, 2014, 23:55 – 02:20
Original: Strelkov Info

23:55 (MSK) – Unfortunately, the ceasefire that was reached several hours ago never came into effect; the Ukie forces opened fire, using heavy weaponry, including howitzers. This is not something they could blame on the militia: the heaviest weapon possessed by the militia is a 120mm caliber mortar. A mortar has neither an anti-recoil system, nor a carriage, and the sound of the firing mortar differs from that of artillery systems. It is obvious that howitzer batteries are being employed – bright bursts of light are followed by glow and then by rumbling of explosions.

The shelling is being conducted in the area of the Kombikormoviy, of the refueling station – there are sounds of howitzer and KPBT [large-calibre armour-mounted machine gun] fire.

00:10 (MSK) – There are bursts of light and signal flares coming from the direction of Kirovsk. In the vicinity of the turn onto Svyatorgorsk there are powerful blasts; in the region of the Yampol checkpoint – explosions. The shelling appears to be coming from the direction of Bogorodichnoe. Also, there is shelling coming from Staraya Krasnyanka against Lisichansk. In Dolginkaya there is combat, signal flares. The shelling is being done with heavy weaponry.

00:20 (MSK) – Bursts of light and explosions [observed] in the centre of Yampol. Fire is coming from the area of the bridge to Zakotnoye.

00:45 (MSK) – Artillery fire against Yampol continues from the direction of Zakotnoye.

00:50 (MSK) – The shooting has quieted down. Only question is for how long.

02:00 (MSK) – And so, here is information regarding the shelling of Lisichansk. [The enemy] was firing at the “Privolnyanskaya” mine. As a result of artillery shelling, an electrical substation was destroyed. The mine has been de-electrified – there are people who remain inside the mine. At this time, rescuers and emergency crews have departed for the mine.

00:20 (MSK) – There is shooting coming from the direction of Yampol.

Information from Local Residents, June 24, 2014, 02:00
Original: Strelkov Info

Around midnight, artillery shelling of the outskirts of Privoliye with the use of howitzers commenced from the direction of Staraya Krasnyanka. About 13 explosions could be heard … my 5-month-old baby was woken up by these explosions … In Privoliye an electrical substation was blown up, there is no light in the mine [as a result.] At the “Privolnyanka” mine – one woman was killed, one wounded. Electrical power to the mine has been interrupted. People were taken out through the reserve exit.

At the time, it is quiet in Privoliye. Those closer to “Privolnyanka” mine have no electricity. At the “Kapustina” mine everything is fine. Light has appeared in that part of the town. Could it be true that the mine itself was targeted? I am getting the impression that their goal is to destroy infrastructure.


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