Colonel Cassad / Boris Rozhin, Ukraine

Compromising Materials on Avakov’s Son

Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by @GBabeuf / Subtitled video by Vox Populi Evo


Within the framework of ‘spiders in a jar’ the network was dumped with some dirt on Avakov’s son, who lost a lot of money in the underground casino in Kharkov.

This character is notable for the fact that in 2014 and 2015 he participated in various photo sessions, in which he presented himself as ‘a patriot of Ukraine’, ‘a hero of the ATO’ and ‘a fighter against separatism’.

In addition, at the time, Lyashko hinted that he was in an intimate relationship with him, and an apartment which is home to Avakov Jr. was jointly purchased with Lyashko.


In one of the underground slot parlours of Kharkov, a large group of people meets up weekly, headed by a man very similar to Oleksandr Avakov—son of the interior minister.

It can be clearly seen in the video that the minister’s son comes to the game with a bag from which he takes packs of two hundred hryvnia bills and puts them at stake.

The ease with which Oleksandr Avakov parted with hundreds of thousands of hryvnias a night indicates that the amounton which fifty public sector workers could live for a monthis insignificant to Arsen Borisovich’s son.

Of course, just on the scam with the purchase of “golden rucksacks” [see youtube video below ed.] Avakov père et fils earned at least 14.5 million hryvnias.

It can also be seen in the video that Oleksandr Arsenovich leaves the gaming room with the words: “I am going to smoke some planchik.” In certain quarters, cannabisuse and possession of which is prohibited in and which carries criminal charges in Ukraineis called ‘planchik’.

Naïve people write in the comments that “in Europe a minister should resign following such revelations.”


Plus an inspiring video from the city of Lvov dedicated to “International Language Day” [the music playing is the Ukrainian national anthem ed.].


2 thoughts on “Compromising Materials on Avakov’s Son

  1. Great Article GB!


    Posted by Elaine Ossipov | Feb 24, 2016, 21:50


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