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Situational Report: 23—24 Jan 2015, 14:00 UTC

384549791According to the official report of Novorossiya Informational Office, the situation has been tense at the frontline. There is an information about UAF reinforcing their troops in Orlovka (about 400 soldiers and 2 tank companies) and Avdeevka (about 10 tanks) near Donetsk. 14 tanks, 6 “Grad” MLRSs and 18 crew trucks.

Ukrainian forces were shelling systematically the Militia’s positions as well as the civil objects in residential area. During the day on January 23, the most active fighting was near Donetsk and Debaltsevo. NAF repelled attacks of Ukrainian army at the frontline Avdeevka—Spartak (Donetsk’s suburb). At least 9 times Ukrainian forces fired randomly at the Militia’s positions and residential area: with artillery and “Grad” they fired at Petrovsky district of Donetsk,  at DPR’s Ministry of Defence positions near Staromikhailovka, at Militia’s positions near Petrovskoe, at “Komsomolets Donbassa” mine from Enakievo area, at NAF positions near Dokuchaevsk from Novotroitsk, as well as at Dokuchaevsk, Olenovsk areas.

In Lugansk area UAF took measures for restoring their fighting ability and equipping their positions. They got reinforcement with motor-infantry company, 4 tanks and mortar platoon near Sanzharovka. Ukrainian army opened artillery fire the at least 11 times: at the 31th roadblock (near Tryokhizbenka frontline), overtaken by LPR Militia, at Militia’s positions near the village of Donetsky, at south-eastern suburb of Kirovsk, from Debaltsevo direction UAF fired with MLRS at NAF positions near Stakhanov, from Stanitsa Luganskaya at Krasny Yar area, from Schastie they fired with mortars at the LPR’s positions near Veselaya Gora, at the village of Disiulya, at suburbs of Lugansk, as well as near Oboznoe and Smeloe areas. One militiaman killed and two injured within the day.

According to the reports of the Militia and accounts of the locals, UAF resumed heavy artillery fire at Gorlovka yesterday late evening. Vostochniy district of Makeevka was bombarded last night as well. Strong artillery duels between Ukrainian forces and Militia lasted near Mariupol.

DPR officially refused further discussion of Minsk Protocol: “We are on offinsive now, there is no place for negotiations,”—A. Zakharchenko replied to Interfax on Friday.


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