Hacked/Leaked Documents

Hacked Facebook Correspondence Indicates a Burgeoning Trade in Organs of Ukrainian Soldiers


Translated by Gleb Bazov / edited by @GBabeuf

Translated below is the Facebook correspondence published by “Kiber Berkut” (Cyber Berkut) between Yuliya Tymoshenko’s lawyer (and lover), Sergey Vlasenko, a German surgeon, Olga Wieber, and the commander of the Donbass Battalion of the NatsGvardiya (National Guard), Semyon Semyonchenko. According to Kiber Berkut, they obtained the correspondence by hacking Vlasenko’s Facebook account on July 4, 2014. The original posting by Kiber Berkut can be found here.

  1. The complete correspondence archive can be found here: Dropme Files and Rghost.
  2. According to Kiber Berkut, the following Facebook accounts are involved: Sergey Vlasenko, Olga Wieber and Semyon Semyonchenko.


Sergey Vlasenko – SV (Yuliya Tymoshenko’s Lawyer)
Olga Wieber – OW (German Surgeon)
Semyon Semenchenko – SS (Commander of Donbass Battalion)

Note: cor = heart; nep(hrone) = kidney; hep(ar) = liver; pan(creas) = pancreas; pul(mon) = lung.

Sergey Vlasenko and Olga Wieber

February 22, 2014

22.02.2014 20:44—SV: “Good evening, Olga. The question we discussed in Waldkirch should soon be resolved; on my side the situation’s in order. How are your clients?”

22.02.2014 20:48—OW: “Hello! This is good, and right on time! There are plenty of customers! They’re really interested to find out when the time will be. But they refused to add any more, just like I told you; later, if we’re lucky…”

22.02.2014 20:50—SV: “They aren’t Jews, but they behave the same… But, judging from the plan at the top, new deliveries will start in the first days of March.”

22.02.2014 20:51—OW: “It’ll suit most of them. There’s one here, keeps pushing for a delivery in five days.”

22.02.2014 20:51—SV: “We’ll have to wait—we can’t be moving them one by one, can we???”

22.02.2014 20:57—OW: “Fine, better remind me, who’ll you send for the removal?”

22.02.2014 20:58—SV: “We can’t count on the locals; these “moralists” are very hard to convince, damn them!!! So, we’ll have to use your employees; perhaps I’ll get the Israelis to come…”

22.02.2014 20:59—OW: “My employees will only add to the costs! I’ll visit you on Tuesday, as promised, and we’ll decide then, there’ll still be time.”

22.02.2014 21:03—SV: “Understood; call me then.”

22.02.2014 21:03—OW: “Till we meet.”

March 3, 2014

03.03.2014 17:08—OW: “It all came in; not bad! Your thankyou will be on its way tomorrow.”

03.03.2014 17:25—SV: “Good. Understood.”

03.03.2014 17:38—OW: “Be on the line tomorrow for new information.”

March 4, 2014

04.03.2014 22:14—OW: “Here’s what we need: 5 cor, 12 nep, 3 hep, 3 pan, 1 pul.”

04.03.2014 22:17—SV: “Got it. We can even do more, do you even follow the news? Think, find someone—we’ll increase the batches!!!”

04.03.2014 22:17—OW: “I can’t promise now, but have a meeting soon—it may get decided.”

March 12, 2014

12.03.2014 16:58—OW: “And here I am. Our second batch went well; the clients are happy, and we have new ones. So, then, here’s your list, in the same order: 8 cor, 25 nep, 6 hep, 4 pan, 3 pul.”

12.03.2014 17:00—SV: “Got it all; we have enough freedom of action here.”

12.03.2014 17:00—OW: “Did you say you’ll be coming here?”

12.03.2014 17:01—SV: “Yes, I was going to. Why?”

12.03.2014 17:01—OW: “We have something to discuss about our conditions; get the ticket and fly here.”

12.03.2014 17:01—SV: “Not sooner than the day after tomorrow. What other conditions do you have???”

12.03.2014 17:02—OW: “New information; come here and find out.”

12.03.2014 17:03—SV: “I think the next day after our plane I’ll fly out; will you meet me? You owe me a tour…”

12.03.2014 17:07—OW: “Let’s see when I finish work. If you’re coming after ours, I might not make it. We’ll get in touch later.”

March 23, 2014

23.03.2014 21:15—OW: “Hello, I have a new one: 10 cor, 31 nep, 8 hep, 8 pan, 3 pul.”

23.03.2014 21:15—SV: “Ok.”

23.03.2014 21:37—OW: “When’s your flight?”

23.03.2014 21:39—SV: “I’ll write to you. Is everything going smoothly?”

23.03.2014 21:39—OW: “All good. It’d be preferable if you sent it over the next couple of days.”

23.03.2014 21:40—SV: “Olga, please understand that you can’t plan it; they act quickly, depending on the situation. As soon as I find any more material, I’ll let you know.”

25.03.2014 10:36—SV: “We’re in luck, darling. Specialists are working; give it a few days, and it’s yours.”

25.03.2014 10:42—OW: “Ok, waiting.”

April 3, 2014

03.04.2014 12:03—SV: “Good morning, have anything to tell me?”

03.04.2014 12:04—OW: “Hey, keep looking for a place, the numbers will come in the evening.”

03.04.2014 23:18—OW: “So: 10 cor, 40 nep, 11 hep, 9 pan, 2 pul.”

03.04.2014 23:20—SV: “People are working. Let’s leave it to tomorrow.”

April 15, 2014

15.04.2014 21:24—OW: “15 cor, 40 nep—for now the same amount, later they’re promising more, 19 hep, 10 pan, 5 pul. Received?”

15.04.2014 21:25—SV: “Yes, passing it on.”

15.04.2014 21:25—OW: “Judging by the news, events will help our business. What do you think, will they turn course?”

15.04.2014 21:31—SV: “Not anticipating it, we’ll have a lot to work with! Our “Western partners” with their policies are setting good conditions and, importantly—quantity!”

15.04.2014 21:36—OW: “Well, alright, then I’ll keep on signing up interested parties.”

May 3, 2014

03.05.2014 21:18—SV: “Did you get the last batch alright? We sent it with some delay, how did it fare?”

03.05.2014 21:32—OW: “A few of the items were wasted, Seryozha! You know the permissible time! One of the customers was left dissatisfied, but is willing to wait for the next ones; don’t delay.”

03.05.2014 21:45—SV: “When will you confirm the numbers?”

03.05.2014 21:46—OW: “Tomorrow.”

May 4, 2014

04.05.2014 19:12—OW: “17 cor, 50 nep 15 hep, 30 pan, 5 pul. Here are your Western partners. They have a lot of diabetes patients, so the demand is there.”

May 10, 2014

10.05.2014 22:04 – OW: “The orders are increasing; do you have enough people? Confirm receipt: 15 cor, 63 nep, 35 hep, 20 pan, 5pul.”

10.05.2014 22:07 – SV: “Got it. For now we manage with the same resources; only thing, they work more intensively (no one refuses a large income)…”

May 22, 2014

22.05.2014 21:43—OW: “Did you get the numbers?”

22.05.2014 21:43—SV: “Yes, and passed them on already.”

22.05.2014 21:45—OW: “Seryozha, I gave you another order, but in the last batch there was a lot of substandard merchandise!!! You’re letting me down with this.”

22.05.2014 21:49—SV: “Olya, you haven’t been here and haven’t see HOW it all happens; and the conditions are getting more and more difficult.”

22.05.2014 21:51—OW: “You were able to find the right quantity, that’s good of course, but the quality suffers. My people get access to the material too late!!! Clients are waiting here.”

22.05.2014 21:56—SV: “They’ll wait, don’t worry; who else can they go to? Where else can they find it??? And meanwhile, here there’s shooting, shells are exploding, how can I get your people here? Be they my specialists or yours—it’s very difficult to ensure their safety, please understand. We’re forced to move the materials ourselves!”

22.05.2014 22:03—OW: “Maybe we should go back to the way things were? At least there is access to them with heavy and terminal patients, and the conditions aren’t much worse.”

22.05.2014 22:05—SV: “On my side, there can be no talk of this, and you were told the same by Nalivaichenko in your last conversation! Too much risk of a leak and too many questions from local staff; I don’t want anything to do with this any more!”

22.05.2014 22:10—OW: “Then do it as you did in Alexandrovka!!! Don’t undermine me! Look for more material, so there’s better choice.”

22.05.2014 22:13—SV: “There’s enough material; it’s difficult to transport it. Even though Senya (not Yatsenuk, my own) promised to help.”

22.05.2014 22:14—OW: “The next order will be ready by July; you’ll get in touch with me through the new channel; bye.”

22.05.2014 22:14—SV: “Bye, good luck to us.”

June 8, 2014

08.06.2014 12:42—OW: “Hi. I couldn’t call you yet; at least I got you here… A new order: 13 cor, 55 nep, 30 hep, 15 pan, 3 pul.”

08.06.2014 12:43—SV: “Sure, once we get the Israeli one done, we’ll send it right away.”

08.06.2014 12:43—OW: “Waiting.”

June 15, 2014

15.06.2014 21:16—SV: “Olya, you haven’t gotten in touch in a long time! What’s happening?”

15.06.2014 21:18—OW: “Everything’s fine, except prices are dropping. But we continue working.”

15.06.2014 21:20—SV: “Did you get the first “advance” portion of the goods?”

15.06.2014 21:21—OW: “It already arrived. They liked this scheme here; they’re ready to pay for speed. I’m still confirming the second portion.”

15.06.2014 21:25—SV: “Just make sure you hurry; there’s a big one coming up—we shouldn’t loose the opportunity!”

15.06.2014 21:26—OW: “Ok, the meeting’s in the evening; I’ll report immediately.”

June 16, 2014

16.06.2014 00:38—OW: “I took care of everything; in addition to what you sent, we need AGAIN: 8 cor, 28 nep, 13hep, 6 pan, 2 pul.”

16.06.2014 00:41—SV: “Understood. Good thing you clarified in time—no desire to load up on extras!”

16.06.2014 00:42—OW: “If there’s extra—no problem, I think I’ll find a use for it…”

16.06.2014 00:47—SV: “Alright, we’ll see how many we get. I’m gone, too much to do.”

Sergey Vlasenko and Semyon Semyonchenko

March 18, 2014

18.03.2014 20:19—SS: “Sergey Vladimirovich, good evening! Everything’s ready at my end, people are at their posts. I already informed Yarosh.”

18.03.2014 20:23—SV: “Good, Semyon. Did you set everything up for our German comrades and for the Jews?”

18.03.2014 20:24—SS: “Yes, they’re working under good protection.”

18.03.2014 20:48—SS: “What did you decide about your request?”

18.03.2014 20:55—SV: “I’ll send your body kits tomorrow, the first order that you made. There’s a shortage of fifth level for now, but there may be a batch coming in the near future.”

18.03.2014 20:58—SS: “Thank you, we’re waiting, and the guys are already risking a lot! Be so kind, let them know at the top, our work order. We need another seven cars with flashing lights (white) specifically to provide transportation for your topic, but there must be fifth level on board.”

18.03.2014 20:59—SV: “Are you talking about the armour?”

18.03.2014 20:59—SS: “Yes, it’s very important now in our conditions!”

18.03.2014 21:01—SV: “When is your next raid? When do you need the cars?”

18.03.2014 21:02—SS: “Better earlier; the latest for Friday.”

18.03.2014 21:04—SV: “Alright, I’ll find out; call me tomorrow evening.”

May 26, 2014

26.05.2014 17:25—SV: “Semyon, are you available?”

26.05.2014 17:26—SS: “Yes, listening.”

26.05.2014 17:29—SV: “We had problems with the last batch!!! A lot of bad quality material, our customers are dissatisfied! We need to do everything on time! Speed it up, because if you don’t make it in fourteen hours from the time of extraction—we only get thirty percent of the price! And that means you don’t get your equipment, do you understand?”

26.05.2014 17:33—SS: “I know, Sergey Vladimirovich. We’re trying, we have many losses; just in the last attempt we lost more than twenty guys!”

26.05.2014 17:34—SV: “Then take others! Don’t you have enough people?”

26.05.2014 17:35—SS: “There aren’t many left, and I can’t put just anyone on this job.”

26.05.2014 17:40—SV: “Keep working. The next extraction must be made by instruction, do it right! Just don’t undermine me!”

June 27, 2014

27.06.2014 21:54—SS: “Sergey Vladimirovich, I was able to get in touch with Bes [Note: Russian for demon. The Bes referenced here is likely a Ukrainian commander stationed at Mount Karachun, also nicknamed Bes, not the Militia’s Bezler], we discussed your question.”

27.06.2014 21:55—SV: “Ok, how did he react?”

27.06.2014 21:57—SS: “Just as we anticipated; at first adamantly against, but I was able to get him interested! He’ll give me his final answer once he visits the location.”

June 28, 2014

28.06.2014 01:13—SS: “He responded. Took care of problems; giving us green light, so we can work.”

28.06.2014 01:20—SV: “Alright, but keep on your toes with this Bes, so he doesn’t turn around…”

28.06.2014 01:22—SS: “Don’t worry, we’ll find something to convince him with!”


5 thoughts on “Hacked Facebook Correspondence Indicates a Burgeoning Trade in Organs of Ukrainian Soldiers

  1. Olga Wieber seems to be one of those Ukrainians who married a German. According to her facebook account she lives in Waldkirch, Baden-Württemberg and German Criminal Law applies. You can refer this conversation to the Prosecution Office of Freiburg im Breisgau which is locally responsible for the criminal investigation for Waldkirch. If they find grounds to open a case they will do so. If not, the case is closed. Here is the e-mail adress for the Prosecution Office: poststelle@staFreiburg.justiz.bwl.de


    Posted by Jodocus Quak | Jul 6, 2014, 19:19
    • Much thanks! I shall do so.


      Posted by Gleb Bazov | Jul 6, 2014, 19:21
      • Gleb I need a SITREP on this entire situation within 24 hours of receival of this coment.

        I also need access to these archives. They were deleted or restricted from the judge of your links.


        Posted by Roman C | Feb 3, 2015, 21:08
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