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Strelkov/Militia Briefings, June 26, 2014


NOTE 1: Apologies for any grammatical/spelling errors – the hurdles inherent in simultaneously thinking in two languages and in trying to get these translations out in close to real time cause articles to go haywire.

NOTE 2: The only briefing from Igor Strelkov today is at Post #8.

Combined for June 26, 2014
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov / Edited by S. Naylor

#1 – Information from the Slavyansk Militia, June 26, 2014, 00:31
Original: Strelkov Info

At this time, the [artillery] battery on Karachun Mount is hitting our eastern checkpoint in Kramatorsk.

In response, our [fighters] “groomed-up” the Kramatorsk airport with 3 mortars.

Turns out that the Ukies are deeply intelligent people. They immediately got the hint, and Karachun went silent.

Right now, another howitzer battery is crawling up Karachun Mount.

Video of the Shelling

#2 – Statement from Fyodor Berezin, Igor Strelkov’s Deputy, June 26, 2014, 00:47
Original: Strelkov Info

Delight, oh the people of Kiev – Ukrainians shared their delight with the town of Shchastye.

In the town of Shchastye, in the Lugansk oblast, the NazGuard [National Guard] decided to identify all those who voted for independence in the referendum.

After identifying, as a warning, they stabbed about a hundred people to death. And why not, right? Voting carries responsibility, and European values must have full priority.

Kiev Maidowns, don’t you think that the pendulum could swing your way? Take your sadists back to your peaceful Maidan. Let these “but-they-are-kids!” have their fun there.

#3 – Statement from the DPR Press Service, June 25, 2014
Original: Strelkov Info

The Constitutional Act establishing the Union of the People’s Republic (LPR [Lugansk People’s Republic] and DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic]) has been passed. The decision about the naming of the Confederation will be made by the Parliament of the Union of People’s Republics, to be comprised of the members of the Supreme Councils of DPR and LPR. The [first] session of the Parliament of the Union State will take place in the nearest future.

Commentary from Oleg Tsarev, co-Chair of the Council of the “People’s Front” movement:

“The adoption of the document is for the South-East an [enormously important] event. Now will convene [the] legislative assembly, and the vote to be taken therein will be the final step in the process of creating the confederation. We will be able to coordinate our financial, economic and foreign policies. There are many issues which were not being addressed due to the lack of coordination between the republics. Now we will set up a special body that will determine common policies. There will no president position in the confederation. The government will consist of the parliament and the chairperson of the government. They will be answerable simultaneously to the Lugansk and to the Donetsk Republics.”

Note: a copy of the Constitutional Act can be obtained at the link provided, see Strelkov Info.

#4 – Briefing from the Militia, June 26, 2014, 12:00
Original: Strelkov Info

  • The night was tense. At night, the [artillery] battery from Karachun striked shelled Kramatorsk; in response, the Militia conducted mortar strikes against the Kramatorsk airport. In the morning, a transport plane circled above Kramatorsk and dropped cargo at the airport. At approximately 09:10 (MSK), it dropped three more cargoes.
  • Witnesses report that a Ukrainian column of “Grad” MLRS systems drove in the direction of Slavyansk. In the Lugansk airport, occupied by the Ukrainian forces, an An-26 [transport plane] landed, carrying food and ammunition for the besieged fighters of the NazGuard [National Guard].
  • In Donetsk, the Militia arrested the head of the military communications division. All the documentations of the department was seized.

11:25 (MSK) – Artillery shelling of the southern outskirts of Krasniy Liman are being conducted from the direction of Dibrov.

  • Yesterday, around 13:00 local time, a bus delivered women in black camouflage to Krasniy Liman. The women were carrying unusual weapons.

#5 – Information from Pyotr Dudnik, a volunteer involved in the evacuation of civilians from Slavyansk, June 26, 2014, 13:26
Original: Strelkov Info

Volunteers involved in the evacuation of Slavyansk civilians are not being allowed into the city. Vehicles with food and medication are not being permitted to cross the NazGuard checkpoints. It [has become] impossible to evacuate women and children. The population is not receiving any [social] payments and is forced to live without water supply, electricity and natural gas.

Information from a Local Resident, @mara_beyka

As of recently, people that used to deliver food to the city are being turned away at checkpoints. Looks like the residents of Slavyansk are not to receive food … The residents of the nearby villages have tried to bypass the checkpoints through the mined forests in order to bring us food. However, the army has checkpoints even in the forests now.

#6 – Briefing from the Militia, June 26, 2014
Original: Strelkov Info

The intelligence group of the DPR [Militia] retook the Slavyansk ceramics factory from the NazGuard.

  • Once we received information that the NazGuard fighters took over the building of the Slavyansk ceramics factory, the DPR scout group consisting of 5 men went to the building; a few more remained behind to provide cover.
  • The group’s mission was to conduct a clean-up of the factory. It appears that the Ukrainian military decided to set up a base [of operations] there, from the territory of which they intended to shell Slavyansk – the locations is very convenient [for the purpose].
  • Hiding in tall grass, our scouts approached the factory building unseen. Only on came out from hiding, in order to draw sniper fire and force them to reveal their positions around the factory. A battle commenced thereafter.

#7 – Briefing from the Slavyansk Militia, June 26, 2014
Original: Strelkov Info

As a result of a battle in the vicinity of the Kramatorsk airport, the Militia fighters destroyed a BM-21 [Grad MLRS], which is now lying on its side. An APC was hit with an anti-tank rifle.

#8 – A Short Briefing and Commentary from Igor Strelkov, June 26, 2014, 18:50
Original: Strelkov Info

Today we had a lull. There were insignificant skirmishes between our positions at Semyonovka and [the enemy’s] stronghold near the Vostochniy settlement. “Bad Soldier” is having a hell of a fight in Kramatorsk, but it somehow did not work out for us [in Slavyansk] today. Probably because of the rain …

– With respect to the Slavyansk ceramics factory:

Igor Strelkov: There were no NazGuard positions there … Nothing special – we took over neutral territory, that’s all …

– The EU Commission postponed the execution of the Association Agreement with Ukraine. Do you think it will influence their desire for a blitzkrieg?

Igor Strelkov: There is no question they want to, but it’s a really questionable whether they would be able to do it. Perhaps, deep down, they really hoped that all the “Chechen mercenaries-terrorists” would flee over the week that they gave them to leave … But since we never had any [Chechens in the first place], the number of garrison only increased.

#9 – Briefing from the Militia, June 26, 2014
Original: Strelkov Info

  • Preliminary details of the massacre and the rape committed by the NazGuard in the Donbass village of Saurovka have been made public.
  • The details were uncovered by a Militia intelligence group that scouted the village, which, to this day, remains in the hands of the NazGuard. Igor Strelkov’s deputy, Fyodor Berezin, told the journalists: “A true genocide has been committed in the village; all the men were killed, murdered in the most brutal fashion, they cut living people into pieces … women were raped. This is something they consider normal.”

Note: this was earlier reported on here and further discussed here.

#10 – Briefing from the Militia, June 26, 2014, 19:40
Original: Strelkov Info

  • At this time, an assault on NazGuard Military Base No. 3004, located at 116 Shorse Street, near the Shakhterskaya [Miners’] Square, is ongoing.
  • We worked them over with KPVT [Note 1] and grenade launchers and took out the gates with a “BRDM” APC. There is a battle. Eyewitnesses report intense gunfire.

Note 1: KPVT-14.5mm is a Soviet-designed 14.5x114mm-calibre heavy armour-mounted machine gun. See Wikipedia and RuWiki.

#11 – Briefing from the Slavyansk Militia, June 26, 2014, 20:24
Original: Strelkov Info

[The enemy] started shelling the Lazurniy district of Kramatorsk from Karachun Mount.

#12 – Briefing from the Donetsk Militia, June 26, 2014, 20:42
Original: Strelkov Info

The Self-Defence unit of Donetsk reports that the assault on Military Base No. 3004 has concluded. Victory! [Note: see below, this victory call, although it ultimately came through, was, at this time, premature]

A miners’ battalion “Kalmius” and the joint unit of the Donetsk Self-Defence armed forces took part in the assault.

#13 – Information from Local Residents, June 26, 2014, 20:49
Original: Strelkov Info

They are lobbing explosive charges at Artyom district from Karachun; shrapnel is raining “directly from the sky.” We hid in the basement. The sounds are simply hellish. We could hear women screaming.

Slavyansk is being leveled with howitzers. Kramatorsk was shelled from Karachun; at first – near the airport, and then, as payback, [they shelled] residential neighbourhoods.

#14 – Latest Hourly Briefings from Locations, June 26, 2014
Original: Strelkov Info

  • Two morning packages from a trusted warrior managed to make it to the Militia; nothing is known about the fate of the other two. In the course of the day there were skirmishes in the Slavyansk area; as a result of these battles, [militiamen] retook the “Zevsceramics” factory from the Junta forces. In the first half of the day, Ukrainian armoured vehicles approached the settlement of Zheltoye, about 21 kilometres from Lugansk, and stopped there. Toward the evening, the situation escalated sharply. At about 18:30, howitzer fire came from the Meloviye Mountains, directed at the districts neighbouring the Kramatorsk airport. Another battle started half an hour later, this time in Donetsk, on Shorse Street, in the area of the northern motor-coach terminal, near Military Base No. 3004. Automatic weapons fire, grenade launchers and KPVT [Note 1: heavy/large-calibre armour-mounted machine gun] [reported]. A clean-up [of enemy forces] is ongoing.

19:30 (MSK) – Massive artillery strikes coming from Karachun, directed at the old city district in Kramatorsk.

20:00 (MSK) – The battle in Donetsk is over. Negotiations are being conducted. The shelling of Kramatorsk continues. City defence siren has been activated.

20:10 (MSK) – Explosions in Divniy; artillery fire from Karachun, directed at the fish farm. According to eyewitness reports, the explosion resemble the work of an MLRS system.

20:40 (MSK) – An MLRS is hitting the area near the turn from Krasniy Liman to the fish farm. Significant shelling of Karachun from the Third Bylbasovka is taking place.

20:45 (MSK) – Explosition in the area of Svyatogorsk; battles occurring near the fish farm.

21:00 (MSK) – Heavy artillery shelling of the Artyom district.

21:05 (MSK) – Shelling with heavy artillery, directed at the Slavyansk city centre and at Svyatogorsk, continues. Maneuver-centric battles taking place.

21:20 (MSK) Residents of Svyatogorsk are advised to spend the night in bomb shelters.

Note 1: KPVT-14.5mm is a Soviet-designed 14.5x114mm-calibre heave armour-mounted machine gun. See Wikipedia and RuWiki.

#15 – Briefing from the Militia, June 26, 2014, 21:50
Original: Strelkov Info

One of the artillery shells in Kramators hit a residential building at the intersection of Dvortsovaya [Palace] and Yubileynaya [Jubilee] streets. Several balconies were ripped off by the explosion, window panes in the building have been blown out.

Another shell penetrated an apartment on the 6th floor. It did not explode. The residents are waiting for sappers.

Yet another shell destroyed a water purification installation.

Photographs: 42 Dvortsovaya Street, Kramatorsk


#16 – Latest Hourly Briefings from Locations, June 26, 2014
Original: Strelkov Info

21:55 (MSK) – Battle has resumed in the area of the railway terminal, at Shorse Street. Automatic weapons fire, RPG, KPVT [Note 1: heavy/large-calibre armour-mounted machine gun] and “Rogatka” [Note 2: T-72B2 “Rogatka” (also T-72BM) main battle tank)] working. Locals report that Kiev ordered the military base to be retained at all costs.

22:10 (MSK) – In Kramatorsk, one of the shells penetrated a residential highrise building (6th floor) and a water-purification installation.

23:25 (MSK) – Several explosions and automatic weapons fire near Shurov.

23:30 (MSK) – Automatic weapons fire and the sounds of artillery on the southern side of Krasniy Liman.

23:35 (MSK) – Intense battle ongoing in the Topaz district of Donetsk. Automatic weapons fire, KPVT and possibly and “Utyes” [Note 3: NSV-12.7 “Utyes” machine gun] being used.

We ask that resident of Donetsk be alert to the presence of strangers in their courtyards and entranceways. Residents that live in the area of the Vishnevskiy Hospital, in the Topaz district and in the neighbouring areas are asked to stay at home and secure the entranceways of their apartment buildings.

23:40 (MSK) – Battle is starting on the southern outskirts of Krasniy Liman. Explosions and gunfire in Semyonovka.

Note 1: KPVT-14.5mm is a Soviet-designed 14.5x114mm-calibre heave armour-mounted machine gun. See Wikipedia and RuWiki.
Note 2: “Rogatka” or T-72B2 “Rogatka” (also T-72BM) is a Soviet-designed main battle tank. See Wikipedia and RuWiki.
Note 3: НСВ-12,7 «Утёс» (Индекс ГРАУ — 6П11) or NSV-12.7 “Utyes” (GRAU Index – 6P11) – is a Soviet-made 12.7mm large-calibre machine gun, intended for attacks on lightly-armoured targets and firepower equipment, infantry personnel of the enemy and air targets. See Wikipedia and RuWiki.

#17 – Briefing from the Militia, June 27, 2014, 03:30
Original: Strelkov Info

The military base in Donetsk was captured without losses on either side. All [those inside] were [regular] conscripts. We will be calling their mothers so they can take their sons home. All the officers have been placed under arrest.


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