Military Briefings from Igor Strelkov

Igor Strelkov’s Briefings, June 22, 2014

Combined for June 22, 2014
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov / Edited by S. Naylor

UPDATE – Information from Igor Strelkov, June 22, 2014
Original: Summer65

Igor Strelkov commented about the penal system used by the Slavyansk militia. In particular, this concerns the so-called “engineering penal battalion.” Thus:

“A three-day “sentence” is imposed on those who, having just arrived [in Slavyansk], and, on realizing the [attendant] “hardships and deprivations” (i.e. that the military service occurs in trenches, not on barricades, that we experience daily shelling, and that one cannot leave to visit home every couple days, etc.), decided immediately to leave. These “fill their ticket” and go home with a clear conscience.

Local civilians get 1-3 days for inebriety, violation of curfew and such. The sentence of 7 days is imposed only on fighters that [engage] in serious disciplinary transgressions and on locals – for major infections. For things of a more serious nature, the sentences vary from 10 days to “for the duration of hostilities.” After that, there is only execution.

When it is impossible to ascertain the degree of the detainee’s guilt, he may be held under arrest without penal work.

Note 1: this does not concern POWs [Prisoners of War]. They are not used in such works.

Note 2: captured agents and those who assist the enemy without being servicemen are not considered to be POWs.

We practice a standard system of resignations/leaves of absence based on a personal request or the request of an immediate commander for fighters who must leave to go home for some period of time due to family circumstances.

Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 22, 2014, 12:00

  • As a consequence of the failure by the command of the [Ukrainian] punitive forces to enter into any negotiations with the command of the DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic] militia, militia will not be abiding by the Poroshenko’s unilaterally declared ceasefire.
  • Combat activities against the [Ukrainian] punitive forces will continue until their complete expulsion from the territory of Novorossiya.
  • In the course of the night from June 21-22, relative calm was observed in the vicinity of the cities of Slavyansk, Lisichansk, Seversk, Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka, and Konstantinovka.
  • At approximately 23:00 on June 21, 2013, a skirmish that involved the use of a large-calibre machine gun took place in the area of the fishing farm, on the western outskirts of Slavyansk.
  • At dawn on June 22, detachment of the DPR militia conducted a strike against the advance positions of the enemy on the Karachun Mount, from which positions [the enemy] engaged in mortar strikes against the city. As a result, one machine gun nest and one mortar position were destroyed.
  • Also, during the night, a detachment of the Konstantinovka company of the Kramatorsk battalion attacked an intelligence group of the 24th mechanized brigade of the enemy in the area of the checkpoint near the settlement of Oktyabrskoye. In the course of the battle, 3 servicemen of the Ukrainian army were killed and not fewer than 15 were wounded, 1 truck was hit. On our side, 1 milita fighter was lightly wounded.
  • In the remaining sectors, the units of the DPR militia continued to conduct intelligence-gathering exercises and to reinforce positions. Also, our units continued to replenish their ranks with constantly arriving volunteers.

Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 22, 2014, 15:33

  • The night was relatively calm. An insignificant skirmish took place in the area of the fish farm on the western outskirts of Slavyansk.
  • Exactly at 4:00 in the morning, our anti-aircraft [detachments] fired on the advance mortar position of the enemy on the northern slope of the Karachun Mount, using ZU-23-2 [23 mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon]. One mortar position and one machine gun nest were destroyed. The enemy did not return fire.
  • The DPR militia does not recognize the ceasefire, which was unilaterally declared by the Ukrainian military without any consultation with us.
  • At night, the saboteur-intelligence group of the Konstantinovka company of the Kramatorsk battalion attacked its equivalent from the 24th mechanized brigade of the enemy in the area of the Oktyabrskoye settlement (to the west of Konstantinovka). As a result of the battle, the enemy lost 3 men killed and no fewer than 15 wounded. As well, a “Ural” truck of the enemy was destroyed. On our side, one fighter received a gunshot wound to the arm.
  • Yesterday, a number of militia fighters that have distinguished themselves were awarded Crosses of St. George of the 4th class, as well as personalized firearms (Stechkin pistols) and personalized knives (battle knives – [in this regard,] I take the occasion to once again extend our gratitude to the guys from the “Strelkov Spetsnaz” organization and, personally, to comrade Zmeya, who delivered them to us). Of the fighters known to you, those who received the Crosses and personalized firearms include [militia fighters] Prapor and Motorola – [they received the honours] for past and recent battle engagements and meritorious service. Altogether, as of this time, 6 firearms, 5 knives and 10 crosses have been issued (two of them were awarded posthumously). Orders are being prepared for 10 more Crosses and several [personalized] weapon units – as recognition for service in the latest engagements.
  • The awarded Crosses were provided gratis by the store “Leib-Shtandard.” Separate thanks for this donation go to Messr. Bushmakov. To distinguish them from the state awards of the Russian Federation, we have engraved on the back of the top beam of the cross “DPR 0.” The awards are preceded by a corresponding presentation and are executed in accordance with a [corollary] order. Those receiving the award are granted a an extract from the issued order and a document corroborating the award.

Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 22, 2014, 17:22

  • At approximately 15:00, we conducted a mortar strike against elevation 190 in the vicinity of Piskunovka, where the enemy had gathered its strike force. The return fire by a mortar batter was suppressed immediately; a number of fires and a significant detonation could be observed at the enemy’s dispositions. Because the enemy had not managed to entrench itself at that location (nor was it going to – the group was intended for an assault), we anticipate [enemy] losses.
  • Already after the shelling, an enemy group consisting of 1 tank, 5 “BTR” APCs and 5 trucks with infantry urgently advanced to the north and engaged in a battle in the vicinity of Yampol, again attacking our former checkpoint. Looks like the road has been cut off by our guerillas.

Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 22, 2014, 19:10

  • At approximately 15:00, the enemy again attacked the reconstituted checkpoint of the militia near Yampol, [advancing] with forces consisting of 1 tank, 5 “BTR” APCs and 5 “Ural” trucks with infantry. In the course of the battle, the militia [fighters] were pushed to the forested area to the north of the settlement.
  • On our part, in order to assist the Yampol unit, detachments of the Slavyansk garrison attacked [the enemy] in the vicinity of the Peskunovka settlement, where the enemy had concentrated a strike force intended for [an assault on] Slavyansk.
  • The fact that the enemy continues to contemplate plans of assault against the city is corroborated by the transfer of over 20 tanks, as uncovered by our intelligence, from the northern to the southern shores of the Severskiy Donetsk river. [The transfer was performed] over a pontoon bridge, newly erected in the vicinity of the settlement indicated above.
  • Drones of the enemy are actively [conducting surveillance] over the city of Slavyansk.
  • Deliveries of ammunitions to the [enemy] artillery batteries continue.
  • The enemy has commenced the installation of combination minefields on the northern outskirts of Slavyansk. Landmines have been [buried] in the city graveyard, between the settlements of Severniy and Tselinniy. There are already victims among civilians.
  • The use of uncontrolled [Note: autonomous] landmines in direct proximity with a densely populated city is a war crime. The militia, for their part, do not employ this method of conducting war.
  • Thus, there have been no signs of a real ceasefire on the part of the Ukrainian [military]. Under the guise of a unilateral truce, the enemy is preparing positions for assaults on Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, as well as Donetsk and Lugansk, where the enemy is concentrating armoured vehicles and equipment.


2 thoughts on “Igor Strelkov’s Briefings, June 22, 2014

  1. Execution of criminals is absolutely immoral and should be banned by Novorossiya and all militias. It is too final, too cruel, too deliberate. Indeed, it is inhumane. Do not set this horrific example, no matter how used to death you may have become on the battlefield. Exercise restraint, show mercy upon the human race. Never kill if there is any alternative.


    Posted by kate pomeroy | Jun 23, 2014, 17:40
    • Dear Kate, as much as I would like to agree with you (being not only against capital punishment, but against the prison system per se, other than for exception crimes – I believe house arrest is usually the most functional, humane and effective remedy), at war the only thing an army has left, after it has committed mass killing (and what is war other than mass murder?) is its honour. And the honour of an army is exemplified in how it treats the civilians around it. The Ukrainian Nazi stormtroopers care not for the lives they destroy – they appear to derive great satisfaction from what they do. Strelkov faces an interminable dilemma – what to do with those, among his own soldiers (although I know of only two such cases) who harm the civilian population? The laws of wartime differ from the laws of peace, and he does what he must. To note, Kate, execution has to date been used by Strelkov in only one case – against two of his own Militia fighters who kidnapped, demanded ransom, and engaged in plunder. Even if Novorossiya had facilities to detain them, such actions by servicemen are impermissible during wartime. Note also, the death penalty has yet to be applied to anyone else.


      Posted by Gleb Bazov | Jun 26, 2014, 05:18

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