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Unreported: Rostov’s MH17 flight data

Quite interesting evidence has appeared that indicates that the Malaysian Boeing was hit not by a Buk missile, as the Junta and the USA are trying to claim, but by a Ukrainian aircraft which was close to the Boeing at the time of the crash.

Air traffic controllers’ data confirms that a military aircraft flew close to the Boeing which crashed in Ukraine.

Translated from Russian by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by GBabeuf and O.C.
Head photo credits: Harald Doornbos

On Tuesday [November 11, 2014—ed.] at the APEC Summit in Beijing, discussions about the crash of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 in eastern Ukraine arose once again. According to Western media, the Australian Prime Minister told Vladimir Putin the Australian version of the accident according to the Australian intelligence service. Nothing new—the Australian, as well as the European and American intelligence agencies, assert: the liner was destroyed by a missile fired from a rocket launcher.

However, the facts tell us a different story. A document, certifying that at the time of the disaster a military aircraft was near flight MH17, has been made available to “MK”—a fact which the West is trying hard to ignore.


The reconstruction of the data from the radar of the Rostov air traffic control centre is a picture of events from a moment of the accident plus another 20 after it. The labels in the form of the letter ‘Т’ designate the military aircraft. A line of movement of flight MH17 displayed in lilac colour.

This document—a snapshot of the radar data of an air traffic controller at the time of the MH17 disaster—was granted to “MK” by the advisory and analytical agency, “Flight Safety”. We asked Sergei Melnichenko, the director-general of the agency, to comment on the air traffic situation data presented in this picture. He told us the following:

— I would not like to fully disclose the source of this information; however, if a specialist were to look at the picture, he would immediately understand where it came from—the photo was taken in an air traffic control centre. I worked for a long time in one and am well acquainted with the equipment used there.

The picture which we are now discussing, is, so we can say, the data which came from the Rostov air traffic control centre.

The radar in the Rostov area ‘sees’ the air traffic situation not only up to the border, but also somewhat further. This is necessary in order to know what is awaiting our air traffic controllers within the next few minutes: what approaching planes are about to enter their control, what intervals there are between them, at what altitude they are tracking… Accordingly, the radars ‘look’ beyond the border. Anyway a border is a broken line, while the radar coverage area is something closer to a circle. Therefore, though not all of the information above Ukraine is visible from the Russian side, the part which is now in question—and the aircraft was shot down in close proximity to our borders—was, of course, captured by the Rostov radar.

That information, then, has been collated and presented precisely as in the images here. We fully and completely trust the sources who have helped us to make it public.

— Does it correspond with the data presented by the Russian General Staff on the third day after the disaster?

— Our data are somewhat more precise than those presented by the military. They did not present the airline flight path so precisely. I do not know, perhaps they did this intentionally. But the overall picture—yes, it coincides with what the military presented at their press conference.

— What conclusion do you draw on the basis of the data from the Rostov radar?

— The data represent the trajectories of aircraft movements for the period up to 13:40:55 UTC.

— How does this relate to the timing of the crash?

— This is a picture of the events from the time of the accident, plus another twenty minutes after it—from the moment at which the signal from the Boeing disappeared. That is to say, it is not a momentary snapshot but a record of the movements of the aircraft in the area after the disaster.

The image represents a display of the radar used for air traffic control. It clearly shows that at the moment of the disaster, and after it, movement of some aircraft was observed to the North of the Boeing’s route. Most likely, military, since the tags are very closely grouped. One may conclude that it is either one or two aircraft. In any case, there was definitely something there.

The “unidentified object” is marked in the photo by the letters “T”. The blue lines show the other aircrafts’ routes. The lilac line shows the trajectory of flight MH17. The point where the line ends is the locality where the surface radars received a signal from the Boeing for the last time.

— How did you reach the conclusion that the “unidentified objects” in the area of the Boeing were military aircraft?

— Because they transmitted only primary radar signals.

— What do you mean by “primary”?

— How does radar work? It sends signals to all sides of the sky. And if there is an aircraft there, it is detected and a label appears on the radar screen, which shows that there is something in the sky. Though it is not clear what exactly it is. For the air traffic controllers to identify the objects, the aircraft should be equipped with special devices called transponders. They receive a signal from the radar and respond to it. When the transponder is on, a controller can see the transponder code, which is set by the crew, altitude, speed and the other parameters required for air traffic control.

Military aircraft are either not equipped with transponders or pilots switch them off while conducting combat missions. In that case, only a primary label can be seen on the radar screen. It means you cannot identify exactly what kind of aircraft was there—neither its type nor the altitude. Though the fact that the plane was there is unquestionable.

You know the Militia has no air force. If it had been a Russian aircraft, you can imagine what a noise would have been raised in the world concerning Russia violating the airspace of a sovereign country. However, so far no military airplane of our state has violated the Ukrainian border.


The probable trajectory of the shooting.

— What if they did it without being noticed?

— No, that is not possible. Ukrainian radars would have registered everything immediately, and we would have received a corresponding diplomatic note, as there is a standard procedure for such cases.

— Such a violation would surely have been registered by NATO satellites, which—as we now know—were situated above that location at the time, as well as NATO AWACS aircraft monitoring that borderline zone.

— NATO and Ukraine, both would have already responded long ago. Yet they did not—because there was nothing to respond to.

However, without any facts, they are trying to convince all of us—including Europeans and Australians—that there was an air defense complex, delivered from Russia, which, allegedly, brought down the Boeing 777. They just try to ignore the data taken from the radar screen (the labels marked with the letters “T”), which proved the fact that a military aircraft was in the air space for another 20 minutes after the disaster.

However, the availability of these markers on the radar screen conflicts with statements of the Ukrainian side that the Ukrainian Air Force conducted no flights in the investigated time frame.

It is also important that the location of the markers on the radar screen to the left of the Boeing’s course correspond with the photos made at the crash site, in which you can clearly see the signs of external action at the left wing and the left side of the Boeing 777 cockpit.


The damage of the cockpit of Boeing 777

Original article in Moskovskiy Komsomolets #26672, November 13, 2014.


31 thoughts on “Unreported: Rostov’s MH17 flight data

  1. This is yet more evidence of what was already obvious shortly after the MH17 crash from statements of at-the-scene OSCE observers, air controller @Spainbuca’s Twitter feed, and other reports at the time. I’m appalled that many people, particularly US politicians, still pretend Russia is to blame. They can’t actually believe it. Yet, the new US House Resolution condemning Russia lists the MH17 downing among its 34 accusations. For an interesting account of the House Resolution, see topic “Adam Baum” under the Novorossiya update for Dec 10-11 at

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    Posted by kennedy applebaum | Dec 11, 2014, 21:05
  2. Maybe the real big ‘mystery’ about the downed Malaysian airliner, is why Russia’s own major well-funded are so generally weak about this, and so many other topics, leaving the torch of truth to ‘alternative’ websites run on a shoestring.

    It is understood very well in Russia, that we are in an age of media wars – InfoKrieg – yet there is a ‘wimp out’ of the glossy well-financed Russian media, parallel to a seeming ‘wimp out’ on geo-political fronts as well.

    Over-arching the various CIA-tied media outlets in the West, are the CIA’s own Google Inc, and the CIA’s Wikipedia ‘Trojan Horse’ fake encyclopaedia, always supervising the propaganda to the global sheeple.

    The media war against the CIA shills, needs to be conducted aggressively, and has the advantage of not requiring so much blood, or even significantly more treasure than already being spent.

    Yet Russia’s media wimps out. It teases a bit with the truth, but does not hit hard with its vast glossy resources, in the way that could arouse a good part of the global public.

    We have various excuses being presented, such as that Russia’s media is in the hands of the Russia’s ‘Atlanticist’ party, who are reluctant to confront Nato lies too strongly, and that the Russian patriots or Putin are not yet strong enough to purge these Atlanticists.

    But the weakness, the hesitation, the reluctance to deal the fatal discrediting death blow to Western propaganda, seems to hint of the darkest betrayals …

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    Posted by brabantian | Dec 11, 2014, 23:25
    • Yes there is something very wrong, such as on “Cross Talk” Peter Lavelle never allows too much questioning about 911, nor anything else much that gets too close to the bone.


      Posted by gerryhiles | Dec 12, 2014, 13:08
    • Brabandian, you have made such an important point, I hope you don’t mind if I quote you on my website. In particular, you said, “Maybe the real big ‘mystery’ about the downed Malaysian airliner, is why Russia’s own major well-funded are so generally weak about this . . . leaving the torch of truth to ‘alternative’ websites run on a shoestring. . . . Yet Russia’s media wimps out. It teases a bit with the truth, but does not hit hard with its vast glossy resources, in the way that could arouse a good part of the global public.” I have puzzle over this mystery since last March,. Yes, it is up to alternative websites to defend the truth, but why? Somehow right after Sochi, Putin became a changed man, no longer boldly speaking out. I have posted various web comments on the topic, speculating that perhaps he is under a threat so great we cannot imagine what it is, such as danger to his family, or a nuclear first strike. No one has given a plausible response. I do not know Russian, and have little idea what their media are saying. But sounds almost Western, unlike its strong stance last February. What has happened? This is a question we urgently need to answer. I you have any more ideas, please comment.


      Posted by kennedy applebaum | Dec 14, 2014, 22:53
      • Sorry, Brabantian, I made a typo on your name.


        Posted by kennedy applebaum | Dec 14, 2014, 22:54
      • Do you think Humankind is the most advanced “civilization” in the universe?

        Putin is doing the best that he can. But, although he should win, events are being guided to an outcome already predetermined.

        I’ll give you a hint. A mans body lies in the most grandiose tomb any man on earth has ever had in all of recorded history. ( ) What did he say would happen?


        Posted by carl | Dec 16, 2014, 22:59
    • True. It’s like ‘limited hangout’. Think the Russkies are in cahoots w the NWO and trying to scare us into a one-world govt? That huge amount of US military gear they’re unloading today in occupied Ukraine sure looks like the final inning of something.


      Posted by Penelope | Dec 15, 2014, 00:20
    • Putin not boldly speaking out? Sure…? Because that satellite image he revealed shortly before the G20 summit last month was hefty stuff, yet MSM media flat-out refused to report it. (no surprise). Then how he decided to leave early… Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised about how he may be threatened and all that, but Putin has made a lot of hints toward the West to back off, too. Putin is a master “chess player” if you know what I mean…oho, Brzezinski would know – that’s what he called the Afghan war – “The Great Chess Game”! And that ended up destroying the USSR. Putin is very aware of Russia’s past mistakes. He’s trying to play it cool and tactfully, I’m sure. As we all know, history repeats itself, but the saying “fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me” applies here.
      I wanted to add one more thing…the NGOs (non government orgs) and Oligarchs in Russia – During Putin’s first term, he wasn’t strong enough to eliminate these from the Kremlin. Yeltsin let these parasites continue to suck all wealth from Russia and nearly completely destroyed it.. Nowadays, the NGOs are in much lesser numbers in Russia, thanks to Putin. the oligarchs though, Putin had to make a deal with them – “play nice” until he was strong enough to really ‘deal’ with them. They are a problem indeed, and while they remain, so too does the western influence they carry. Notice how after the cold war, the west didn’t fear russia anymore (with all of the corruption and control it suffered..), then a man takes his country back and restores it, and suddenly he’s called a villain for it…? someone must hate the new russia…;)
      Anyway…Putin is smart. You need to be a good strategist in a game involving chess and war.

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      Posted by Ariel | Dec 15, 2014, 22:40
  3. And now our illustrious PM Toe Knee Ah Butt is going to sell Poroshenko Australian uranium……….


    Posted by sedwith | Dec 12, 2014, 02:17
  4. Reblogged this on leruscino.


    Posted by leruscino | Dec 12, 2014, 06:46
  5. I don’t know if this is important.!/2014/07/ukraine-warning-of-imminent-wwiii.html
    The fact is, that the GPS data received by MH17 and forwarded to Russian ATC by its transponder beeps and to the FlightRadar24 database through its automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) beeps is 20 km from where the plane was at the time.

    This can only be explained in two ways:

    The false GPS data came form an escort fighter spoofing HM17
    MH17 was fed false GPS by the GPS jammer on the escort fighter.

    Both of these techniques were on the menu in the NATO SeaBreeze exercise. RIA Novosti now reports that GPS manipulation had been observed in the area.


    Posted by Penelope | Dec 14, 2014, 22:52
  6. I’m sorry, I’ve misplaced a link, but as I remember the article: Rus investigators think they have discovered the plane & pilot involved in the MH17 shootdown (names the pilot & tail number). He has been since the day following in (names Arab country). The director of the Ukie Air Traffic Centre (names a female) has been “on vacation” since day following shootdown.

    I found this on a reputable site 3-4 weeks ago. Will continue to look for the link.


    Posted by Penelope | Dec 14, 2014, 23:03
  7. This is apparently a follow-on article, dated 12/9/14. Note that the conclusion that Putin was the target is unnecessary. In fact unlikely, since the airliner indentified itself to the tower.
    pilot Lieutenant Colonel Dmitro Yakatsuts and air traffic controller Anna Petrenko to shoot down Putin’s plane.
    Their evidence? Kolomoyski and Petrenko “disappeared” to Dubai after the tragedy and have not been seen since.
    “No one is searching for them,” said TV presenter Andrey Karaulov. “It is the first case in the world that an air traffic controller that was in charge of the crashed plane is urgently sent on holiday. She wasn’t even interrogated. It is a pure criminal story, it is the biggest military crime of the 21st century.”


    Posted by Penelope | Dec 14, 2014, 23:21
  8. The “unidentified military aircrafts” in the radar image are actually the pieces of the disintegrating fuselage of MH17 falling to the ground. The cockpit, central fuselage and the aft of the plane all separated from each other, so surely they showed in the radar as separate targets.


    Posted by Dasha | Dec 17, 2014, 15:32
    • You can’t be serious! It doesn’t take 20 minutes for pieces of the fuselage to fall to earth. Furthermore the Russian military data shows this target was ascending during at least some of the time it showed on radar.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by MrV | Jan 17, 2015, 01:04
  9. Reblogged this on asidewrite and commented:
    Be nice if Australia’s PM read this blog!

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    Posted by sedwith | Dec 24, 2014, 08:37


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