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Spanish volunteer in Lugansk: “In a war it’s all about surviving and moving forward.”

Translated from Spanish by Nahia Sanzo / edited by O.C.

Preamble: In the following interview, dated September 30, Spanish volunteer and left-wing activist—Ramiro Gómez—takes a closer look at some of the most important aspects of both the Ukrainian crisis and the war in the Donbass. He is telling about the first “Maidan” protests and the grim life in Lugansk under siege; about the courage of those who refused to flee and remained in the cities, with no electricity and under constant artillery fire, in order to defend their land, and the affection of the locals towards the Militiamen.

Ramiro Gómez describes in a few words the political situation in the Donbass, where the main goal is to survive and to win the war in order to move forward. Regarding the ideology behind the understanding of Novorossiya, Gómez explains that the thought of being free of the new Ukraine that has been born in the result of “Maidan” protests and the February coup involves apparently such conflicting ideas as admiring the Russian Empire and the Soviet nostalgia, or Russian nationalism and socialism.

When it comes to the question about the Spanish civil war—which is common when one of the Spanish volunteers is interviewed—Ramiro Gómez admits, that it is touching when the locals recognize the antifascist struggle of the Spanish civil war and the International Brigades. 

Ramiro Gomez, humanitarian activist in Lugansk

Subtitles in English by Sarah

(The transcript for the video will appear in the near future.)

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