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Galician Assembly decided to join three regions to Europe

“National aspirations must be respected; people may now be dominated and governed only by their own consent. Self determination is not a mere phrase; it is an imperative principle of action.”

Woodrow Wilson


The goal is to bring Galicia back to Europe

Original article on / Translated from Russian by Alexander Fedotov

European Galician Assembly, which is suspected of separatism, brisked up its work in Lvov. Its activists held a conference at which the Mayor Andrey Sadovoy and former economic development minister Pavel Sheremeta were noticed as guests.

The Galician Assembly includes local intellectuals who have never hidden their separatist views (recently they have registered Ukrainian Galician party). The leader of the organization is Vładimir Pavliv who, even before the war in the east, became famous as “a Galician autonomist”. In his opinion, the change of the administrative-territorial format of the state is not far off.

“I am interested in the autonomous status of Western Ukraine or single Galicia, and what there will be over the Zbruch River is not of interest to me,”—he admitted in an interview two years ago.—“The integrity of Ukraine for me has lower value than the welfare of Galicia”.

Another leader of the Galician Assembly—a writer Taras Prokhasko called Donbass “a gangrene of the Ukrainian state”. However, currently the “Galician separatists” do not speak in public about the Western region’s separation, and they officially state Galicia’s development and European integration as the goal of the organization. However, activists of the Assembly are hinting that they are not averse to enter the EU without Ukraine.

“We need to unite, at least three regions—Lvov, Ternopol and Ivano-Frankovsk. The goal of our organization is to bring Galicia back to Europe, because that is the area which is most ready to European integration,”—said Pavliv during recent opening of their Ternopol cell. He also does not mind joining the Transcarpathia and Bukovina to their initiative.

An expert Taras Glivinsky believes that the Galician party is being formed towards the local elections: “Their token will be a promise of EU membership, and in case the economy collapses because of the war in the east, they will start talking about the separation”.


13 thoughts on “Galician Assembly decided to join three regions to Europe

  1. This is the end of Ucraine…Одесса | vgiannelakis


    Posted by rizes | Nov 3, 2014, 09:49
  2. Reblogged this on EU: Ramshackle Empire and commented:
    There are one of three ways to go from here. (1) The breakup and dissolution of Ukraine. I don’t think the full results of the election are available, but if they confirm the exit polls published by the Saker then I believe participation in Odessa Oblast was very low, like 18%. (2) a major push by Ukraine to retake its far western oblasts, drawing Obama into the war (3) a compromise between Russia and the European Empire that divides the costs of keeping Ukraine in being by large-scale and expensive subsidies for the foreseeable future. Corruption and bankruptcy for ever hover over Ukraine under the best conditions. I guess we will see.


    Posted by jimsresearchnotes | Nov 3, 2014, 10:40
  3. I appreciate the objectivity of Olga Luzanova’s description of the Galician Assembly. The quote from Woodrow Wilson is very well chosen and relevant. Let Galicia be Galicia, and let Donbass be Donbass!

    Liked by 2 people

    Posted by Colin Robinson | Nov 3, 2014, 12:25
  4. It validates Crimea leaving the Ukraine, Donbas separating and the eventual diminution of Ukraine to an afterthought of EU and Hegemon policy.

    Putin wins, and the CIA and State Department chalk up another disaster to their resume.


    Posted by Bull Durham | Nov 4, 2014, 01:32
  5. All of eastern ukraine would be better off if they rejoined with mother Russia


    Posted by Richard Queener | Feb 23, 2015, 23:07
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